Clairvoyance: How Do Readings Work?

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What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance literally means ‘clear seeing’ (from the French clair meaning “clear” and the word voyance which means “vision”) It is a term that is used in parapsychology as perceiving things beyond the natural range of the senses. It is an aspect of ESP or Extra Sensory Perception. In common usage, it is a blanket term to cover many psychic skills including seeing the past or future. A ‘Reading’ is a term we use for a consultation. So a Clairvoyant Reading is a consultation that uses clairvoyance as it’s the main aspect.

Clear Seeing

If we use the literal meaning of the word clairvoyance is defined by parapsychologists as a form of Extra Sensory Perception then a Clairvoyant Reading would primarily be ‘remote viewing’ where the reader ‘sees’ a location. Today it is a term that is somewhat misused to include all things that a psychic person sees. This can include the future or visions about your life and even the spirit world. Many people – who make no claim to being a reader – have latent clairvoyant powers and abilities.

The difference between Clairvoyance and Clairvoyant?

In common language, a clairvoyant usually refers to a person who uses psychic skills rather than need tools such as palmistry, tarot cards, and the like. (Clairvoyant Readings are readings given by someone who has the clairvoyant ability) A clairvoyant will ‘pick up’ information about the sitter directly. A good clairvoyant will not ask lots of questions and certainly would not try to feedback information that you have already given them.

What makes for a good reading?

A poor clairvoyant reader may speak in an open-ended way with information that could refer to just about anyone. (This is sometimes called cold reading) A good clairvoyant reader will give you professional information and facts that you can verify later when you talk with others about your reading. Many people today claim to have the gift of clairvoyance but few can really deliver a high level of accuracy required by professional readers.

What Spiritualists mean when they advertise an ‘Evening of Clairvoyance’

This is another common misuse of the word ‘clairvoyance’. What Spiritualists are talking about really is an evening of Mediumship. Mediumship Readings are about communicating with the spirit world.


Clairvoyance is a 17th-century French word that breaks down as ‘clair’ meaning “clear” and ‘voyance’ meaning “visibility” or “seeing”. Clairvoyance is the ability to gain information about a person or event through the sixth sense (Extra Sensory Perception) A person that has the clairvoyant ability is called a CLAIRVOYANT.

Working over any distance

Research has shown that remote clairvoyance can work over any distance. Some of the most interesting experiments were unofficially done on the Apollo Space Mission when the astronauts endeavored to send messages to people back on earth. A series of special cards were used (called Zener Cards) and the recipient on Earth received the information being projected to them from space. May much more mundane experiments have been conducted by researchers that suggest that clairvoyance can work over a great distance.

When you telephone for reading the reader can tune into your vibration even though you may be on the other side of the world. It makes no difference to a professional clairvoyant whether you are with them or not. In fact, readings by telephone are a testament to the reality of these psychic gifts as the reader has no visual clues from your facial expression or your body language to influence his readings.

Pure clairvoyance requires no tools so the reader probably will not use tarot and other divination tools. However, some clairvoyants like to enhance their natural gift by also using an oracle. This helps them to focus their gift and understand the intuitive information they are receiving.

Readings using Tarot Cards

Some clairvoyants like to use a tool to enhance their clairvoyance such as angel card reading or another divination tool. An Angel card reader is someone – usually clairvoyant – who uses the angel cards to make divination of the future. This can be just as insightful as tarot and you may be more assured if you worry about some of the dramatic symbolism shown on tarot cards.

The angel cards work in a similar way to the tarot cards but have imagery related to angels to describe the future and events surrounding the questioner. Angel Readers are also clairvoyants who believe that they are aware of your guardian angel and spiritual helpers. Using their intuitive skills they sense or ‘see’ your protecting spirits and ask them for guidance and help for your way ahead. Some Angel Readers also refer to angel cards to see the way ahead. The Angel oracles draw on angelic symbolism to give you a reading about your past, present, and potential future situations.

Some other clairvoyant techniques include:

  • Crystal Ball Readings – Crystal balls are one of the most famous tools used by psychics.
  • Mystic Readings – Every individual has his or her own particular spiritual charisma. Clairvoyants can sense this and interpret their insights for you in a reading.
  • Rune Reading – insights based upon this ancient Viking Oracle.
  • Pendulum Dowsing – dowsing your specific questions about your situation.
  • Shaman Readings – based on a number of ancient techniques from the shaman traditions.


We offer clairvoyant reading by phone and email on this website. You can read their profiles to select their skills. We have crystal ball readers, Rune Readers, Tarot Readers, and more. Whatever type of clairvoyant you are looking for we have the practitioner to suit your needs

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