What Are Medium Readings?

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In this article, Craig explains what are medium readings and how to get the best from your readings. Medium Readings are consultations that endeavour to give proof of life after death.

Simple Guidance About Medium Readings

Meeting a medium for the first time can be stressful as you have very high hopes and expectations as well as many inner fears about what will happen. Waiting to call us or driving to visit can also be stressful.

Be aware of this and counteract your stress by consciously remaining as relaxed as you can. In your mind and heart, simply treat it as an experiment and relax. If it works it works, if it doesn’t it doesn’t but everyone will do their best. This attitude will generate relaxed energy and will help the communication and the spiritual energy to flow.

The Difference

A medium is different from a psychic. A psychic is picking up information about you and your situation. A medium is there to give you information about people who have passed to the other side. A psychic cannot do this as their skill are better focused on life issues, romance, questions about job changes, etc. A medium’s job is to prove life after death. Some mediums may occasionally give you information about spirit guides but their primary aim should always be to give you information about people you KNOW in the spirit.

Will I be told specific facts that I want to hear?

Every sitting must be as an experiment and the success of the sitting cannot be guaranteed. It is not possible for any medium to give specific evidence required by the sitter. The medium will give you some evidence of the survival of death. This may include things such as how the person died, facts about their life on earth, what they were like as a person and so on.

When all of this information is taken together and understood it will hopefully give you proofs of the person who is communicating. Once this is established the medium may give some comforting messages from the person in spirit.

Can the Spirit Communicator give exact names, places, dates and so on?

Often this can happen. Do not go into a reading expecting any medium to reel off surnames, dates and specific facts. In private consultations, the energy needs time to build. For example, a medium may give a good character description of the communicating spirit. There may be lots of verifiable information but the name may elude them.

During medium readings, the medium will know when the spirit communicator draws close. He will initially sense them. This is known as clairsentience and will enable the medium to give information about your spirit loved one’s character and personality traits. Clairsentience the medium will enable the medium to describe some of the physical characteristics of the communicating spirit. This may include their illnesses and how they passed.

Will my reading be the same as I see on Craig and  Jane’s TV shows?

When a medium is working with an audience or with a church congregation he/she has the collective psychic energy of everyone present to work with. This will often enable a good medium to give very accurate information quickly such as names and very specific information. The audience’s energy fuels the mediumship. A theatre filled with a thousand or so people can give a huge boost to a medium’s accuracy.

In a ‘private sitting’, the medium has only yours and his own energy to work with. Over the phone, a medium relies mainly on their own personal spiritual energy. They may give you names, addresses, and very specific information but don’t expect them to fire off names from the start. Sometimes the proofs of spirit may not include names etc.

Does it work by phone?

Readings by phone can be just as accurate as face-to-face. In some ways, it is more accurate as the medium is not distracted by body language or facial signals. He has to rely entirely upon his inner communication with spirit.

Can I help with communication?

Recipients of a medium reading sometimes think that the medium is a kind of magician who can be left to do all the work and give the proof with no effort on their part. It takes two to make a connection. The medium, of course, plays the principal role, but the sitter needs to be responsive.

Sitters seldom realize how much depends on them as well as on the medium. An open mind is conducive to good reading and gets the best results. It is good also to be verbally responsive: The medium needs to hear your voice which acts as a vibration link between you, the medium and your loved ones in spirit. This is particularly important if the reading is taking place over the phone.

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