What Are Poltergeists – the Truth about ‘Rattling Ghosts’

Poltergeists Rattling Ghost in Armour
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by Craig Hamilton-Parker

Frightening as these ‘rattling ghosts’ maybe, there’s never been a recorded case of anyone being killed by poltergeist activity. It can frighten the wits out of people but can’t hurt you. Most paranormal researchers believe that poltergeist is not ‘ghosts’ at all, but manifestations of unconscious mental upset, usually in children or teenagers.

Repressed psychic energy may suddenly express itself by projecting from the person who’s troubled and paranormally move objects or make noises. This frightens the person who is at the center of the activity resulting in more fear that again feeds the escaping psychic energy. But if the fear of the poltergeist activity is overcome the circle is broken and the activity usually fades away.

Poltergeist Activity

In most cases, poltergeist activity is an example of the mind’s ability to influence matter that the American parapsychologist J B Rhine called psychokinesis. However, occasionally an independent spirit entity may harness the energy and give intelligent communication from the afterlife by means of rapping.

My own psychic group has had some successes with this technique asking for spirit people to knock out messages when we all place our hands around a table. So far, we’ve had a few intelligible sentences spelled out but also had a great deal of gobbledygook. I suspect that our collective psychokinesis may be creating the effect of our own thoughts and expectations. I’ll keep you posted.

Spirits or Psychokinesis?

Some psychics say that poltergeist activity comes not from spirits or the powers of psychokinesis but from tulleric rays emitted from the earth’s core. They believe that these ‘Earth Fields’ can be detected by dowsing. Underground rock strata, streams, and springs distort these rays and result in areas of ‘geopathic stress’ that are harmful to humans and some animals. Dowsers also believe that the megalithic standing stones were designed to mark the lines of these earth fields. Named ‘Ley Lines’ by dowser Alfred Watkins they criss-cross Britain and converge on Glastonbury in Somerset, Stonehenge in Wiltshire, and the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

Studies of Ghostly Activity

Studies have shown that many of the most famous cases of poltergeist activity have happened in buildings that have been built exactly on the intersection of two major Ley Lines.

To date, there is no definitive answer as to the cause of poltergeist activity. It may be a result of a combination of human energies, earth fields, and spiritual entities but equally, all the theories may be completely wrong and there may yet be a scientific explanation. This strange enigma remains unsolved.

Earthbound Spirits

Craig Hamilton-Parker explains the meaning of Earthbound Spirits and about some of the ghost stories and stories about earthbound spirits found on this website.

Many people enjoy the thrill of a good horror film, but it is less entertaining when strange and frightening things start happening. Hollywood film-makers did not invent the phenomena of earthbound spirits, ghosts, specters, and poltergeists – they simply exaggerated the truth and throw in extra special effects.

“Earthbound” spirits, as they are called in circles, can cause havoc to the people of this world. Although nobody, in the case files on this website, spits green slime, crawls out of graves or levitates, for the people concerned what happened was much more frightening because they didn’t watch events on a big screen, but experiences them.


There are scientists who believe that the brain emits an electrical ‘morphic field’ that imprints itself on the environment. Ghosts and apparitions are seen when our psychic abilities read these mental recordings. Consequently, the same ghostly figure is seen often at the same place. Just as we would say that a photograph of a person is not the person themselves so a ghost is likewise not a conscious being. It is a series of mental vibrations left in the atmosphere of the environment that a sensitive person can perceive unfolding like a film.


In the case you read about the boys playing with the Ouija board it is debatable whether spirit forces were present at all. When a group of people gathers to consciously manifest psychic phenomena they can tap their own mental powers that influence and manipulate matter. Scientists call this power psychokinesis. When the young men assembled around the Ouija board their thoughts blended together by telepathy. As they asked about the future their subconscious fears were triggered and the result was the frightening prediction that became self-fulfilling. When I spoke to the dead Richard for his sister he indicated to me that spirit entities were not involved in their terrible game.

The stories about the haunted boat, the gypsy graveyard, and the Victorian child called Emily, I believe were manifestations of conscious spirits that were ‘earthbound’. When the time of death comes, the spirit and the physical body part company. Manifesting in the etheric body the spirit goes on to a different dimension to our material world and joins the afterlife. Feelings, memories, and personality are retained by the spirit.


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