What does a medium do? Proving Survival.

What does a medium do? Jane Hamilton-Parker teaching at Stansted.
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An article by Craig Hamilton-Parker answering the question of what does a medium do?

What we do…

A medium uses the powers of extrasensory perception and intuitive abilities to give proof of the survival of the human personality after death. The information the medium relays is given to them by discarnate spirits through psychic skills. These are called clairvoyance (inner seeing), clairaudience (inner hearing), and clairsentience (inner sensing). Within Spiritualism, mediums are not permitted to make predictions. This distracts from the primary purpose of mediumship which is proof of survival of death.

The Difference Between a Medium and a Psychic

I have already written about what differentiates a medium and a psychic. I now want to add emphasis by briefly explaining exactly what a medium does. Many people call themselves mediums but are in reality psychics. There is a great deal of misconception about the differences between psychic readings and mediumistic readings.

Video about how we communicate with the spirit

They give proof of Life After Death

A medium gives proof of survival of the personality after death. We demonstrate that not only does the life essence continue but also that memory persists as well as self-awareness. This is the sense of being who we are. The information mediumship provides may bring comfort to the bereaved because it helps them to move forward. Some describe this process as a form of soul healing. Sometimes other healing gifts will accompany the awakening mediumistic gifts.

Mediums are a link between the worlds:

This has sometimes been described as being like a telephonist who makes the call then relays the information received to the person on the other end of the line. The quality of the line can vary as occasionally and may ‘crackle’ if inappropriate conditions or negative thoughts from participants break the ‘signal’. We are intermediaries. Mediums work in a spirit of service and not the possessor of spiritual power.

Connect to a higher philosophy:

With the help of our spirit guides and helpers, we can share in the wonderful philosophy given to us from the next world. Before we can give spirit messages we must first know how to link through meditation to the spirit within and so understand the perennial philosophy of compassion.

The spirit guides may eventually be able to channel philosophy through a medium by means of inspiring talks and trance. If he/she has creative talents such as writing, music, and artistic skills then these may be used in spirit communication.

More insights

They enable spiritual growth:

Mediumship and the knowledge it brings will probably inspire us to become better people ourselves. We may allow our intuition to integrate with our reason, become more sensitive and tolerant, and be willing to learn from many sources.

Our knowledge and gift will inspire others to make the best of their life. A good medium will feel the need to keep pushing his mediumship forward and will continually want to learn more.

Mediums help one another to discover God:

Mediumship is a specialist spiritual gift that proves the existence of an afterlife.  Mediumship implies that there is a God but does not necessarily prove the existence of God. Some mediums believe in a personal God and may follow traditional faiths including Christianity whereas others may believe God to be the omnipresent force of love.

My experience of the philosophy given by spirit encourages me to look at the ways religions are similar rather than ways in which they differ. In all of them are echoes of a universal religion that transcends race, creed, and dogma.

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