“Release from the Dying Body is Unspeakably Beautiful”

What Happens After Death?
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What Happens Immediately After Death?

One of the greatest joys you will experience as you enter the afterlife is the realization that bodily suffering has come to an end. When those in the spirit communicate through a medium, they often give vivid descriptions of the way they passed over and give details of the bodily conditions they suffered at the end.

A medium will sense these conditions in his own body, although not with the full ferocity that the spirit person experienced. Considering the thousands of spirit messages I have given in my time, I have died thousands of deaths. The worst one I remember was when the spirit person “overshadowed” me with the sensation of his head being severed by a sheet of glass! It provided good evidence to the sitter but left me with a sore throat for days.

The new entrant to the afterlife has a feeling of exhilaration as the spirit initially leaves the body. Suddenly, all pain and discomfort are gone! We are told through mediumship that this transformation is immediate and complete. Also, spirit communicators have pointed out that the suffering when close to death is not as horrifying as it may appear. As death approaches, the body of light separates partly from the physical body so that the pain becomes distant and remote. The dying person’s consciousness becomes centered on the body of light, which is free of all suffering.

What about our illnesses?

Not only will all the pain be gone once you pass over, but you will also feel awash with the life force. If you die late in life, all those aches and pains of old age are wiped away in an instant. You feel free and vital. It’s like being in the prime of your life–but better!

As the moment of death approaches, most people become peaceful and at ease. Although it is natural to fear death, perhaps we are all instinctively aware that there is nothing to fear. An innate knowledge that life continues comes into effect. For example, our dog William had to be put to sleep to end his suffering. Although conscious during the medical examination, William slipped into sleep as soon as the vet brought out the injection. It was as if he knew that was his time to go and he made the first step into the afterlife himself. Many superstitions claim that animals know when their time has come. The most well known is the European belief that a donkey knows when it will die and hides away. This gives rise to the expression, “You’ll never see a dead donkey”–and if you do, it’s a very lucky sign.

I have no idea how I will react when my time to die comes. Like many others, I may go through stages of denial, anger, bargaining, despair, and resignation. There is no way that any of us can impose our own model for the ideal death. I hope that the doctors tending me will be honest. It is better to die spiritually prepared.  I hope that the medication I receive will allow me to stay conscious and that the people around me will help me to continue my journey, rather than cling to my dead body. It is important to have have courage, equanimity, and clarity so that my spirit can focus on the experience ahead.

After Death according to hippie guru.

The 60s hippie guru Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) tells a sad story to illustrate the conflict that the dying person may experience between the part of them that holds them to the earth and the part that wants to move on: “I was told about a twenty-eight-year-old woman named Michelle who was dying of cancer in a hospital and whose mother, a nurse in that very hospital; was working triple-time to keep her only child alive, sleeping in the next bed, leaving her side only to use the bathroom. During one of these lavatory breaks, Michelle whispered to another nurse, “Please tell my Mom to let me go.” This wasn’t possible, however, and it was not until her mother was persuaded to go out to dinner one night that Michelle managed to slip away.

NDE Experiences

Hospital patients who have had a near-death experience (NDE) report the sensation of release from suffering as they leave the body. During an NDE, the operating theatre instruments show that the patient’s heart stops beating and the brain may be dead for up to two minutes. Effectively, the patient has died and then been resuscitated. Often these patients can recall with complete clarity having left their bodies and even traveling down a tunnel of light to the next world. Many of these remarkable cases have been recorded and investigated by a growing number of scientists; in particular Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Michael Sabom, Dr. Karlis Osis and Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

It has been found that many patients, undergoing an NDE, experience the first release from the dead body as unspeakably beautiful. There is no pain. A great majority of these people report feelings of wonder and elation. According to Dr. Kenneth Ring, sixty percent of people resuscitated describe such sensation. He quotes a subject who came close to death by drowning:

“This incredible feeling of peace came over me…all of a sudden there was no pain, just peace. I suppose it is because it is so completely unlike anything else that I have ever experienced in my life…a perfectly beautiful, beautiful feeling.”

A message of hope.

Of course, loved ones left on earth are unaware of the blissful state that you experienced as you left the body. What they see is the cold, crumpled, shell left. The harrowing sight of your discarded body, depending on the details of your tragic demise, may remain fixed in their minds for years to come.

My father died of bone cancer–which is a cruel and debilitating illness. I watched the undertakers remove his body. As they lifted the thin, crumpled remains of this shattered shell, I thought about my mortality and felt strangely serene that I too must die one day. Though I felt sadness, I was also supported by the innate knowledge that we are not the body. It was not my father himself they were removing. The undertakers were simply well-dressed sanitation engineers.

Naturally, many people tend to visit mediums to find out if their loved ones have made it safely to the next world. A good medium will give them this proof and reassurance. In some cases, the spirit may linger by the body for a while or need to resolve their conflicts before moving on. However, in all cases, this is only a short period of transition. The truth is that all people, even the bad ones, eventually make it to the afterlife, where the process of spiritual self-assessment and reconciliation begins.

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