What Happens to Children When They Die?

When Children Die
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A Place in Heaven for Children

Article from my book about what happens to the souls of children when they die. Read about how the infant soul grows to become an adult and how a child will continue to know its mother. Please leave your comments at the bottom of this article.

Children’s Heaven

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, All good children go to heaven. –Traditional Nursery Rhyme

When life has served its purpose, death must come. None of us can escape this fact. Even the holy men, saints, and saviors must die. When death comes it shows that the individual is ready to enjoy all the wonderful riches and beauty that the spirit world has to offer. There is nothing to fear in death. Death is the great liberator that brings freedom. We rejoice when babies come into the world, yet many cry in the world of spirit when babies are to be born in our world. Similarly, there may be weeping when someone dies in our world, but there is rejoicing as they enter the sphere of the afterlife.

Losing someone you love is always a terrible thing. No matter how philosophical we are about it and no matter how much we are convinced that there is an afterlife, it is always a dreadful blow. But the hardest loss to bear of all is surely the loss of a child. There is often a lump in my throat and sometimes tears in my eyes when I do mediumship for bereaved parents. Mediumship in these circumstances can also be quite difficult because the child in the spirit does not have the concentration or understanding to work with a medium. There are occasions when it is impossible to make the link despite my best efforts and the good will of the sitter. Until the grief has been healed, it is very hard sometimes to give the mother her sought-after link with her child.

What Happens to Children When They Die?What Happens To Children When They Die?

Fortunately, on most occasions the spirit child is able to communicate despite the walls of grief and despair built around the parents. This is usually because more experience spirit communicators are helping them. Sometimes it is the spirit guides that do the work, but on most occasions I have noticed that a deceased relative is aiding them.

This does not mean to say that all of their time in the spirit world is spent with, for example, a deceased grandmother. The communicating spirit lets us know that he or she is with the child but the child will also experience a wonderful world especially designed for children. The medium Doris Stokes, who herself lost a baby, often spoke of these children as the lucky ones. Unlike us, they do not have to suffer the problems of life. They come to us for a short while, experience our love, then return again to a better place. These children are well-developed souls who need only a short contact with the earth in order for them to spiritually progress. As Doris often said, “They are souls that kiss the earth.”


In the afterlife, children naturally share the love of their grandparents and other spirit people who love them. They also have the guiding hand of their guardian angel to guide them. However, there are many activities for them in the next life designed to quicken their spirit and guide them towards higher spirituality.

I spoke earlier about how we can assume any age that we want to when in the spirit. May of the souls of children have also lived many lives before and they, like us, will have a long history of life behind them. However, they continue their heavenly life in the same form as they had on earth. They remain as children and grow in the spirit. Naturally, this state will not last indefinitely but these souls need to experience innocence while in the ethereal states. The life review is unnecessary for many of these children. A short earthly life is the catalyst for a childhood in the spirit.

When a child shows the spirit via mediumship, they appear to the medium as the parents knew them at the time they died. This helps the parents to recognize the person being talked about. Once this is established, they sometimes then give a description of the person they have grown into. The parents will also recognize that this description is often as they would have expected. For example, the spirit “adult” will explain that they have spent their time involved with music. The adults may have noticed, before the child died, that their natural tendency was toward this field of study, and it rarely surprises them when told about these things.

Babies grow in the afterlife. According to many spirit guides, and including my own, the soul enters a mother’s womb not at the moment of conception but at the time of the quickening. It is often my difficult duty to explain that the soul of an aborted child continues to live in the next life. Rarely is there any finger-wagging or chastisement by the spirit communicator for what has been done. The child, who by this time has grown or has been brought forward by an adult spirit communicator, understands the circumstances that resulted in the termination. In most instances an abortion is not something a woman enters into lightly. It is a tremendously anguished decision to be made and some women carry a burden of guilt throughout their lives. The spirit people understand these painful feelings and do not stand in judgment. Instead, they reassure us that the soul of the baby continues and that the mother need not feel guilt. If there is an instinctive sense of love, then the soul of the parents and the child will be linked. Often parents may feel the soul of the child around them during earthly life. And they will certainly know the child when they enter the spirit worlds themselves.


There are many places in the afterlife that the children will enjoy. We are told that there are nurseries where the spirit people, who devote their time to the care of the young, tend the babies. Here walk many angels who help with the development of these innocent souls. There is great love in this place and the children are made aware of their earthly mother and family and are able to share their thoughts and feelings. Indeed they are bound to the family’s group soul by karma and past life experiences together. (This will be explained in more detail later)

Education in the afterlife is spiritual rather than practical. Children are taught the importance of the development of the spirit and are taught human values. This is an important part of the souls progress that can only be experienced while living the life of a child in the spirit. The primal form, that I spoke about earlier, is temporarily suspended so that the soul can learn the lessons that can only be understood while in a state of innocence. This takes place in areas of the halls of learning that are designated for the spiritual development of children.

What Happens To Children When They Die? The above is an extract from my book What to do when you are dead. (Sterling Publishing ISBN 978-1-4027-7660-1) Buy from my psychic bookshops.

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