What is Mediumship?

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This is part of our Distance Learning Project (DLP) specially written for us by Violet Kipling with Craig Hamilton-Parker


Mediumship is sensitivity developed to such a degree that the medium is able to tune into spiritual vibrations thereby allowing communication between the physical world and the world of spirit to take place

Mediumship is the faculty whereby people who are now living in the spirit world can communicate with their family and friends still living in a world of matter. A medium is, therefore, as a human telephone exchange and sometimes, as with any telephone system, there can be crackles and distortion caused by interference or bad lines.

Unlike an actual telephone exchange, a medium is not programmed, mechanical, or an automaton, and the human element is always involved in every spirit communication.

This factor should always be taken into account when accepting a message from a spirit communicator. Good mediums endeavor to keep any personal mind interference to a minimum. They do this by continuing to develop their mediumship and by using their mediumship in demonstrations or private sittings.

Demonstration of Mediumship

The Development of Mediumship

In the development of mediumship, the medium becomes more aware of those people in the world of spirit who act as his or her guides or helpers each having their own special area of expertise for which the medium can be used. These areas may be clairvoyance, trance, speaking, healing, etc.

The guides and helpers use the medium’s subconscious mind to relay their information. This information is then conveyed to the conscious level where it registers as a feeling, hearing, or seeing.

Mediums should be aware that the increase in sensitivity can cause them to become temperamental and every step should be taken to curb this kind of behavior. Mediums also have a tendency to get a little negative at times due to low energies and overwork but the continued sitting for development will help the medium to overcome these problems and to become more confident in his/her mediumship and ability.

Everyone lives by the power of suggestion and mediums use positive efforts from the conscious to the subconscious mind in order to register the information being received. These regular positive suggestions will eventually become automatic, thereby making the medium more positive.

It should be recognized, however, that powerful ‘negative’ suggestions will have the reverse effect upon the medium; the stronger suggestion overpowering those of the medium, thus cutting any links made with the spirit world.

Psychic Mediumship

The development of any psychic mediumship is within the security of a private home circle which is run by a knowledgeable leader; not necessarily a medium but a leader who can take charge and guide the student medium through the changes taking place in his/her mental and emotional makeup.

Mediumship may emerge very quickly due to an inherited faculty together with the spiritual nature of the medium. For the majority of people, however, mediumship development can take a few years, albeit very happy years and should be actively pursued.

Whilst the student medium is sitting in a circle to unfold psychic sensitivity a course of education should be undertaken. Practice without theory can be worthless. There are a number of books available that will explain the many experiences occurring in the circle and within mediumship itself.

It is important that student mediums do not open up their awareness anywhere but within the circle. Mediums respond to pleas for help but a conscious decision must be taken not to practice mediumship until the leader of the circle is satisfied that the student is ready to spread her wings. Students should not allow themselves to be open to any and every influence around them.

Training within a Circle

Mediums are trained within the circle to give evidence of survival and it is important that any person seeking such evidence should ensure that the medium visited is one that has been recommended by a trusted friend. To someone ignorant of spirit communication any information given by another person, who could have no knowledge of that person, can be pretty amazing. Quite often people are given a psychic reading and not a spirit communication and in their ignorance do not realize or recognize this.

As previously stated a medium is sensitive with the ability to attune to spiritual vibrations and link with the minds of people no longer living on earth. When linking with the minds of the discarnate spirit, it has to be remembered that these people are not always just family and friends wishing to let everyone know they have survived that change called death.

There are many great minds in the world of spirit eagerly awaiting the opportunity, through the agency of mediumship, to bring their messages of love to a world sadly in need of such love.

Mediums are concerned, in the main, by giving evidence that a person’s family and friends have survived the change called death and continue to live in a spiritual dimension of life. It is important that what is classified as evidence is clearly understood.

Accuracy of Mediumship

It is insufficient for a medium to state ‘I have your mother with me’ without giving specific details of that lady. These details could include name, height, age, bodily description, bodily weaknesses, personality, cause of death, etc. Details which are known to the sitter about the mother from which they can identify her will help in establishing the mother’s identity.

These details could be culled from the sitter’s mind, via the auric emanations so ‘mother’ has to give to her child information which proves that she is still alive. This can be done in a number of ways but if mother talks about something that is happening in her child’s life at the moment or gives information of which the child has no knowledge and has to check out, then it is fair to say that evidence of survival has been given.

When an individual is satisfied that s/he has received survival evidence, then it becomes apparent to that individual that as ‘mum/dad/nana, etc’ have survived death, they also will one day ‘return home’ to the world of spirit. It is realized that every single person is a dual being – that each person is a spirit being, temporarily inhabiting a physical body in order to experience living in a world of matter.

After receiving evidence of survival that an individual is satisfied is ‘proof’ as far as s/he is concerned, many people embark upon a spiritual quest, to learn more about mediumship and to ascertain whether or not their own mediumship is capable of being unfolded, or developed.

COPYRIGHT This article is part of our Distance Learning Project DLP – a course specially written for us by the Spiritualist Violet Kipling with Craig Hamilton-Parker.

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