Life in the Spirit World

The Nature and Form of Life in the Beyond

A medium must always strive for accuracy, and not be satisfied with woolly statements that could apply to just about anyone. Plenty of people spout psycho-babble, but much of it can be quickly recognized as foolish fantasy. A good medium will always strive to provide clear and verifiable detail. Only if the mediumship is good can we trust that the information given about the afterlife deriving from it is also accurate? What you will read here is not fantasy or material simply arising from the unconscious. It has come during mediumship from spirits who have proven their identity to the sitters. Also included is information derived from yogis, metaphysical thinkers, and mediums of the past.

Time in the Spirit World

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Spirit communication happens when the conditions are right. On this side, there needs to be a cheerful atmosphere of expectation. Once this is established, the medium is usually able to blend thoughts with those being projected by the other world’s spirit communicator. These thoughts are perceived by the medium as a voice, pictures, or sensations. By putting the various impressions together, enough evidence can be established to prove that contact has been made with a dead loved one. The energy that fuels this wonderful phenomenon is the power of love. It is love that builds the bridge between the two worlds.

The Evidence of Life After Death

Often, evidence for life after death is strong enough to reassure the converted, but not conclusive enough to convince unbelievers. It is much more difficult to work with a skeptical person. I have given very accurate evidence when demonstrating in the supportive atmosphere of the Spiritualist Churches, but to provide the same detail to a hard-nosed journalist is another matter. Nonetheless, I have endeavored to demonstrate mediumship on television, over the radio, and in front of skeptics. Sometimes I fall flat on my face, but as a rule, I have managed to provide clear evidence of survival, even when working in the most hostile of conditions.

How much time do you spend trying to satisfy the needs of the physical body? You may enjoy good food, sex, a nice and spacious home, holiday giving, or a big car. You may draw comfort by surrounding yourself with luxury or by wearing the most expensive jewel. We live on an endless treadmill, moving from a desire to desire. It’s like eating a tasty meal; we enjoy it, but sooner or later we get hungry again.

I’m not saying that you should grow a beard, wear a horsehair shirt, and retire to the forest. It would be inappropriate to stop eating or to throw away your material possessions and pleasures. All of these things are good, but they are also transient. They do not last. Desire is a trap, and that applies to the physical plane, the astral plane, and the causal plane.

The Cycles of Birth & Death

The Buddha said that the cause of all suffering is Desire (attachment). Liberation from the endless cycle of birth and death comes when you can let go of all attachment and desire. People who worship material things usually fear death the most. The thought that the physical body will one day perish fills them with utter dread. Have you ever met a beautiful woman, like a top model, who is just getting to the point where her looks are changing? Instead of allowing an inner beauty to develop and shine through, she busies herself in a frantic attempt to maintain her external beauty. Yet we’ve all been touched sometimes by people so spiritually beautiful that we never noticed whether they were surface beautiful or not.

The truth is that we are not the body, yet we spend all of our time pampering it. In the developed world’s cultural climate, we carry with us a heavier burden of material thinking than any generation in the history of mankind. The result is that we’ve forgotten that the physical body is only one small part of our being.

Life After Death and Denial

In earlier times, the fear of dying was used by religion to undermine individualistic thinking and to increase our dependence on the church. A fear of an eternal hell and retribution kept the heretics in check and society in control. It was the perfect way to hold onto power and maintain the status quo. Religion, in its worst form, is a notorious system of mind control that uses the fear of death to manipulate its victims. It achieves the very opposite of what its saviors, saints, and sages taught.

Sadly, death is still taboo. A history of spiritual corruption has meant that most people do not see death as a blissful transcendence. Instead, we are encouraged to cling to the material and avoid all talk of death–particularly when death creeps close. Everyone knows that you are dying, yet your relatives can only talk about banal things such as the weather. Nobody dares to talk to you about your oncoming trip to the unknown. Added to this lonely predicament, you may have to endure the dispassionate world of intensive care. There is an almost hysterical desire to keep life going at all costs, even if it means keeping you alive for a few more days of suffering.

The Afterlife World

Would it not be better if, instead of existing in a state of denial about death, we were to consider embracing it when it approaches? Clearly this is easier said than done, but to consider the possibility of a life beyond death and to think about our own mortality will help us to realize that death can be a mystical experience that need not fill us with fear and dread.

The realization that our soul consciousness goes on after we’ve died is a call to use our lives wisely. It is a call for us to wake up, and to put to good use this wonderful opportunity of living on Earth. Fortunately for us, the physical body is not the sum total of our being: we also have a spiritual body, a body of light that will transport our consciousness into the next stage of existence.

Meditation – WHAT IS DEATH LIKE?

“Philosophy is a rehearsal for death”–Plato

This meditation will help you to familiarize yourself with what happens when you leave your body in preparation for entry to the spirit world. It can be done now, as you read this website, or read aloud for group practice. After you read each segment, pause for awhile, so that you can experience the feelings and images from your unconscious that will help you understand “What is death like?”

This gentle approach will enable you to become more attuned to the dying experiences that are already logged within your unconscious from earlier incarnations. Becoming aware of these things in a gentle and controlled way, you will be more prepared to leave the Earth experience when your time comes. You will be more able to let go of your fear and move towards the light in a spirit of joyful expectation.

What is the Spirit World Like?

Meditation on death and what the spirit world is like

The What is Death Like? A Meditation

This is going to be an enjoyable experience. Relax and breathe deeply. As you breathe in, feel yourself fill with life-giving energy. As you breathe out, feel yourself relax more deeply. Notice how good you feel as you relax. Let go of all worry and stress. Wrap yourself in the soothing warmth of relaxation. Feel the whole body relax from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Enjoy this feeling for a few moments.

Now, imagine that your body is laid on a bed. Everything around you is peaceful and still as you observe your body. See it from every perspective: from above, from the feet, from the side and from the head. You can hear the lungs breathing and may want to reach out and touch the body with your astral hands. Look at your bodily form and especially the face. The face has a neutral expression. How do you feel about what you see? Is it really you? Would you be prepared to leave it behind? Consider these things for a few moments.

Now imagine that your body is dead. You are still able to look at it. You notice that the breathing has stopped. Knowing that you are the observer of the body, are you concerned that it has ceased functioning? Look at the body again. You touch it and notice that it is cold. There is a pallor to the face. Is it you? What feelings do you have as you clearly see it? Are you prepared to let go? Consider these things for a few moments.

You now move away from the body and become aware of the whole room. You are a disembodied point of consciousness so you can view the room from wherever you like. How does it feel to have no body? You may experience a feeling of joy and release as you realize that you are free of the body’s whims and demands. You may have the sensation of being as light as a soap bubble that floats in the breeze. You are an ex-physical! Observe your feelings and the sensations that come to you.

Now you hear below you the sound of voices. The people that you love are gathered around the body that you have discarded. You realize that you cannot only see and hear them but you can also “hear” their thoughts and “feel” their feelings. You have complete telepathy, but it is only a one-way communication. No matter what you do, your family and friends below remain oblivious to your presence. Their thoughts rise like great white clouds. What do you “hear” from your loved ones? Does their grief make you feel uncomfortable? Perhaps you want to tell them that you are okay. They should not be so concerned because you have only discarded the body. Think also about the time you lost somebody you loved. Did you send them positive thoughts to speed them on their journey, or were the thoughts you sent full of despair and grief?

Clearly this is the most difficult emotional part of the dying experience. We are irrevocably bound by feelings of love to people in this world. To let go of this attachment will inevitably be accompanied by a feeling of severing from what we hold dear. However, at this point our higher self will make us aware that nothing is really lost. We will all be reunited in due course. Imagine now that an angel is with you. This could be your spirit guide or a symbol of your higher self in the guise of a winged being, if you prefer. The angel whispers in your ear. What words of comfort does the angel say to you?

The experience of time in the spirit world is different from earthly time. You will be shown that your separation from the ones you love will seem that no time has passed at all.

Have you ever felt stirred while listening to great music, or been overwhelmed by the magnificent beauty of a landscape? This feeling of inspiration will now fill you as you release yourself from the earthly plane. Simultaneously, you will have a feeling of ineffable love as you move towards the heavenly plane. Remember, the most important feeling of love you had in life and multiply it by a million times. This is the love you will feel. This is divine love. It fills you with an irresistible urge to move towards it. It appears like a light.

You now move towards the light. As you leave the material realm, what feelings do you have? Have you accomplished what you set out to do? Have you made others happy and created empathy and love? Is the world you leave behind a better place for you having been here? Are there things that you would like to have done, or perhaps would like to have done better?

Now let go of all of these feelings and doubts and let them merge with the light. Allow yourself to become at one with this wonderful state that is all around you. Everywhere you look there is light. Light upon light upon light. All is divine love, divine light. Let go, into the light.

This What is Death Like? meditation may have stimulated many emotions and made you think about your life and its objectives. It should help you to see the impermanence of the body and all material things. However, the feelings you received highlight what is most important to you in this life. You may have had the feeling that there is still much remaining undone. Perhaps you felt that the most important things are not the day-to-day cares and material goals, but matters of the heart. Are there ways that you can improve your earthly life so that, when you look back next time, you will feel that you have come closer to completing your earthly life satisfactorily?


Western theology has, I believe, made a mistake when it talks about the afterlife as being a place, or places. It is natural for us to think in terms of objective existence even when a life separate from the material world is being considered. Many people think of heaven as a place situated somewhere in space. This idea has existed since earliest times, when people thought the spirit became a star in the night sky or descended into the bowels of the Earth. The heavenly worlds they saw as a place filled with beautiful buildings encrusted with jewels and situated in a landscape of endless flowing gardens.

However, heaven is not a place it is a “state.” Most mediums describe these states as planes of existence.


This world, here and now, is also a plane of existence. For example, you are seated reading this website. You can feel its pages and see its shape and are able to read these words. Yet, in reality, what you are perceiving is a picture inside your head. You are receiving information from your five senses which is being processed at lightning speed by the brain to construct a view of reality. The image before your eyes is actually created from signals from the back of the retina. And it is created by the eye’s lens actually upside-down. The brain turns the picture back around the right way for us. Similarly, you may have been unaware of the sounds around you until I mention it to you now. The ticking of a mechanical clock, the muffled sound of the neighbour’s Television, a siren in the distance, all sounds wiped from your consciousness while you concentrate. Often we are not aware of the repeated sound of a clock …until it stops.

My point is that we only perceive a small part of the world at any time. For example, I used to be an artist and trained myself to have a better awareness of color. If I look at, say, a vase of flowers, I may be immediately aware of the beauty of the flower itself. However, if I open my awareness I may also notice the form of the leaves and stems and how they relate to one another and to the volume of space between them. I may also notice the unity of pattern made by the structure of the stems or see the intricate patterns in the texture of the leaves. If I open my awareness still further, I may see the auric field of the plant and sense the life force that radiates from it. If I allow my perceptions to fully unfold, I may momentarily become aware of the transcendent beauty of the flower and its divine form. I may have a feeling of exaltation and great inspiration.

Is the world that I am seeing now the same as the world that everyone else sees? The truth is that we all exist in different states of consciousness and shift between higher and lower levels of perception. If I looked at the same bowl of flowers after drinking a large quantity of alcohol I would see it completely differently. If I was feeling gloomy or depressed, I would probably be less aware of the beauty of the flower as my attention would be focused on my own feelings and thoughts. If I am in love, then the colors of the flowers may appear to be more alive and the whole world may look bright. The truth is, we all live in completely different worlds and move between different worlds all the time.

Jesus of Nazareth spoke of the next life with the authority of someone who had traveled there. He said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you.” I believe, in those words, he is giving us a glimpse of an unlimited range of planes of existence and levels of consciousness attainable in the higher realms of being. In the afterlife, the nature of objective reality is different from what we know here. It changes according to our level of consciousness.

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‘What to Do When You are Dead’ explores what happens after death and describes the world we will find there. It is a powerful book that draws on near death experiences, spiritual traditions as well as the mediums direct experiences.

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