My Soulmate: “We were destined to be together and been dreaming of each other from an early age.”

Soul Mates
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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker

Spiritualist medium describes who is your soul mate and the concepts of a group soul, twin soul, and knowing one another before birth and after death. Add your comments at the bottom and discuss whether some of the Internet babble about soul mates, twin flames, and so on is a fact of just romantic fantasies.

Spiritual Relationships & Soul Mates

“I know that I’m going where Lucy is.” Last words of Rutherford B. Hayes, the American president who died in 1893 and welcomed the chance to see his wife, Lucy, again.

In the past, illness, war, and poverty were the main causes of worry for most people. Today, the world has changed, and modern people’s main worries have turned more toward human relationships. We still have the old difficulties, of course, and lots of new ones–particularly stress-related and close-quarter illnesses that come with city life. Troubled relationships, nonetheless, are high on most people’s do-something-about list in striving for happiness.

Dreaming of your Soul Mate

My spiritual work is primarily to help the bereaved, but I sometimes also find myself helping people with their life issues. At the top of that list, and by far the cause of more mental anguish than anything else, are relationship problems. There are, however, a few wonderful exceptions. For example, one client named Sarah told me that for years she had a recurring dream of the same man. “The dream has been with me ever since I was a kid,” Sarah explained. “I knew every detail about him. His name was Paul, he had dark hair, and he was in the Navy.”

Then Sarah met her dream lover at a nightclub. “Everything about Paul was exactly the same as in my dream,” continued Sarah. “Yes, he was in the Navy, and he had dark hair. But in the dream, he hands me a red rose and a white silk scarf.” What happened next, as Sarah related it, “Paul told me of his recurring dreams. In them, he gives a woman–who looks exactly like me–a red rose and silk scarf!”

It would appear that Paul and Sarah were destined to be together, having been dreaming of each other from an early age. The last I heard was that they are now planning to get married.

A similar predetermination happened to me. The famous psychic medium Doris Stokes told me that I’d meet my future wife, Jane Wallis, on the 6th of March. She was slightly wrong. I met and soon married Jane Willis on the 6th of March, 1989.

Perhaps you feel that there is another person who is your ideal partner and with whom you have a pre-existing spiritual bond. Could it be that you will discover who that soul mate is when you go to the afterlife?


Some occult traditions state that the soul is really hermaphroditic: that far back in time each soul split into two parts, male and female, and that the souls of the two half-beings will eventually become one again. In psychological terms, it may result from the need for our own spiritual wholeness. Carl Jung claimed that each of us is psychologically part male and part female. He called these two aspects of the self the Anima (female) and the Animus (male). The Anima and Animus appear in dreams and fantasies as the perfect man or woman.

It is often projected onto the opposite sex, resulting in the experience of “falling in love.” During dreams, the figures manifest as a guide to the soul and offer creative possibilities for the individuation process. It could be argued that the romantic notion of a soul mate occurs because modern people have failed to instigate the inner quest towards spiritual wholeness. This inner process is now projected onto other people who we see as the antidote for all our troubles.

Some people believe that soul mates are two halves of one soul that has been split apart to speed up the process of spiritual evolution by taking in earth-plane experiences at double speed. In this instance, finding one’s soul mate is literally finding one’s other half. I see no reason the soul has to evolve at rapid speed as it has already spent millions of years getting to the point we are at now.

Similarly, human relations are never perfect and even “soul mates” need to argue and go through the trials that all relationships tend to meet at some time. It’s all part of a healthy relationship. It’s our differences that push us emotionally and spiritually forward. Soul Mates is clearly an appealing romantic notion, but I am uncertain whether it is a reality.

Nonetheless, we sometimes meet people in life who we instantly like or dislike. This can apply to friends as well as to persons we fall in love with or marry. There are also powerful bonds between families and occasionally between groups of friends. Could it be that some souls are interconnected by an invisible affiliation? Is there perhaps a coming together of souls that some have called the group soul?

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