What Are Ghosts and Why Are They Here?

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Why Are Ghosts Here?

Craig Hamilton-Parker - What are Ghosts? Why are Ghosts Here?Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker asking What are Ghosts? and Why are Ghosts here? We also look at Earthbound spirits and why are ghosts here. From this page you can also connect to some of the most important articles and videos on this site about ghosts and spirits. I will start by explaining briefly explaining what are ghosts. Then we will look at the various manifestations of ghosts and decide why are ghosts here. We will discuss  the astral shell and souls who do not cross over.

What Are Ghosts?

Ghosts are impressions of events or people retained on the atmosphere of a place. Ghosts seen at haunted houses are believed by many ghost experts as a ‘psychic recording’. This is imprinted in the earth’s energy field. Similarly, this is sometimes called residual energy. These ethereal impression are compared to the way a camera records a scene or the chemicals on photographic paper produce an image when exposed to light.

A medium or someone with latent clairvoyant ability may become aware of these recordings and see ghostly scenes from the past. Ancient places are often haunted because they are saturated in the recorded thought energies of generations of visitors. Ghosts are the result of human emotions that are projected during traumatic events. Events involving grisly deaths, prolonged tragic circumstances and drama are likely to leave behind a ghost imprint.

A ghost is therefore like a photographic record that is occasionally visible to ‘sensitive’ people. Accordingly, they are seen like a film clip from the past sometimes with the same scene repeating in the same spot. What is seen is certainly not a conscious spirit trapped in a time warp and repeating the same task for eternity. It is the energy of history.

Should We Be Frightened of Ghosts?

Many people become very frightened when they see a ghost but there is no cause for alarm. The real people, their spirit selves, have moved on long ago into the worlds of the afterlife. Nobody spends eternity haunting the room where you died or rattling chains in some spooky mansion.

Why Are Ghosts Here Video


What are Evil Spirits?

Evil Spirits What are Ghosts?Evil Spirits are simply spirit people with bad intent. Most people, even the misguided and mischievous ones, are good. The Spiritualist Vi Kipling used to say to me “If it were possible for mediums to be attacked by such beings, then there would be no mediums working. The fact is, mediums develop their awareness to such a degree that they are aware of negative energies surrounding people and places. Quite often negative energies are ascribed to evil spirits which is a nonsense.”

Some traditions believe that Evil Spirits are negative thought forms. An evil spirit is sometimes described as a demon. These are often malevolent beings. The belief in evil spirits and demons is prevalent in religions, occultism, mythology and folklore. Many people believe that this is the answer to the question why are ghosts here. Some of these ideas are discussed in the articles below.

What are ghosts Lost Souls?

Lost Souls is a misconception. How can anyone be lost? A spirit person may choose to stay close to earth but that does not mean he or she is lost. Spirit people, when told, do not believe that they are dead and living in spirit. The fact that their friends on earth are ignoring them and there are people who they know are dead are talking to them, has got to make them sit down and wonder. They feel they are dreaming and refuse any offers of help made to them. Eventually, however, they will become aware of the reality of their surroundings and perhaps find that the ‘dream’ is far more pleasant than was their life on earth.

It is known when every person is to return to spirit, even when the death is accidental or appears sudden, and there is always someone waiting to greet everyone. If some people choose not to take up residence in spirit then that is their choice but it is hard to conceive that they are lost when there are so many great minds in spirit overseeing and caring for every person on earth.

What Are Ghosts Doing when Haunting a House?

haunted house - why are ghosts here?Hauntings occur when someone is thrust into spirit without going through the normal dying process. The spirit refuses to leave the house in which s/he lived. According to Spiritualists after death the soul enters another dimension. Here the solid objects in the physical world, such as houses, trees and so on are no longer visible. It is hard to understand why a spirit would remain in a place that, as far as s/he is concerned no longer exists.

Quite often it is a ghostly impression left in a house caused by the thoughts of the deceased which stay on the atmosphere. People living there become aware of the form these thoughts are taking, usually that of the deceased.  Sometimes the haunting is a build-up of negative energy. It is very oppressive and depressing. Also a haunting can often be traced to poltergeist activity. This usually surrounds a frustrated child entering puberty, and will stop as the child matures. This may explain a lot about why are ghosts here in this situation. In the meantime, however, the energies are pretty violent. In such cases Psychical Researchers can be called in to give help and to check the activity.

Is is possible to be possessed by ghosts and spirits?

According to Vi Kipling “Possession this is not possible but obsession is. The mind is a powerful tool and wrongly used can play tricks. If people are told, or are themselves convinced, that they are possessed then the mind will oblige. If asked why are ghost here and is there possession I would make four points. Firstly, possession is imagination. Secondly negative energies is why ghosts are here. Thirdly possession is cause by a mental imbalance. Finally mischievous spirit who may take advantage of any mental imbalance to draw close.”

Intruding entities could not, however, physically possess a person’s body and why would anyone want to take on the pains of the flesh again when once freed therefrom?

What are Ghosts? – Continued

Some of the ideas I’ve posted were part of the DLP Chat Room teachings on this website. I’m now going to suggest a few other ideas about ghost and evil spirits. These broaden the question of what are ghosts.

Why are Ghosts Here?

There are many different reasons why ghosts are here. The answer will depend on your cultural background and beliefs. If you ask a Christian the questions what are ghosts or why are ghosts here they will tell you that they are souls that are refused entry to heaven. If you ask a skeptic what are ghosts or why are ghosts here they will dismiss your questions.

As I have said earlier, a skeptic will say it is all fantasy and the result of misguided beliefs. In the East the Buddhists believe that ghosts are trapped souls. If you ask them the questions what are ghosts or why are ghosts here they will probably talk about hungry ghosts. These are souls that are still trapped by earthy craving. We will now consider some of these ideas in more detail.

What Happens if You Get Stuck Between Worlds?

You take the corner a little too fast and break a little harder than you should. Now the steering has a mind of its own. You try to compensate, but it’s too late. You’ve hit the curb and now you are hurtling down a steep embankment. At this speed you are dead in an instant.

Why Are Ghosts Here?

When it happened to me, it felt as if someone had pulled the plug on reality. The world slowed down to an almost dead stop. “So this is it,” I thought, yet I was surprisingly calm within. It was the classic my-life-flashed-before-me scenario. All the important events and people in my life filled my head simultaneously. In the same moment, I understood all the things I wanted to do in the world and within myself. Just before the car hit the  bottom, an unruffled thought took sovereignty: “I wonder what comes next?”

Fortunately, the real crash was cushioned by undergrowth and I had no severe, much less fatal, injuries. Only my hands were badly bruised. I’d gripped the steering wheel so hard that I had bent it to the dashboard. My passenger, however, completely freaked out.

What Happens to your Spirit if you Die Suddenly?

Sudden Death GhostsIt’s understandable. The shock of the sudden and unexpected event took him over the edge, so to speak. In those few seconds while I had contemplated my life, he explained later, he had left his body and ran frantically through the woods ahead of the car. In the area of the crash, he felt himself running and running forever through the dark forest.

Now, supposing that the accident had been far worse and we  were killed? Suppose it had happened to you. What would be your immediate experience of the afterlife plane?

During the moments before death, most people have a sense of calmness and acceptance. They are then drawn into a tunnel of light and through into another world. However, for some, the shock of their death is so great they do not even realize they have reached that state. Would you panic at the end? Perhaps your spirit, on the order of my unfortunate passenger, would continue for a time to run pell-mell through the woods at night–sparking fear in unwary travellers hiking through the woods.

What are ghosts that get stuck?

Ghosts that get trapped between worlds are called ‘Earthbound Spirits’. In the unlikely event you “get stuck” on the earth plane, what would happen? At first, the world would seem the same as usual to you, until you notice …nobody is reacting to your presence. You speak, but no-one seems to hear a word you say. Next you yell, repeatedly, but people just carry on without noticing you. Then you shout, you hit at them, you try everything you can to get their attention–but nothing works. Even the people you really care about cannot see you. “Nobody” is watching you: It’s paranoia in reverse!

Some spirits stay around like this for a short period. Often they are in a stupefied somnambulist state, almost unaware of what has happened to them. What are ghosts doing sleeping? Occasionally they are angry at their situation they say. They try to rectify the things that went wrong. Ghosts are concerned about unfinished business, such as the division of the legacy of their estate, or are determined to face someone that had been the cause of their death.

Can a Sudden Death stop a spirit crossing over?

The shock of sudden death can create this earth-bound situation, but it is usually a very temporary state. Most new spirits soon realize what has happened and become aware of their guardian spirits and deceased loved ones. Once the new spirit recognizes the situation for what it is, it is a simple matter for the guiding spirits to draw them fully into the light of the afterlife.


According to Taoist and Buddhist teachings, it is “craving” that holds a person to the earth plane. This could perhaps manifest as the wish to seek revenge, or to perhaps hold on to material possessions.

What are Hungry Ghosts?

In China, Japan, and other eastern countries, they call these spirits “hungry ghosts” because they continually seek satisfaction from things that can never satisfy them. The craving can take many forms. Some say that this answers the question about why are ghosts here.

The spirit may crave revenge, crave to hold on to worldly fame and fortune, or simply crave to continue living in our world. For example, a spirit may have a powerful sexual urge but, being without a body, he or she is unable to satisfy such compulsions. The spirit is willing, so to speak, but the body is gone. It is like having a hunger that can never be satisfied. Such hungry ghosts haunt the area under and on the earth perpetually tormented by insatiable greed.

Hungry Ghosts: Why are ghosts here?

Hungry Ghosts - What ARE Ghosts?What are ghosts to you and me are HUNGRY ghosts to the Buddhist. Many Eastern people believe that hungry ghosts can be nourished by offerings made during religious ceremonies. For example in Singapore, during the seventh month of the lunar year, there is a celebration similar to our Halloween, and it makes trick-or-treat look lame in comparison.

During this time, ghosts return to visit their living relatives. In most cases, this is a pleasant reunion, but there are also troublemakers. These are the souls of spirits who left no descendants, or who had less than harmonious relations with an ex-wife, ex-husband, even the occasional creditor. You would not want one of these ghosts as your friend. I have to ask why are ghosts here in the first place?

Appeasing the hungry ghosts wards off bad luck and attracts good fortune. During the ceremonies, flaming dragon-shaped incense sticks are lit on the streets, and loud, exuberant music is played nightly in outdoor tents to entertain the spooky ancestors.

What is Hell Money?

Hell Money - What are GhostsOfferings are made to the spirits by burning fake money called “Hell Money”. However, if you need really good luck, it is advisable to burn something a little more adventurous, such as a new television set, a cellular phone, or pieces of expensive furniture–anything that might come in handy to the spirit in the afterlife and earn you a favor. A favorite offering is lucky “black gold,” fetching prices as high as $13,000 a nugget. I’m sure that, if you were to watch this hullabaloo from the spirit world, you would smile at the holy smoke barbecue being performed especially for you.

However, like our own Halloween, the rituals are just superstition and nonsense that hark back to the time when sacrifices were made to the gods and spirits. The occasion, however, gives the bereaved an opportunity to express socially their feelings for departed loved ones and enables them to do something about their grief. Similarly, it provides a focal point to enable the minds of those on earth and in the spirit to link for a time, and serves as an eastern way of expressing remembrance, such as a westerner putting flowers on a grave.

WHY ARE GHOSTS HERE? Trapped Spirits, Elementals and Ghosts… a not so funny story!

Throughout my many years working as a medium, I have very rarely met spirits that are trapped. Yet, hundreds of people have claimed that they are troubled by all sorts of fiendish phenomena. Most of the cases of haunting and possession that I have investigated turn out to be attention-seeking fantasies or, in some sad cases, the diseased imaginings of a latent schizophrenia.

Elemental I remember one gentleman who rang me with a very convincing story of how his house was haunted by strange elemental spirits. When I visited his home, he showed no signs of mental disturbance and behaved like any normal person. I asked him to take me to the area of the house where he felt the bad spirits were at their strongest. When he did, I felt nothing untoward in the room. “I really do not think you have anything to worry about here,” I said, hoping to put his mind at rest.

“But can’t you feel them now?” he replied in an anxious tone. “They come from under the bed, please take a look!”

I lay on the floor and looked beneath the bed. “Can’t you see them? There are armies of marching insects. Look, some are wearing uniforms!”

Lying there on the cold floor looking for uniformed insects under the bed in a strange man’s house suddenly didn’t seem like such a good idea. I made my apologies and left…just a more hastily then I normally would.

WHY ARE GHOSTS HERE? Spirit of murdered man

My many communications with the spirit world have revealed to me that even spirits who are killed, murdered, or otherwise died suddenly have arrived at the other side without any hitches. However, extreme emotional states of mind at the moment of death can cause problems. For example, I worked with the UK police on one occasion and asked if I could communicate with the spirit of a man who was murdered above his shop.

I felt his spirit come close and it explained how he was stabbed in the stomach in the front room. The killers had dragged his body through the hall and dumped his body face down in the bath. I was also described the woman who sat in the black getaway car, and told the police that another red vehicle was parked at the back of the building. At that time, these facts and many other details related to me by the spirit had not been revealed to the press. I’ve never seen a police officer shake so much particularly when I told him that he had once put the spirit communicator in jail.

Murdered Spirit

Murder GhostThe murdered man told us that for a while he was trapped between the two worlds. He had panicked t the time of the murder. Much of the time he was trapped had been spent trying to tell his mother what had happened. He had even succeeded in moving objects in his mother’s house trying to get her attention. He was absolutely furious about being murdered.

Against what he felt was his better nature, he ratted on the murderers via my mediumship and claimed that now he could move on into the next world. Much later, when the full story was revealed in the UK newspapers, the mother of the victim claimed that she felt that the spirit of her son had been trying desperately to get in touch with her. She had seen objects in her home mysteriously move by themselves.

What Tramp Souls Do When They Are Dead

Feelings of anger and revenge can temporarily bind a spirit person to the earth plane. (Shock can also cause this, but only for a very short time.) The best thing to do, if you discover yourself wandering the earth as a spirit, is to recognize that it is your own desire that is holding you. You must “cut the ties that bind” you to Earth. Let go of anger, resentment, fear, and revenge, and your spirit will quickly move toward the higher realms, where it belongs.

The process of letting go of this life is very hard for some people. Some spirits have such strong sensual attachments to the world that their only thought is to re-enter physical form and continue their sensual enjoyments. In this cause, they may try to possess the body and mind of a weak, mentally unstable individual. Such wandering spirits are what mediums call tramp souls. These are the source for what people believe as evil spirits.

What are Tramp Souls and Evil Spirits?

Lost Ghostly SpiritOrdinarily, tramp souls are confined to their own sphere, just as we are limited to our material world. They exist on gloomy lower worlds and spend their days trying to rejoin the earth plane. Our world, which we see as full of color and light, looks hollow and dull to the tramp soul; nonetheless, they cling to our world of shades.

Some tramp souls are filled with worry about the duties and tasks that remain unfulfilled from their time spent on earth. A few rare cases also attach themselves to those loved ones left, brooding over them and impotently striving to communicate with them.

Tramp souls who have done a great deal of wrong while on earth may spend time wandering the earth plane haunting scenes of their earthly transgressions. They may feel remorse, and may try to make vain endeavours to undo or atone for their misdeeds. Usually these souls are not fully conscious of their predicament, acting somewhat like a somnambulist–not fully aware of our world or the next.

How to protect yourself from Evil Spirits

It is very hard for earthbound astral beings or evil spirits to penetrate the earth plane and to harm us. Imagine what it would be like if they could. Most people would be living in abject terror all of the time. God has given us enough problems on this plane without adding the interference of evil spirits. What are ghosts doing on earth anyway? There so much more in this universe for them.

What tramp souls do when they are dead is wander around the earth plane and the lower planes in a state of perplexed semi-consciousness. They are unaware of the passage of time. Sometimes they may try to return to the world by revisiting the place where they died. When you pass into the spirit world it is likely that you will by bypass this realm entirely and be completely unaware of it.

Good Vibrations

But don’t lose sleep worrying about tramp souls, or whether someone has died in the room where you are reading this book. Your good vibrations protect you. They shine out from you like a cleansing light to safeguard you and your environment. The forces of darkness cannot penetrate the light. In particular, God is the highest spirit of all and acts as invincible protection. Tramp souls cannot stand the high vibrations of spiritual thought. If you ever have worries about evil spirits, just set your thoughts, without fear, on God.

Similarly, if we wish to help these souls we can project thoughts of light and love. These thoughts become positive energies that help souls to rise to their proper plane of astral existence. When mediums or “rescue circles” help these souls, we send strong reassuring thoughts to encourage the lost spirit to progress into the higher sphere. Even when their soul grieves and weeps, we still insist the soul awaken and do its duty by going on to the spirit abode. Eventually, the soul making this resolve let’s go its grip upon this world. It will see a loving spirit, such as its mother or a guardian angel, come to release it from its self-imposed bondage. Once it sees the light of the spirit, the soul will soar to the heavenly realms.

Collective negative thought has the opposite effect. It can attract spirits from the lower planes and allow all sorts of mischief to occur. It may also attract spirits from the lower realm of the astral, “below” even the realm of the tramp souls.

Would you like to talk to a real medium about spirits?

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Video about What Are Ghosts and Spirits?


‘What to Do When You are Dead’ explores what happens after death and describes the world we will find there. It answers in-depth the questions ‘What are ghosts? and ‘Why are Ghosts here?”  It is a powerful book that draws on near death experiences, spiritual traditions as well as the mediums direct experiences.

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