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2020 Predictions
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These are some of the world psychic predictions made for 2020 in 2019.

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Coronavirus Predictions for 2020

In 2017 I predicted that the world would in the near future see a virus that would sweep the world. The virus predictions were made on this site and on YouTube. They have also been screened on the American TV show The Unexplained with William Shatner.

Headline News

Having already correctly predicted the presidency of Donald Trump and the terrorist attacks on Nice, these predictions made headline news in many papers including some of the broadsheets. In the video below you can see some of the main headlines.   

Coronavirus Press and Video Predictions

Coronavirus Naadi Predictions

In India, there is an ancient system of prophecy called the Naadi. These predictions are written on dried palm leaves and have been copied and recopied over thousands of years.

There are many fake Naadi readers, and only one in 10,000 is the real deal. After years of research and discussions with experts in ancient Tamil, I was able to find the actual oracle, which has revealed astonishing secrets about the future of the world. The leaves I was able to access were carbon dated as older than 400 years.

My Top Predictions for 2020:

  • War in the Middle East 5/10 Almost. The Middle East stood on the brink of war after the assassination of General Soleimani
  • Trump Reelected 0/10 Wrong. Although many feel he did win but was cheated
  • Boris Marries Carrie Symonds (10/10 Correct engagement announced in Feb)
  • Meghan Markle Emigration 10/10 Correct (see Royal Family 2020 predictions video) and Pregnancy
  • Revolution in China 6/10 Correct Riots in Hong Kong but the prediction anticipated a mainland revolution
  • European Economic Crisis 6/10 Correct. The world has an economic crisis
  • For Corona Virus 10/10 Correct see this YouTube prediction. (See also my predictions for 2020 video you made back in December 2019. 2020 World Predictions Q&A2020 Far East Predictions and Other –  2020 USA and More.

2020 World Psychic Predictions

War in the Middle East

(I see this unfolding over 2020 and 2021)

  • Riots in Iran. Ali Khamenei retaliates.
  • Saudi Arabia sells more Aramco stocks on the Stock Exchange.
  • Saudi Arabia make huge Arms Deal with the USA and Europe
  • A war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
  • American Aircraft Carrier struck by a missile.
  • Putin and Trump enforce a temporary peace deal.

Donald Trump

(Happening in 2020. Most of these predictions have been made in earlier my YouTube videos with additional details.)
  • Trump will not be removed from office. (10/10 CORRECTimpeachment proceedings failed)
  • One of his closest allies betrays him – Rudy Giuliani perhaps? (CORRECT 8/10 former national security adviser John Bolton has betrayed Trump. However, it is NOT Rudy Giuliani. See CNN Trump slams Bolton
  • Impeachment will empower Trump. He claims a deep-state Coup d’état (10/10 CORRECT The failed attempt to remove Trump from office has given him momentum and greater power. )
  • Joe Biden will be discredited by a scandal. (10/10 CORRECTJoe Biden discredited by a sex scandal 14 April 2020) 
  • Elizabeth Warren will be the Democrat Presidential Contender (0/10 WRONG? – though I still have a feeling that something untoward is going to happen with Joe Biden) Now look at this headline in the News 3 May 2020: “Flashback: UK Psychic Predicted in January that Biden “Would Be Discredited by a Scandal” and Elizabeth Warren Will Lose to President Trump
  • Donald Trump will be reelected taking unexpected states such as Florida. 0/10 Wrong
  • The trade war with China will escalate as riots sweep China. 8/10 Correct. Riots were in Hong Kong though

(Happening in Donald Trump’s second term)

  • Donald Trump will be injured in an assassination attempt. 4/10 Wrong. There were a few aborted attempts but nothing newsworthy.
  • Illness will temporarily interrupt his work. 10/10 Correct. Trump had Coronavirus
  • Continued hurricanes, fires, and an earthquake in the US will threaten his presidency. 10/10 Correct. The California fires and him blaming the fire services were politically toxic.
  • Trump will appease environmentalists by participating in a plan to establish marine parks and new protected forests in Africa and South America. (10/10 Correct – See: ‘Trump says U.S. will join the 1 trillion trees initiative’.  However, I do anticipate that he will take this much further. )

Boris Johnson

  • Boris Marries Carrie Symonds. An announcement made in the New Year. (CORRECT 10/1029th Feb Engagement and pregnancy announced)
  • Johnson’s biggest political problems in 2020 will be Scotland. (0/10 wrong. Nothing compares with the coronavirus outbreak)
  • He will not offer a Scottish Independence referendum. 10/10 Correct. Calls have been refused.
  • New scandals will arise surrounding Alex Salmond.  (CORRECT 7/10 A new scandal very similar to the Alex Salmon scandal has happened. See: Guardian: Derek Mackay suspended for sending messages to a teenager )
  • The SNP will start to lose power and Labour will regain influence in Scotland.) 0/10 Wrong. The coronavirus crisis has improved the SNP’s popularity.
  • His deal with Trump will trigger a new era of prosperity for the British economy. (I predicted this already some years ago).
  • New trade deals announced with India, Taiwan, Japan and – after a gaff over MI5 – Russia. 10/10 Correct. Many new Trade deals with these countries have been announced.
  • Brexit will be done but it will be a hard(ish) He will try for a Canada style arrangement but Europe will not give ground. Last-minute agreements will be made for some trading – such as medicines – but many products will be on WTO terms. 10/10 Correct. It has been a hard Brexit with last-minute agreements.
  • Johnson will announce new public support for a British Electronic Car Industry and a New Joint Space project with NASA. (10/10 Correct. The government gives £73.5 million boosts to the electronic car industry. See Government Press Release)

World Finances

(Note I am not trained in economics. Get advice from a qualified person when making investments.)

  • Despite turbulent problems in China, the Middle East, and North Korea the world economy will be moderately strong in 2020. (Wrong. 0/10)
  • There will be oil shortages. Oil prices will go up. (10/10 CORRECT Coronavirus Pandemic uncertainty saw oil prices initially soar. But they collapsed later too! 0/10 WRONG! ) American Oil companies will be strong. Aramco will sell more stock. These will be strong. (10/10 Correct – oil Stocks have performed reasonably well despite the global financial problems.)
  • Property and land prices in America will increase in value. Canadian property prices will improve. British property prices will increase sharply after Brexit. Property prices in the Mediterranean resorts will decrease in value – Costa Del Sol, Greece, etc.
  • US Medical and Pharmaceutical stock will increase in value. (10/10 CORRECT. The Coronavirus has seen medical stock increase.)
  • I have never felt right about Bitcoin. I see it is a bubble that will burst in the years to come. 0/10 Wrong. Bitcoin has boomed
  • Some American Cannabis product companies will fail in 2020.
  • The Australian economy in 2020 will decline. Australian stocks decline with some large companies struggling or going bust. (10/10 Correct) The Australian economy will bounce back in 2021/2 when the unrest in China settles.
  • Europe will face a banking crisis in 2020 and beyond. Brexit and a trade war with the USA will see many rescue packages to save the Euro. (See my other prediction about the future break-up of Europe)
  • Euro in freefall. 0/10 Wrong.
  • There will be moves to break up Google/Alphabet separating search from advertising. (Happening. Trump made moves to limit the powers of Google, Twitter and Facebook.)

Revolution in Hong Kong and China

(See my China predictions and YouTube videos for more details)

North Korea

  • Kim Jong-un will fire a missile into the sea with a live warhead. (10/10 Correct North Korea blew up the South Korea Border Liason Office)
  • An emergency summit will follow. (0/10 Wrong No Emergency Summit has happened test regarding North Korea)
  • Eventually – not in 2020 – Kim Jong-un will be deposed by his own people. (Predicted some time ago) 0/10 Wrong. Could still happen though.
  • He will flee to China.

Royal Predictions (See Royal Predictions YouTube

(Predictions made on 25 Oct 2019)

  • Harry and Meghan Markle Emigration 10/10 Correct (see Royal Family 2020 predictions video) and Pregnancy
  • Megan will have another baby 8/10 Correct. She was pregnant but lost the baby.
  • Princess Beatrice will announce her engagement and marry in May. (10/10 Correct  She will marry on 29th May 2020)

Other News

  • Chaos in the British Labour – Jeremy Corbyn tries to hold on to power until a far-left candidate becomes leader. (0/10 Wrong. Stammer took over without much problem)
  • After some temporary leaders and a period of strife, Yvette Cooper becomes the leader of the Labour Party. (0/10 Wrong)
  • The problems between India and Pakistan will increase in 2020. I don’t feel we will get military conflict yet. 10/10 Correct.
  • A member of the British royal family will die. (Predicted 25th Oct 2019)
  • Meghan Markle will have a baby. 8/10 Correct. But she lost it.
  • Harry and Meghan will move to Canada (see my Youtube Royal Predictions video of 25th Oct 2019)  10/10 CORRECT
  • Prince Andrew will not be held legally responsible for his alleged crimes. 10/10 Correct. He has still not been brought to account.
  • Prince Charles will be hit by an egg. (See the Royal Predictions YouTube Prediction made 25th October 2019) 0/10 Wrong
  • 2020 will see many earthquakes. In particular, Japan and India will see major quakes that may cause disruption to the Summer Olympics. The USA will also experience earthquakes. Serious volcanic activity on a small island. (I cannot identify where). Urgent evacuation. 10/10 CORRECT  Taal Volcano Happened 20th Jan 2020 See Wikipedia article) Also the  Whakaari/White Island eruption in NewZealand.
  • Miami badly damaged by a hurricane. 7/10 Correct. There were 7 major hurricanes in 2020 in Miami but none made international news.
  • Grand National at Aintree sees a group of horses and riders injured. (0/10 Wrong)
  • Voyager 2 gives a mysterious last message that some interpret as alien contact. There will also be some strange news about the planet Jupiter. 10/10 Correct There were some strange signals that people were interpreting as Aliens.
  • Riots in Bolivia. Moves in Brazil to oust Bolsonaro. The threat of sanctions to Brazil as new deforestation plans revealed. 10/10 Correct. There were major riots in Bolivia over the elections. The country came to a standstill. See Guardian.
  • Big international push to give development aid to stop deforestation. Aid package announced to Africa. 10/10 Correct
  • I got it wrong last year about the election of Justin Trudeau. I feel he may fall from power in 2020. 0/10 Wrong Again!
  • Large group suffocated by a deadly smog in China. (Was this the coronavirus?)
  • The BBC will be told to become more self-sufficient by 2030 with a gradual withdraw of funds for entertainment programming. They will open a download service. The government will only fund news, limited radio, and some documentary programs. 0/10 Wrong
  • A deadly virus kills thousands of birds. (10/10 CORRECT – Huge flocks of birds have been found dead in Hauraki Plains and also Firth of Thames.
  • Despite many troubles in the world, there is an underground growth in spirituality and compassionate thinking. (10/10 CORRECT The coronavirus has brought people together. Clap for the NHS and so on. This is just the start)

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For the most recent YouTube videos and predictions please see the main Psychic Predictions page here.

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