Yoga For Mediums – Mediumship and Psychic Powers

Yoga for Mediums

In this section, you will read the notes from my journeys around Northern India. These stories became part of my best selling book Messages from the Universe. Follow the links below to read the fascinating story of traveling to holy places and meeting holy men. 

Psychic mediums’ experiences of India including Amma, Maharaj-ji Neem Karoli Baba, Richard Alpert’s LSD guru experiences from Rishikesh India.
Rishikesh Yoga Experiences including Swami Sivananda Saraswati, Mataji Vanamali, Beatles guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Shiva Caves.
Psychic Medium experiences of Varanasi and Delhi connecting with the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, Ananda Mayee Ma, and the Buddha. Spiritual Experiences in India.
My Spiritual Experiences of Calcutta by a psychic medium and Spiritualist. Includes spirit of Paramahansa Yogananda, Ramakrishna, and Hare Krishna. Psychic Experiences of India.

Why Mediums should do Sadhana

Spiritual SearchI practiced yoga and meditation for most of my life and I believe that these techniques are helpful to anyone who is developing mediumship. You can become a medium without practicing yoga and meditation but I believe the quality of the mediumship suffers. I have found that yoga and the kriya breathing and spinal light methods help my energy before and after mediumship.

Mediums that have no knowledge of these restorative techniques I believe are in danger of ill health. For example, many mediums claim that diabetes can be a consequence of becoming a medium.

Similarly, the inner practices of yoga help to put the psychic powers in perspective. Yoga considers these ‘siddhis powers’ as distractions from the path to enlightenment and can for some people become traps. But perhaps most importantly yoga and the inner methods of meditation are designed to help a person transcend their daily consciousness and loosen the grip of the ego.

What is Yoga?


The earthy ego is easy to spot but the spiritual ego is much more subtle. May mediums, psychics and teachers I have seen are tightly in the grip of a spiritual ego which stops their own spiritual progress, pollutes their mediumship or psychic readings and can do subtle harm to others. Yoga and meditation can help to root out some of this. (It can also make the ego worse if the inner practice is not done with love and humility.)

For me, yoga has been life transforming.  Below you can read a short essay for the magazine and also a much longer series of articles about my visits to India.  Although it is a continuous story I have broken it down into various key places and Gurus of interest. Much of this is about my inner impressions of India as I went in search of yoga teachings. You can also read my story of how Jane and I went to see Sathya Sai Baba and I’ll add some more articles about how Yoga and Eastern Philosophy can aid Spiritualists.

Mediumship and Reincarnation Beliefs

Yoga and psychics

I’ve believed in reincarnation since I was a boy, and have always had a sense of being here before. The way I see it, I believe that we spend some time in the spirit world and then come back to this one again.

I also think we are born as a group, together with the people we loved from our former lives – and also our enemies, if there are unresolved issues we need to work out.

Under hypnotic regression, I have whisked away to a previous life in Tibet, where apparently I lived as a monk. But I can’t prove this, so I prefer to give people proof of the continuation of life with information that can be understood immediately or checked later with a relative.


I was working as an advertising executive when I first met Doris in 1982. It was then that I went to her for a reading, and she told me I would turn my back on the industry to become a medium. I knew I had a psychic medium gift because I’d been seeing auras around people since I was a child and had seen spirits often, but I wasn’t interested in developing my abilities professionally. After all, I was making a lot of money in advertising.

But Doris was right. In 1992 I gave up my business to follow my true calling and became a full-time medium, demonstrating at spiritualist churches and psychic fairs as well as giving private consultations.

Doris also predicted my second marriage. I was separated from my first wife when I had the reading, and Doris said I’d meet a woman named Jane who would become my second wife. Eight years later, I met Jane at a spiritualist church where I was doing a demonstration.


Jane and I have been married for 30 years, and our shared interest in spiritual things makes for a happy marriage. One of our first dates was to go and hear the Dalai Lama talk.

Before we got together, Jane and I both had partners who were more materially minded. I think we’re very lucky to have met, and one of the shared roles in our marriage is helping each other in developing spiritually. The sum of us is greater than the parts.


I first became interested in yoga when I was 14, then ten years ago I decided to train to become a yoga teacher. Yoga is great for your physical health, and it helps me recover the energies that I expend through my mediumship. It also quiets my mind so that subtle impressions projected by spirit people are picked up more easily, which really helps with the accuracy of my readings.

Yoga, Mediumship and Psychic Powers

Yoga has had a great influence on my personal development and work as a Spiritualist Medium. In recent years I have become more deeply involved and I feel that other mediums and psychics can benefit from what yoga, Tantra and meditation have taught me.

The Yoga teachings tell us that to take up yoga in order to develop Yoga Powers (Siddhis) for their own sake is a mistake. The goal of yoga is the union of the individual Atma (soul) with Paramatma, the universal soul. You could say it is a merging with God. Yoga Psychic Powers developed for their own sake can detract the yogi from this goal and for some people can become a dangerous ego trip. (as we sadly sometimes see within Spiritualism and Psychic Circles too!!!)

Siddhi Powers

Other teachers say that each siddhi should be developed because it will allow one to understand the power of the Godhead. The Yoga Sutras recognize that yoga is just one of several methods for the development of these powers. In the first sutra in book IV it says: “Perfections proceed from birth or from drugs or from spells or from self-castigation or from concentration” (Woods 1914/1972).

Yoga Powers may develop spontaneously in people who practice with dedication. Clearly, they are not the goal of yoga but psychics and mediums may be able to benefit from the teachings in order to purify their gift and understand their place in the bigger spiritual picture.


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  • Gary Feb 15, 2019, 6:06 pm

    Craig. Do you know anyone in England or India that can teach you to get in touch with your own loved ones? I would have to take the training by phone and email.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Feb 28, 2019, 2:10 pm

      I am not running online courses at the moment. We do some general reaching during our Facebook Live events. Follow us on Facebook for updates to both.

  • Marie Jeannette Maillet Jun 19, 2017, 12:26 pm

    In 2016 I was practicing meditation and on how to protect oneself and I seen two images of portrait: My deceased neighbor and his father, I was surprised but happy in the same time that I was able to do this in a few months. I was just wondering if this manifestation of these portrait are from the fifth dimension. I also feel that I was and Egyptian or Greece baby in my passed life and something to do with eagles in my past life. I was just practicing meditation, how do I continue. I dreamed that we were all in old clothes and that the means of driving around with our vehicle was just like the cartoon, Jetsons. I also dreamed that when I was fifteen my mother would get married in a later age, and it would of come true but she changed her mind at the last minute. I just sit here wondering if I could develop this gift easily or is this meditation dangerous to attract demons.

  • divyasingla Nov 9, 2015, 4:33 am

    Is it true that there are siddhis that can make you manipulate time? It means you can travel back in time, go into parallel universes, seeing the future and things like that.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Nov 9, 2015, 11:42 am

      There are many types of Siddhis that will appear naturally in a person when they reach a certain level of spiritual growth. All of the above are included but the advice for most is not to seek them for their own sake. I am writing a companion book to my book Messages from the Universe that will explain this in great detail.

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