Psychic Party Plans

Craig Hamilton-Parker (Parameswaran)

Spiritual Consultant and Medium.

Group Bookings: Psychic Party Plan

Personal readings in your home for groups of five people.

Craig Hamilton-Parker Psychic MediumIf you live in or near Eastleigh, Southampton or Winchester UK I will visit your home to give readings to you and your friends and family. Everyone receives a one-to-one private psychic or medium reading.

It is easy to arrange your psychic party plan. All you have to do as the host is invite your guests to your psychic party. I require a minimum of five participants who are given their readings in a separate room, such as the kitchen or a dining room.

Your guests can then chat and discuss their readings together in the main room. I ask that your guests do not drink alcohol before their reading as this blocks the flow of the psychic energy.

The one-to-one readings last for half each and cost £50 per person. The total for the evening visit is £250.

Your guests can choose either a Life Guidance Reading or a Mediumistic Reading. I do not mix the two.


This reading looks into your past, present and future. I start with palmistry to give the sitter an overview of their life and destiny. I follow this with a tarot card reading and in-depth clairvoyance. You will be able to ask questions and I will address specific areas of life such as romance, career, family issues and so on. It is the perfect reading for anyone wanting to know the path ahead and the best direction to take.


Mediumship is a communication with the spirit world to give verifiable proofs of life after death. It is comforting, safe and uplifting. I usually ask the sitter for something of theirs to hold such as a ring or watch. I then will do a little psychometry to connect with their vibration. Next, I will connect with the people they know in the spirit world. I will clearly establish who is communicating and give verifiable evidence to prove that there is life after death. I will conclude with some comforting messages given by the spirit communicator.


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