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Tarot Readings by Phone: Know Your Destiny

Tarot Reading

How Tarot Readings by Phone work.

GuaranteeA tarot reader will use the cards to discover potential outcomes and evaluate hidden influences surrounding a person. Tarot Readings by Phone give you insights into your present life and future. Tarot Readings by Phone can give you insights into the past, present and future possibilities.

It is one our most popular methods for fortune telling and the way to find out what awaits us in the future. The tarot itself is a tool of prophecy and when used together with psychic gifts will give clear insight into the best paths ahead. The Tarot Readers will use the cards to highlight important events in your life and in the future. They will use their clairvoyance to gain deeper insight into the meanings and look beyond the face values of the cards when giving tarot readings by phone to the deeper and personal fortunes shown in the cards.

A superb tarot reader will help you to know your destiny and point the way to a better future.

About Telephone Tarot Readings

Tarot readings by phone are a form of psychic reading where the reader uses a set of ancient cards called the tarot. Legends say that the tarot cards date back to the time of the ancient Egyptians but most of the cards used today originate in the 18th century and were used for divination in the form of tarotology and cartomancy. The imagery in the cards draws from ancient symbols found in astrology and kabbalah and according to psychologist reference the archetypal symbolism of the unconscious mind.

Most packs of cards consist of 78 cards divided into two types of cards. The most powerful cards are the 22 trump cards called the Major Arcana. The remaining cards are subdivided into four suits called the Minor Arcana - pictured by Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. It is hard to read the cards for yourself and there are many frauds and beginners out there pretending to know how to use the cards so it's important to find a professional.

Reading The Cards Remotely

Online Tarot Readings by Phone are similar to a real life reading except the reader shuffles the cards on your behalf. As this is being done you will be asked to concentrate on tour question while he shuffles the cards. The reader will lay out the cards in a special order depending what type of question you have asked.

Tarot Card Spreads

There many different types of tarot card decks available and many different spreads used by readers. The Celtic Cross is a popular format that will give a good general overview of your situation and future  though other layouts can include the Astrological Spread, the triangle spread, the horseshoe spread, the relationship spread and even the great wheel spread that looks at the years ahead one month at a time. The outcome will me the same but the different spreads enable the telephone reader to assess specific questions about your life and future.

The reader may chose a card called the significator to represent the question asked or a person you have asked. A significator cards may also represent the questioner. Surrounding this card, other cards are revealed to show the influences and outcomes.

Live Tarot and Love Insights

Love Tarot readings are a popular service that we offer. Again using their psychic skills in combination with the revelations in the cards the reader can give a detailed insight into your romantic life. The cards will reveal information through the cup cards and cards such as the lovers card and so on but a great deal of information also gained through the readers own intuitive and psychic insights. This is a powerful way to get a tarot reading by phone that gives an understanding of the hidden forces happening in your love life. The reader will also consider the past life and karmic factors that are influencing present events and the possible outcomes that may occur.

Asking Questions

It is best to have a question in mind to ask the cards. The cards are best used as guidance rather than as decision-making tools. The cards will help you to find the best path based upon common sense and your own free will. It is important therefore to carefully frame your question as the answer you will get is influenced by the question asked.

Be Open Minded

If you have already made up your mind about what you expect to hear before the cards are dealt, then you may block the flow of a reading. If for example you have worried about whether a boyfriend come back come back to you then it would be best to look to the reading as a way to gain insights rather than look for yes and no answers. In the end destiny is in your own hands and is determined by how you act and what you do.

Keep Focused

The questions you ask need to be focused and clear but not restrictive. It is better to ask for wisdom about the best way to deal with a situation than to ask what will happen. Tarot readings by phone should empower you to change the future in your favor. There may be hidden factors that are influencing the course of events that the tarot will make you aware. It will know your weaknesses and strengths and reveal secrets. Stay focused but also let the cards speak.  

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If you are unsure if a tarot reading by telephone is the best option then please do ask our telephone customer care agent when you call. As well as being friendly, they are also knowledgably and understand what reader would be best to answer your questions. Please do not be afraid to ask. We like to help and consider ourselves to be a psychic family that is always willing to support, guide and help. Back to Psychic Readings Homepage




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