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Past Life Test

Who do you think you were?

Take our Past Life Test to discover who you were in a past life. Perhaps you were a king and queen in a past life- or maybe you were the village idiot! The past life test will discover exactly who you are.

Past Life Test - Lives

To find out who you were in a past life you need to ask yourself some basic questions that could reveal the answers. To take this test you will need to be really honest with yourself and search your memories for insightful feelings about your behaviours and traits.  If you start out with a preconception about who you were in a past life you will simply deceive yourself when asking yourself these question. It is important with this test to let your intuition come into play. The hope here is that you will recover lost memories about things you have consciously forgotten but know deep down in your bones.

I am now going to ask you a series of questions. Take your time thinking about the answers before clicking the links and then seeing what the things you recall say about you. I have posted the answers at the bottom of the page and after my article here about why we reincarnate and how we may meet lovers from a past life. This is to stop you unconsciously cheating by seeing what the answers are.

Now Take the Test

Take the test and then scroll back up to read this article and other on this site about this topic.

Okay are you ready? Answer the following questions and write yourself some notes on a piece of paper. Next click the link to see what your replies say about you.

When you have made notes about the above, click the links to discover who you were in a past life.

Do We Reincarnate?

You have read a number of stories in my books that suggest that reincarnation is a fact and yet have also read of cases that suggest that there is an afterlife. Although these two ideas may seen diametrically opposed I believe that both beliefs can be brought together as one.

The Hindus believe that everyone has an eternal soul called the Jiva. It has never been born and can exist forever- a concept similar to the Spiritualist fourth principle that says: 'The continuous existence of the human soul'. The Jiva's nature is innately pure but by evil deeds it has become clothed in ignorance.

After death the Jiva leaves the material body and goes to the solar regions of which there are spheres upon spheres. (This corresponds with the 'many mansions' of Christianity, the spheres of the afterlife as described by Spiritualists or the Bardos of the Tibetan Buddhists)

Reincarnation and Brahmaloka

The earth is the world sphere in which there are moons, suns and stars but beyond this is the Lunar sphere and beyond this is the sphere of lightning. In this high realm the Jiva is taken to the highest heaven called the Brahmaloka where it can live for eternity and never be born or die again. Only the perfected souls who have given up all desires can live in this exalted state. This differs somewhat from the Spiritualist precept that there is 'Eternal progress open to every human soul' which suggests that there is no final goal to existence.

The less high souls may enter the lunar sphere as an angelic being where it may enjoy a prolonged period of happiness but this last only for as long as the effect of its good deeds endures. Once this good karma is exhausted it descends again into the earth sphere and takes a new human birth. The person in the spirit world dies and is reborn in human form. Also, in these realms there is a hierarchy of beings which corresponds with the third spiritualist principle of there being a 'Ministry of Angels'. Furthermore the fact that our sojourn in the spirit world is dictated by our karma agrees with the Spiritualist belief that we must take 'personal responsibility' for our destiny.

Reincarnation and Karma

In short, I believe that our stay in the Afterlife worlds is only temporary. Whilst in these ethereal worlds we do not accumulate either good or bad karma. However our period in the afterlife is fuelled by the karma accumulated on earth prior to our death.  When the soul's good Karma is worked out, then the remaining Karma begins to take effect, and the soul comes down to earth to become a human again. If the person continues to do spiritual work and purifies himself then they may finally go to Brahmaloka and need come back no more.

The Past Life Test Answers


As children our memories of our past life are most clear. Some children remember their other family and other Mum and Dad. This seems to be the case particularly with children who died suddenly in a previous incarnation. They may carry forward their memories and retain them in this life.

The games you played as a child reveal some of your old habits and interests. So for example if you loved games about war and battles this could indicate that you were a soldier or fought in a past life. A girl who loves dolls houses may have enjoyed married life or having children.

Playing doctors or nurses may show you were a healer, an interest in horses and pets may show you worked with animals and of course painting, writing and so on could reveal talents you once had.

Boyish girls and girlish boys may have been a different sex in a former incarnation.

What do your notes reveal? Could any of the games you played be clues to who you once were? Back to Questions


If you are drawn to a particular occupation this may be a carry-over from your past spiritual CV.  You may do exactly the same job as in the past but perhaps in this life you get a chance to enjoy opportunities that were not available in your past life.

Nobody worked on computers in the past but maybe the nature of the job reflects your past inclination. For example some people prefer routine tasks, some love to dive into computer code and fix things whereas other may be creative.  The job you do may not necessarily be a duplicate of something from the past but it may have the same qualities.

Think about the jobs you have done throughout your life.  The one with the most feeling of satisfaction or found most easy probably mirror the skills you had in your previous incarnation. Back to Questions


Self evident really: If a particular period in history interests you then it is most likely that you have some past life connection with this era.

Be careful not to allow wishful fantasy overtake you. We would all love to have been someone great, talented or famous but how many would want to be the village idiot or a villain. Hypnotherapists have noticed that many people who are regressed claim to have died on the guillotine or have been part of the French court. A huge number claim to have been Marie Antoinette. Don’t let your romantic fantasy or egotistical expectations overtake your real intuitive insights. Back to Questions


If you have had a sense of being somewhere before, it could be a trigger from a past life. Sometimes people experience déjà vu when they are tired and the brain has trouble quickly processing short term memory but there may also be occasions when real past life memories are revealed from a déjà vu flash. Back to Questions


The clothes you wear may reflect your dress from your past life. Practical clothes may hint that your were a working person, cheap and cheerful may show you had little money in the past and a love of combats or uniforms may show your fought in the services.  A love of extravagance and the latest fashions may show an artistic or aristocratic past life.   Back to Questions


The countries you are drawn to may hold clues to your previous race. Similarly a hatred towards certain cultures and races may indicate that you either were in conflicts with other people or had a past life there that you hated.

Any extreme reactions to peoples or places can reveal a lot about who you were. If you were white and prejudiced in a former life you may be born into a poor African family in this life. Often the tables are reversed and we are born into lives that we need to learn more about so we can discover more about ourselves and lean qualities such as tolerance and humanitarianism. Often highly spiritual people may be born into a materialistic society so that the spiritual knowledge they gained can be actualised into the real world of ordinary life. Back to Questions


The talents you have now reflect the talents you once had in a former life. For most people there is a natural progression from one skill to another. However people who believe in reincarnation also claim that in some lives we have to have a reversal of what we once knew. A Beethoven for example may not incarnate again as a composer but have other skills to learn this time around. When looking for clues to your past life look for those things that strongly attract or repel you and you will have clues to what went before. Back to Questions


Many cased of past life recall under hypnosis have connected ailments with past life trauma. When the memories are relived in trance sometimes the ailments disappear. For example a person who may have been burnt at the stake in a former live may carry a skin rash or eczema in this life. When the memory and the trauma are recalled and accepted the rash has disappeared. Back to Questions


Fears and phobias are the bad memories we carry with us from a past life. Of course many of there may be caused by horrible things that have happened to you in this life but irrational fears with no identifiable cause could be something lingering in your past life memory. Back to Questions


Dreams are a rich source of information about past lives. Dreams of past lives will appear as if out of nowhere with no triggers from watching TV or reading about past lives. Sometimes people have recalled things that they could not have possibly have known without a study of history far beyond their present day leaning. Back to Questions