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Prediction Test

Can you predict the future?

Can you predict the future? Is it possible to predict the future? Take our Online Prediction Test Psychic to see into the future. Test for seership and prophesy. Predictions - Premonitions Prediction Test - Tomorrow Quiz - Precognition


Answer this simple questionnaire to find out if you have ESP abilities and potential psychic personality traits

Q1: Have you ever:
A Had the eyrie feeling that you've witnessed some new situation or episode on a previous occasion?
B Known what somebody's going to say next
C Never felt you've lived through a situation before or anticipated an event.

Q2: When the phone rings do you:
A: Sometimes know exactly who's unexpectedly calling?
B: Guess wrong but the next person to call is the one you were originally thinking about?
C: Never think about who it may be

Q3: When lost while driving in a strange town have you ever:
A: Depended entirely on your logic to find your way?
B. Recalled a dream of the location?
C: Follow your instincts and drive straight to the address?

Q4: Are you a person who:
A: Is the life and soul of the party?
B: Likes to express themselves but not excessively?
C: Prefers to keep their counsel?

Q5: When things go wrong do you:
A: Become withdrawn or depressed?
B: Remain anxious but hopeful.
C. Brush off your troubles and maintain a high optimism.

Q6: Are you:
A: Logical and systematic in your thinking?
B: Have good innovative ideas?
C: Extremely creative and artistic?

Q7: When you sleep do you:
A: Dream in colour?
B: Never dream?
C: Occasionally dream of events that happen in reality?

Q8: Do you:
A: Keep an open mind about the existence of ESP?
B. Accept it as completely true?
C. Believe it's all a load of rubbish?

Q9: When you look a cumulus clouds do you:
A: See the shapes of faces
B: See a multitude of changing pictures
C: See clouds.


Add up your quiz score and see how psychic you really are:
A 1 point, B 2 points, C 3 points

Q1: A 3 points, B 2 points, C 1 point

Psychologists say that a sense of being here before (Deja vu) may be caused by a mix up in the short and long term memory or temporal lobe lesions. In some pathological cases deja vu may be prolonged or continuous. However many psychologically healthy people also experience this odd sensation and sometimes are able to anticipate correctly what will happen next. The parapsychologist J W Dunne believed that deja vu happens because we half remember seeing the future in our dreams.

Q2: A 2 points, B 3 points, C 1 point

If you know who's at the end of the phone as it rings you may have the power of telepathy (mind to mind communication). But if you anticipate who will ring next then you have the powers of precognition (seeing the future).

Q3: A 1 point, B 3 points, C 2 points

The clairvoyant ability to psychically perceive distant locations was dubbed 'remote viewing' by the CIA who employed psychics to spy on Soviet installations during the Cold War. However if you dreamed of the location in advance then you may have seen the future.

Q4: A 3 points, B 2 points, C 1 point.

Psychic researcher Betty Humphrey from Duke University, USA discovered that extrovert personalities displayed better ESP and precognitive abilities than introverts.

Q5: A 1 point, B 2 points, C 3 points

In 1977 researcher John Palmer examined every single published experiment on neuroticism and ESP. He demonstrated that highly neurotic people were poor ESP subjects and optimists scored better results. If you're an optimist you're more likely to see the future.

Q6: A 1 point, B 2 points, C 3 points

Imaginative, creative people, and particularly artists, score better in ESP and precognition tests than systematic thinkers.

Q7: A: 2 points, B: 1 point, C: 3 points

People who have intense or lucid dreams often experience precognition. The parapsychology theorist John William Dunne proposes that during sleep we enter a parallel time plane and can witness events of a prophetic nature.

Q8: A: 2 points, B: 3 points, C: 1 point.

People who believe in ESP often score better in tests than skeptics. However, some skeptics have ESP abilities whether they like it or not and score significantly below chance in card tests. If no ESP were involved they would have only achieve a chance score.

Q9: A: 2 points, B 3 points, C: 1 point

Psychic people can often visually project images into random shapes. The great prophets such as Nostradamus would look into water or smoke markings to see the world's future in the shapes and patterns formed. The fortune telling systems of sand reading and tea leaf reading also employ this technique.


9 to 14 points- You've a long way to go. For you the future's a closed book.

15 to 20 points- Not bad. Even if you don't see the future you're probably very telepathic..

21 to 27 points- You have amazing prophetic powers- but you knew that I'd say that.