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Telepathy Test:

Can you beat the audience?

In this video watch Craig Hamilton-Parker put telepathy to the test. You will see Craig demonstrate telepathy on live television and prove that telepathic powers are real. So watch the clip and see if you can guess what the audience are watching. If you guess correctly you may have powers of ESP. If after reading this page you feel you also have the power of telepathy then try out our psychic IQ test.

Now try our Just-For-Fun Test!

Simple ESP experiments to test telepathy and see how psychic you are. Telepathy is the transfer of thoughts, feelings, or images directly from the mind of one person to another without using physical means. Use TELEPATHY for mind-to-mind communication of thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations, and mental images.

Can you work out how it's done? Or can we really read your mind!!!

psychic eyes
I will read your mind ! 

Okay so it's a bit of fun... However below is a real test for telepathy you can try with your friends:

Telepathy Test Game to Try with Friends

Ask a friend to sit in another room with a pack of playing cards. Ask them to turn the cards over one at a time and strike a bell as they do so. They must attempt to mentally project the suit of the card to you whilst you try to receive the image they're sending. Every time you hear the bell jot down which suit you think it is. Afterwards compare your notes with the pack's order and see how many you get right.

Here's a tip to increase your telepathic accuracy. Emotions are easier to project by telepathy than static pictures. So agree an emotion associated with each suit beforehand i.e. Hearts- love, Spades- hate, Clubs- fear, Diamonds- pleasure. The sender then projects the feelings as well as the suit. The emotions you feel during the experiment will help you identify the suit being sent you.


Less than 20- Your telepathic gifts are limited

20 to 30- Well done! Your scoring well above chance

Over 30- You have total telepathy. May I have a consultation?

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