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The Meaning of Dreams and Fantasies

Meaning of Dreams Book


Common Dream Meanings will help you to understand, unlock and interpret the secrets of your dreams. The dream lists are divided into 5 main themed sections: Sex and Relationships, Money and Career, Travel and Adventure, Childhood and Family and Spirit & Soul. The in-depth interpretations will give you an insight into the workings of your unconscious mind and enable you to discover the unconscious forces that drive you. 

Also included are positive fantasy and daydreaming techniques that you can use to gain insight into your hidden emotions and feelings. This form of mindful self-observation in daily life will deepen your understanding of how the unconscious is influencing your decisions. 


Chapters Include

  • The Power of Fantasy
  • Dreams Themes About Sex & Relationships
  • Dreams Themes About Money & Career
  • Dreams Themes About Travel and Adventure
  • Dreams Themes About Children and Family
  • Dreams About Death, Spirit & Soul

Also included are large sections about how unconscious fantasy can influence your life. You are shown how to become aware of the mind's tendency to drop into fantasy and use this ability to gain greater insight into your hidden unconscious processes.

Note: The word Fantasy in a psychological sense is broadly used to cover two different senses, conscious and unconscious. In the unconscious sense, it is sometimes spelled "phantasy". To avoid confusing the reader, I have used the word ‘Fantasy’ throughout this book. I use it in the context of being able to fluidly visualize possibilities.

The book takes concepts such as: ‘As we think so we become’ and ‘That upon which we focus our attention grows in strength’ and shows how creative daydreaming, dream incubation and lucid dreaming can be used as a way to empower our positive thinking and direct the process of spiritual and psychological growth.

The Author Says:

Watching the mind’s spontaneous faculty of imagining impossible or improbable things reveals a great deal about what is happening within us. With this new self-knowledge you will gain greater insight – and with this a degree of control – over your thoughts, feelings and worries. You will be shown how dreams and fantasies can entrap you or liberate you.

Earlier Editions

Previously published as Fantasy Dreaming - unlock the hidden meanings.
ISBN-10: 0806954787

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Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a world renowned medium and a best-selling author. His books have been translated into multiple languages.


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