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Voices Everywhere

- The Mysterious Doris Stokes Effect

Voices Everywhere Book


Linda Dearsley was the ghost writes for the bestselling books about the medium Doris Stokes. She penned seven books about the UK’s greatest ever medium who was the first to bring mediumship to a world audience.

Doris was an extraordinary medium who gave irrefutable proof of life after death. She presented mediumship in ways that touched an international audience. She was one of the first mediums to appear on mass media and the first put mediumship on the world stage.

If you loved ‘Voices in my Ear’ and the other inspired books by Linda Dearsley, then you will love ‘Voices Everywhere’. Linda addresses the criticism made my skeptics but also tells the heart-warming stories of people whose lives were transformed on meeting Doris.

Visitors to this website will be particularly intrigued to read the story of Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker, the owners of this website. Discover how an encounter with Doris Stokes changed their lives forever.



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