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'The Dream Handbook' shows you how to remember and work with your dreams to create a happier you. Everybody dreams every night and with this rich source of subconscious information you can find the keys to overcoming fears, solving problems, and revealing your hidden motives and desires.

By recalling dreams from our childhood, accessing the memories from past lives and unravelling the emotional problems of today the author shows you how to use dreams as a tool for spiritual well-being. The book includes many experiments you can try that will deepen your access into your unconscious mind and allow you to enter perfect, restful sleep. You are also shown techniques such as how to astral travel, how to trigger lucid dreams and how to use dreams to answer specific questions about your life.

Drawing on ancient spiritual teachings and modern psychology The Dream Handbook will show you how dreams can change your life.


The Author Says:

Start by learning how to get a really good night’s sleep and learn to recall your dreams on waking. You will learn how to enter the e proper kind of sleep for deep dreaming, and discover ways to assure better recall. As you progress to the altered state of 'lucid dreaming' I will show you how to remember your personal and even your past lives and even how to recognise dream premonitions of the future.


"At first I was scared, but Craig's book made me realise that there is nothing to be scared of. He showed me how to look at my dreams from another perspective. To ask what does this dream teach me. He teaches ways to help, like how to use the ink blots and he gives examples. The imaginary friend method and we must not forget the drink water before you go to bed method. I never knew that it could be this fun or this easy. It used to scare me. Now, I look forward to dreaming and remembering my dreams. I am so amazed when I look back on my dream diary and the things that I have dreamt, and what they now mean to me. I have learned much from this book, and if I can, you can. I am looking forward to buying and learning from his other books too!. "
- Amazon

I remembering buying the book, and i brought it home and about 30 pages into the book, it had a plethora of information in it, the relaxation techniques worked, and I swore to god that I almost had an OBE experience, it wasn't scary as I had thought , but since it was my first time i think I lost my concentration, (I skipped a few pages to see that part real quick) But it is defiantly worth the money, hell it's worth it's weight in GOLD,SILVER,COPPER, and anything valuable to the equation, in laymen's terms JUST BUY THE BOOK!
- Amazon

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Also Published in Spanish, Russian and Israeli

Spainish Dream Book Russian Dream Book Israel Dream Book



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Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a world renowned medium and a best-selling author. His books have been translated into multiple languages.


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