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As Seen on TV: "You will be amazed at what your dreams can tell you about your future!"

Craig Hamilton-Parker is an international best-selling author and psychic medium. He was the host on the USA TV series Nightmares Decoded in which he interpreted dreams using both psychology and clairvoyance. In ‘Psychic Dream Interpretation’ Craig shows you how to identify and interpret predictive dreams. The book also shows you how to access the powers of the unconscious mind and explains the powers of astral projection, dream incubation, lucid dreaming and talking to the dead in dreams.


The topics covered in this book include:

  • Dreams about Disasters and Accidents
  • Afterlife and Dreams About the Dead
  • Animal Powers and Totem Animals
  • Prophecies and Religious Beliefs.
  • Clairvoyance in Dreams
  • Incubating a Dream to Gain Insights.
  • Extra-Sensory-Perception and Dream Telepathy
  • Healing through Dreams
  • Discovering your Past Life Memories
  • Mutual Dreams and Meetings
  • Parapsychology Research and Sleep Problems
  • Dream Superstitions and Auguries
  • Remote Viewing and Psychic Spying
  • Precognition and Seeing the Future
  • Spells and Finding Your Soul Mate
  • Countering the Sceptics
  • Sleep Paralysis and Nightmares
  • Psychic Attacks
  • Yoga Methods to Access the Unconscious

The Author Says:

A Medium's Guide to Psychic Dream Interpretation will help you discover your own psychic powers through the use of dreams. I have brought together a great number of theories and topics and hope that this book will give you a clear and plain understanding of how to identify and work with your own inner psychic powers.


"It is a great resources of information for translating your psychic dreams. Also it is important to keep in mind that some symbolism may be different to you from time to time depending on your situation. It is great for the psychic side of the spectrum. "
- Amazon

About the Author

Craig Hamilton-Parker is an internationally famous psychic medium. He is the author of 15 books about spirituality and related subjects. You can read the author's profile here.

Earlier Editions

Psychic Dreaming BookDream Interpretation Book
Previously titled Psychic Dreaming
Sterling/ Barnes & Noble Publishing
ISBN 1402704747 Published: 20004


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Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a world renowned medium and a best-selling author. His books have been translated into multiple languages.


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