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Intuitive Knowledge

- How to be Psychic Through
Visionary Clairvoyance

Intuitive Knowledge Book by Craig Hamilton-Parker


How to quickly develop your psychic powers by world class psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker as seen on BBC Everyman TV.

Using easy to understand techniques, television medium, Craig Hamilton-Parker, walks you through the first steps to becoming a psychic. The subconscious mind naturally sees pictures in clouds and in random images, and this innate response can be harnessed to unlock your latent powers of clairvoyance. These simple techniques, that anyone can try, bring an immediate awareness of the hidden powers of the intuition and are the key to unlock your psychic potential. You will also be shown how to design your own intuition cards that can be used as part of your psychic practice with others.

Once you have mastered these fascinating experiments you will be shown the secrets of how to awaken your sixth sense by reading the history of objects—a technique called psychometry. There are also psychic exercises that you can apply to daily life, which will increase your awareness and clarify your intuitive knowledge and psychic insights.

  • Simple Steps to Full Psychic Awareness
  • Trigger Your Latent Clairvoyance
  • Easy Visual Techniques for Quick Results
  • Fascinating 'How to' Facts
  • Make Your Own Unique Psychic Cards
  • Essential Training for Psychics
  • In-Depth and Interesting New Techniques
  • Become Psychic as You Sleep
  • First Steps to Becoming a Medium
  • The Secrets Psychologists Don't Tell You

This book also contains a bonus chapter about getting started with mediumship – spirit communication.

Also included: How to become a psychic medium. Developing psychic skills. Psychic Powers made simple. Psychic Development for Beginners. How to be Psychic.



"Very helpful for those who intend to be future clairvoyant or wanting to evoke their hidden spiritual talent. By concentrating on the ink blots and shapes they make is a very good practice for recognizing the symbols and shapes one observes during a trance state or meditation. Once you recognize the shapes and symbols on the cards, you can then tally them with the index of symbols provided for a particular meaning of that shape or symbol."
- Amazon

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Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a world renowned medium and a best-selling author. His books have been translated into multiple languages.


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