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Opening to Inner Light

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Opening to Inner Light is narrated by Craig Hamilton-Parker and designed to take you into meditation and help you to awaken the chakras, open the aura and directly connect you to the spirit world.

It is the companion video to the book Psychic School.

This video is used by psychics and mediums to enhance their powers but is also a powerful tool for inner transformation that can be used by everyone. Set to specially composed and beautiful music this CD will bring you deep inner peace and a feeling of being connected to the Universe.

If you would like to progress further then read Craig's book called 'Psychic School' that will take you step by step through the process of becoming a medium or a psychic.

About the Video

  • Previously titled ‘Opening to Auric Light’ this video can be used to help you achieve deep states of meditation.
  • Craig’s reassuring and soothing voice will help you to safely open your chakras by moving the inner light up the spine and into the spiritual centres called the chakras.
  • The light is then taken to the aura and expands to help you connect with the divine light within you.
  • Using powerful visualization techniques you will be taken into the Great Light and shown how to communicate with your spiritual guides and helpers.

The Author says

This video is a quick way to help the beginner to enter a state of meditation. I have recommended it in my books as a companion to the written techniques and use it in many of my workshops and Psychic Conferences.

By learning to open the aura by means of the chakras, we attune ourselves to the subtle vibrations coming to us from our sitters or, if we wish, to our guides in the afterlife.

The CD can be used as the opening and closing meditation for psychic circles, Spiritualist meditation groups and spiritual awareness events. Individuals who use this CD for personal meditation claim that it can also help them overcome insomnia and promotes deep sleep and relaxation.  


"I cried for the first time since I lost my brother when I heard the CD. Somehow it unblocked all of my grief."
- Kim- Hampshire

"I have purchased many, many of this kind of CD and this is the very best of all!!!! I would not hesitate to recommend it, either for work alone or in groups. As a lovely side effect my autistic son Andrew listened to it on his headphones and calmed him and relaxes him completely."
- Carol Kerr Devon.

About the Author

Craig Hamilton-Parker is an internationally famous psychic medium. He is the author of 15 books about spirituality and related subjects. You can read the author's profile here.

Useful Resources

Further information about meditation and the NLP techniques used in this meditation can be found at these websites


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Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a world renowned medium and a best-selling author. His books have been translated into multiple languages.


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