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Messages from the Universe

- Seeking the Secrets of Destiny

Book: Messages from the Universe


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Messages from the Universe
- Seeking the Secrets of Destiny


World famous psychic medium Craig Hamilton-Parker is also a yogi who has travelled India, met enlightened gurus and consulted the true custodians of the secret Naadi Palm Leaf Oracle.

When some of these 5,000 year old manuscripts were translated they mentioned Craig by name, gave his birthdate and gave the correct names of his wife, ex-wife, his mother and father. They told the story of his life and knew highly personal information and facts about Craig that proved that the oracle was genuine.  


The oracle also told of Craig’s past incarnation in India, his present life as a psychic medium and about his future. They also reveal many things about the future of the world that even Nostradamus didn’t know and tell of massive environmental troubles followed by a Golden Age.

When Craig’s Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba appeared to him in a dream and asked “Why are you here?” it triggered a whole series of incredible events and discoveries that helped Craig to realize the purpose of his life and to share the secrets of Indian mysticism and astrology with the world.

The book uses the Naadi oracle as a framework to tell the story of Craig and his wife Jane’s work as psychic mediums. You will read about their time on TV and their mystic journey that starts at Beverly Hills and takes you to mysterious holy places to unlock their secrets. Craig and Jane give unprecedented proof of life after death and talk to the ghost of Princess Diana and give highly evidential spirit messages to film stars.

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Messages from the Universe is though-provoking, compassionate, and sometimes hilarious. You have never read anything like it before.

Chapters include:

  • Messages from the Universe – the Story of the Naadi Palm Leaf Oracle and Its Secrets
  • Why Are You Here? – How Sathya Sai Baba Guides Craig to the Lost Oracle
  • The Naadi Finds Me – About Naadi Astrology and How It Works
  • A Rishi with a Temper – the Oracle Gives Proof of Past Lives and Reincarnation Evidence
  • Messages to the People – the Oracle Spots That Craig and His Wife Jane Are Both Spiritualist Mediums
  • Beverly Hills Mediums – Craig and Jane Give Messages to Celebrities
  • America – Inside the Magic Circle
  • The Destiny of the World – What Does the Oracle Say About the Future of the World
  • The Yugas – The Dark Age and the Golden Age
  • Megaliths and Nazis – Ancient Magicians and Black Magicians
  • Hare Krishna! – Chanting Your Way Through Kali
  • Testing the Oracle – Making Sure It's All True
  • Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba – The Telepathic Guru
  • More Messages from the Naadi – Toxic Clouds and Tsunamis
  • The Spirits See My Future – Messages from Doris Stokes
  • Seeing History – Entranced Police and the Power of Psychometry
  • Destined to Marry Jane – Dead Grandmother Acts as Matchmaker
  • Giving up the Fruits – The Corporate Bluff
  • Next Week's News Today – Our First TV Show
  • Paris – Contacting the Spirit of Princess Diana
  • Opening the Third Eye - Psychic School
  • Sathya Sai Baba Darshan - Clues About the next Incarnation
  • Sathya Sai Baba's Naadi - What Next?
  • Bhavishya Purana & Bhrigu - More Mysteries of Tomorrow
  • Richard Dawkins - a Chat with Darwin's Rottweiler
  • Dreams - Trolls in Iceland and a Detour to Serbia
  • A Hug from Amma – Fixing a Curse from a Past Life
  • Neem Karoli Baba of Rishikesh - LSD Enlightenment
  • Creative Hippies in Marrakesh  - a Stroll in the Desert
  • Swami Sivananda Saraswati - a Yogi Encounters Spiritualism
  • Ghost Hunting at Stratford-Upon-Avon - Crazy Spooks and Spirits
  • Meeting Mataji Vanamali - the Death of the Personality?
  • Maharishi's Abandoned Ashram - Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
  • The Arundhati Guha Caves - Where Saints Have Sat
  • Catacombs and Rome - Editing Christianity
  • Temple Mount Jerusalem - Mysteries of the Netherworld
  • Yoga in the Himalayas - Mediums in a Twist
  • Sri Aurobindo's Ashram in Delhi - Five Subtle Bodies
  • Mahatma Gandhi - His Naadi Destiny
  • Varanasi - A Spiritual and Culinary Guide
  • Paradise on Earth - What Is Heaven Like?
  • Buddha's Deer Park - Spaced out by the Dalai Lama
  • Paramahansa Yogananda in Calcutta -  Trailanga Swami  by the Bucket Load
  • Thailand - Stuffed Monks and Wholesale Buddhas
  • Calcutta - Ramakrishna and God Realization
  • Assisi Miracles – Messages from the Tâmrapothi Oracle
  • The Cosmic Boomerang – Clearing the Karma from Past Lives
  • Commune and Kibbutz  - Seeking an Alternative Lifestyle
  • The Foundation - Help Ever, Hurt Never
  • Will the Naadi Predictions Come True?
  • Naadi Readings and Remedies
  • Appendix and Transcripts
  • Naadi Reading 1 (by Skype)
  • Remedies and Puja for Naadi Reading 1
  • Naadi Reading 2 (by Skype and Email)
  • Epilogue
  • Glossary
  • Mantras


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Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a world renowned medium and a best-selling author. His books have been translated into multiple languages.


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