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Your Psychic Powers

- a Beginner's Guide

Your Psychic Powers Kindle




Taking you from the basics to a deeper insight this book will help the beginner to understand the mechanics of psychic abilities. Famous medium Craig Hamilton-Parker first shows you how to access your own ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) and shows how psychic powers work. You will then learn about telepathy, Clairvoyance and Precognition and follow a series of simple tests to see which powers you possess.

The book also delves into mediumship, healing and other spiritual powers and will give you an insight into your own latent abilities. A must for any beginner!


About the Book

  • PSYCHIC VIBRATIONS - Understand ESP and how psychic powers work.
  • Do you have a psychic personality? Take the test
  • TELEPETHY - Find out how it works and take a simple test to discover your own secret powers.
  • Using psychometry to read the past.
  • Telepathy in dreams
  • Clairvoyance and how it works
  • See the future and learn about precognition.
  • Divination methods and advice about making predictions.
  • Scientific studies of psychokinesis.
  • Modern Miracles from India
  • What is mediumship and do you have it?
  • The power behind psychic phenomena
  • How to heal and transfer psychic energy
  • How to connect to inner teachers.
  • Listing of places to learn more
  • Extensive information of further reading and ways to progress your studies.

The Author Says:

Your Psychic Powers – a beginner’s guide will help you to quickly learn about the basics of psychic powers. I have tried to cover the whole subject in an easy to understand way and hope that this book will get the novice started quickly. It is a very easy to understand book that will dispel many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding this genre.


"Your Psychic Powers- a beginner's guide, by Craig Hamilton-Parker is a simple and easy to read introduction to Extra Sensory Perception. A great gift at a reasonable price. Also contains a useful guide to help you find a good psychic who you can consult. Fab stuff. "
- Amazon

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Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a world renowned medium and a best-selling author. His books have been translated into multiple languages.


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