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God is Everywhere

- Encounters with Sharavana Baba

Book: God is Everywhere Sharavana Baba


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God is Everywhere
- Encounters with Sharavana Baba



When psychic mediums Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker received a frightening message from the Agastya Naadi Sastra, it set them on an adventure to find a holy man who could help them change the course of destiny. The Naadi is an Indian oracle written thousands of years ago that reveals the destiny of anyone who finds it.

Through his contacts in India Craig found a genuine Naadi that has the power to foresee future events with 100% accuracy. To safeguard the life of his grandson the oracle identified Sharavana Baba as the holy man who could turn the tide of providence. In a desperate dash to meet the oracles deadline, Craig and his wife Jane encounter Sharavana Baba who flies in from India and knows all about the miraculous events predicted.

This is the story of how an ordinary English family and their friends and neighbors dive headlong together into the mysteries of India. Share their adventure as the secrets of mystic India are revealed. Included also are inspired discourses by Sharavana Baba that will uplift, inspire and bring messages of hope in these troubled times..

Chapters include:

  • The Naadi Predicts
  • First Meetings
  • Mystic Journey
  • The Shock Sinks in
  • The Naadi Remedies
  • Seeing a Holy Man
  • The London Ashram
  • Cosmic Trance
  • Barcelona
  • The Nage/Sarpa Loka
  • Who is Sharavana Baba
  • The Sathya Sai Baba Link
  • Coming Home
  • Rameshwaram
  • Discourses


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Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a world renowned medium and a best-selling author. His books have been translated into multiple languages.


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