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This is the home site of world-renowned psychic mediums Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker, stars of television and best-selling authors. Enjoy psychic readings by phone, fascinating articles and inspired videos.

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As well as psychic readings by phone, text and email this site is a fantastic teaching resource. Most pages of this site have articles with accompanying videos. You can learn to develop your own psychic abilities, be inspired by our mystical teachings or enjoy watching complete programs about the psychic world. To access articles with videos go to the Blog section. For shows and full programs go to the video section.

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psychics talkingJane and I give a large part of the profits from our public work to our foundation. This has been set up with the ultimate goal of building a spiritual center. This is run in a spirit of service to help people come to higher awareness. It also does a great deal of work feeding the poor in India.

We are here for you

Craig and Jane also dedicate lots of their time to charitable work through their foundation. This has been set up to promote spiritual teachings and help desperately poor people. Craig and Jane do much of their public mediumistic work for free. We like to help people. We are here for you and here to help those in distress.

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The Psychics & Mediums Network went online in 1994 as the homepage of the world famous mediums Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker. It soon was to become one of the most popular sites of its kind on the Internet with a thriving online psychic chat community called Delphi psychic Chat.

Today continues to offer psychic reading services delivered in a service of cheerfulness and compassion.

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On this site, we offer the very best psychic phone reading services from some of the world’s top psychics. This service is available internationally. All of these live readers are tested for their accuracy and are constantly monitored to ensure that a high quality is maintained.

Our experts include live love and relationships psychics that you can speak to straight away. You can also enjoy talking to our Tarot readers or know your future with one of our specialist mediums or astrologers.

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