The Psychic Who Correctly Predicted Boris Johnson Would be PM

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Future Predictions About Boris Johnson

Predictions by Craig Hamilton-Parker about Boris Johnson and his future as British Prime Minister. These predictions were made on 15th July 2019

VIDEO: Boris Johnson Predictions


Things said in the past:

  • I predicted Theresa May would go and Boris Johnson will be PM. For more about these predictions see the main predictions page here.
  • Some of these things are now in the News but those who follow me will know I predicted many of these things ages ago.


  • OUT: Phill Hammond, David Gauke, David Lidington, Rory Stewart, Greg Clark, Andrea Leadsom.
  • IN: Sajid Javid, (Chancellor) or maybe Jacob Rees-Mogg, Esther McVey, David Davis, Dominic Raab.
  • SURPRISES: Michael Gove will be given a cabinet position. Something like either Foreign Secretary or Home Secretary. Later he will bring Farage onboard too – I predicted this well over a year


  • Boris Johnson will consolidate the Tories. Speak directly to the people. Public addresses are reminiscent of Churchill. This will be his technique to oust the remainers.
  • Patriotism will be a theme of his premiership. As I said the Middle East crisis will escalate. Close ties with the USA against Russia. Lots of overseas troubles China. Earthquakes too.
  • He will announce full fiber broadband nationwide.
  • Boris will call for a rethink on the Heathrow runways.
  • There will be big new opportunities for first-time buyers. Boris Johnson will announce there to be no Stamp Duty for first-time buyers. This will be extended to older houses and not just new builds. There will be a Government secured mortgage scheme.
  • Boris Johnson will fly to see Trump very soon. Before October. He will strike a deal.
  • Labour will make a call of no-confidence to try and force a general election. This will fail. Yvette Cooper will become the next Labour Leader.
  • There will be no General Election till after Brexit.
  • It will be a hard Brexit of sorts but deals will be struck at the last moment with Germany. As I said before Angela Merkel is going soon. Emmanuel Macron is on the way out too. The EU will have troubles soon and will be pleased to put Brexit behind them.
  • See the Brexit Videos for more detail linked from the Predictions Page.

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