The Big Breakfast: Psychics Getting Started on Television.

The Big Breakfast with Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker and Paula Yates
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Article and Video by Craig Hamilton-Parker about psychics getting started on television.

Getting started on television: Watch clips from our first regular TV spot as the resident psychics on the Big Breakfast. Below the video is the back story of knowing Paula Yates and meeting the celebrities on the show.

Craig & Jane talk about Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence



Getting Started on Television: TV’s Big Breakfast

Our big break came when Bob Geldof’s Television production company Planet 24 rang us to audition for a new program to be screened early mornings on Channel 4 and to be called The Big Breakfast. We were to be their resident celebrity psychics. Each week we would appear with Paula Yates and predict the coming week’s news headlines.

How to get started on Television:

Psychic ReadingsThe producers planned to have the top psychics give psychic readings to see who was the best. (Picture shows what Jane and I looked like at the time when giving psychic readings – aggghh!!! the bow-tie!)

We were two of over 350 psychics they had chosen to interview, one being madam Vascoe, the Duchess of York’s psychic, and Nella Jones, the famous psychic detective. The producers decided we were the best in the country.


At the ‘job interview,’ Jane and I gave private sittings to two of the most skeptical producers (one was Nick Love who was married to Bianca in East enders) so that they could ascertain whether we were psychic or not before we did a screen test. Both of them were shaken by how much we could tell them about their lives and people they knew in the spirit, indeed the young man I gave a reading to was so emotionally overwhelmed that he requested if he could take a little time off to come to terms with what he’d just experienced.

Next, we did a screen test to the camera in which we would make our predictions for the coming week. The camera crew laughed when Jane said that one of the Queen’s beloved corgis would die but this prophesy and most of the other predictions we made all came to pass within the week.

We got the job.

NOTE: You can read much more about the celebrity psychic readings we gave on the show and see lots more about our work on the Television Psychic Show sections of this site.

Predicting Next Week’s News today!

The Big BreakfastI’m sure Paula Yates was just itching to tear us apart from the moment she first saw us come onto the brightly colored set to the tones of the music from The Twilight Zone. It’s her Taurean instinct. She didn’t care a hoot that we were just getting started on television. She wanted to tear us to pieces!

But time after time our predictions were spot on and soon even she accepted that what we were doing couldn’t be dismissed as clever guesswork. We foresaw world events with an accuracy that amazed everyone including sometimes ourselves.

We predicted the El Al air tragedy in Holland, the birth of ‘miracle’ Siamese twins who were separated, that Princess Anne would marry and the venue would be Scotland, the Queen being hit by an egg, hemophiliac blood-contaminated in France; men walking to the South Pole; Elizabeth Taylor’s heart attack; Rembrandt drawings found; a mock assassination attempt on Ross Perot; the French farmers’ lamb protest; Cliff Richard losing his voice; a boy impaled on railings; Mafia boss Totto seized; footballer Paul Gascoigne getting a black eye; cult leader Koresh killing himself; Chris Patten having a heart attack; the horse ripper attacks; oil tankers colliding off Indonesia; and an unscheduled meeting of the Queen with Boris Yeltsin.

It’s nerve-wracking when you are just getting started on television – if we’d had been far off the mark, we’d have been publicly humiliated.

“Paula Yates knew we were just getting started on the television so we were at her mercy”

Chris Evans, Paula Yates, Gabby Rossiter, the crew, and even the owner Waheed Ali all became very interested in what we were doing and occasionally asked for predictions about their own lives. Chris told us that he was quite open to psychic things ever since his mother became very interested in spiritual healing.

At the first Big Breakfast party, we were so swamped by people wanting impromptu readings that we nearly missed all the fun. Waheed Ali and Charlie Parsons had, it was rumored, spent over £20,000 to make sure we were all rewarded for making the show such a huge success.

Big Breakfast Party

It was an amazing party. They hired a disused factory that had three floors. The first floor was decked out as heaven with stained glass windows angels and the like, the ground was purgatory with a 20 ft pair of hands pointing to heaven and to the Hell in the basement. In ‘Hell’ you could get drinks and candy floss if you bought ‘Bank of Spank’ currency from any of the chain-smoking nuns wearing sunglasses.

Various performers entertained throughout the building including a bizarre surrealistic pageant of ballroom dancers smiling gaily at the crowds.

This, in my opinion, was their best party although a close second must be the boxing party that synchronized our celebrations with Frank Bruno’s world championship challenge against Mike Tyson in America. In the center of the party was a boxing ring in which the entertainment took place and we all stopped to watch Bruno fight on a massive screen that showed the fight live from America.

Everyone placed a bet for a big prize and of course, many people asked what Jane and I predicted. We didn’t have the heart to bet on anyone except the magnanimous Frank Bruno who we’d got to know briefly on the show. He lost.

Patrick Swayze

The Big Breakfast was great fun and certainly got us known quickly. It was also exciting mixing with the famous and every week we seemed to meet another mega-star. It was so casual. I spent quite a while talking to someone who I thought was part of the crew. “I recognize that bloke,” I said to Jane innocently as we climbed the stairs to the dressing room.

“That ‘bloke’ is Patrick Swayze stupid. You know, the one that stared in your favorite film Ghost” But Jane is used to this she knows my legendary bad memory for names and faces.

Take That

A similar situation happened when the pop group Take That appeared on the show. They’d just hit the charts with their first single and we’d never heard of them. I think they must have found it amusing when Jane, thinking that they were young ‘runners’, sent Robbie Williams off to fetch her a cup of coffee. Surprisingly he obeyed without a murmur!

It’s times like this that you realize that you’re getting older

Frank Bruno

But the star that impressed us most must be the boxer, Frank Bruno. When he cottoned on that we were the show’s psychics he started pulling Jane’s leg about being the ‘Vibe Lady’. Frank was pure gold and had us all laughing at his witty quips that were as quick as his punches

We also met the boxer Chris Eubank on the show but he was a little more serious, to say the least. He nearly bit Jane’s head off when she said: “You know money’s not everything Chris”. Clearly money is pretty important to him. However, we had a very interesting conversation with him about ‘the warrior spirit’ just before, in serious mood, he strutted off for his interview with Paula Yates

Paula wiped the floor with him

Oliver Reed

Most of the stars we met were as you would expect them to be. Oliver ReedThe Big Breakfast Psychics was looking for the drinks cabinet, Glenda Jackson never lifted her head from the newspaper and Jason Donovan was as immaculate as his posters.

Kylie Minogue was a bit of a shock though because you just don’t expect a megastar to be quite that small! And supermodel Naiomi Campbell looked great until she opened her mouth. To the camera, she speaks in a convincing transatlantic accent. Offstage, her accent is from deepest Streatham.

Tom Jones

Tom Jones and his manager son were surprisingly approachable and we enjoyed our dressing room chats with Billy Joe Spears, Rupert Everett and Brother Beyond. Only a few month’s ago we’d never been into a Television studio except to take part in Kilroy. Now we were mixing with the stars every week. When Doris Stokes had told me at my private consultation with her that I’d marry a girl called Jane and that together we’d be two of the world’s top mediums I never really believed it. But here it was. It had all started to come true.

Getting Started on Television: The Big Breakfast

The Big Breakfast was a tremendous experience for us and was our way of getting started on television. It was a groundbreaking style of production that required supreme confidence in delivery.

The time allocated to do our bit was worked out to the second so we had to get it right first time and, at the same time, let our personalities shine through. We jumped in at the deep end and swam. After the frantic live Television style of the Big Breakfast any other Television we would do would be easy.

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