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What do the 2021 Chinese Horoscopes say is your best love match?

Enjoyed finding out about your 2021 Chinese Horoscopes? Next up we discuss the compatibility between the Chinese Signs.

There are twelve zodiacal animal signs in the Chinese calendar. People born under each animal sign have different characteristics and personalities. It is possible to check details and the Chinese Zodiac Compatibility to gain guidance in life, for love or marriage. In fact, the zodiac compatibility can offer guidance for any relationship.

Chinese Astrology Signs

According to Chinese astrology, the animal signs that are four years apart from each other are compatible. They are incompatible if they are six years apart. You can test the compatibility between you and your partner. Our Chinese zodiac compatibility chart is designed to help people find their horoscope compatibility or love compatibility before starting a relationship.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart:

Chinese Horoscopes Compatibility

Compatibility for the Rat   

If Born after 4th February

1936 – 1960 – 1984 – 2008 (and multiples of 12 year periods)                                                                        

Relates to: Sagittarius

Rat Personality:

The Rat is a social creature who enjoys the company of others. He is a party goer and team worker. The Rat functions well as part of a unit.  Rats are clannish and sentimental. They are efficient and practical and they adore children.

He/she is popular and generally has a lot of friends, liking to be ‘in the know’ and have all the gossip!  Innovative, forthright and inquisitive, the Rat can also be intrusive.

The Rat loves life, exploration, and adventure.  He/she is a quick-witted, ambitious, and imaginative opportunist.  Although the Rat is outwardly calm, he/she can have a quick temper and if provoked and can display aggression.

The Rat is honest but will use his charm to get what he wants from both family and friends.  While he/she is most careful with money, the Rat can also be generous with those he/she loves.

Rat Professions:

Commercial trader, shop-keeper, civil servant, accountant, publicist, business person, musician, painter, pawnbroker, money-lender and prostitute, crook and critic!

Rat Compatibility/Love:

Dragon & Rat – Romantically the Rat will do well with the Dragon who brings strength and balance to the partnership.

Ox & Rat  – The Ox also makes a good mate as he makes the Rat feel secure and will reassure him.

Monkey & Rat The Rat is enchanted by the Monkey, who may lead him a merry but exciting dance!

Rat & Rat – Two Rats together will understand one another perfectly.

Tiger & Rat – The Rat and the Tiger are very different but they respect each other and are fond companions.

Rabbit & Rat – The Rabbit and the Rat will work together if the Rat knows the Rabbit can sometimes be remote.

Snake & Rat  – The Rat is mystified by the beautiful Snake but this is not an equal partnership.

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Sheep & Rat – The Sheep may well be the best partner for the Rat, being calm, steady and loyal.

Rooster & Rat – The Rat is easily charmed by the Rooster but the Rooster’s feelings toward the Rat are shallow.

Dog & Rat – The Dog makes a better friend and business partner that mate but it can work if they both make an effort.

Pig & Rat – With the Pig the Rat has his work cut out, he has to nurture the Pig constantly and he may find this trying.

Horse & Rat – The Horse, however, is not compatible with the Rat, the individualist Horse will not like the Rats acquisitive nature.

Cat & Rat – The Rat must avoid Cats or risk being ‘eaten’ by them!


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Ox Compatibility  

When born after 4th February

1937 – 1961 – 1985 – 2009 (and multiples of 12 year periods)

Relates to Capricorn

Ox Personality: 

The Ox is patient, slow, precise, methodical, balanced, quiet and patient.  But don’t let that fool you!  Seemingly tranquil he/she can have an aggressive side.  The Ox’s rages are frightening but are rare.  He is dangerous if thwarted and is mean but he/she also has leadership qualities.  The Ox is quite conservative, disliking change.

Although self-effacing, the Ox hides an original and intelligent nature.  The Ox is a loner. Given to contemplation he/she also inspires confidence in others.

Idealistic (he/she can take this to fanaticism), the Ox can incline to bigotry and while he/she is introspective the Ox is also capable of great eloquence.  Sometimes stubborn and dogmatic the Ox is a very hard worker, fond of children he/she also requires total obedience. They are good homemakers. He/she is tender and devoted but is not known for his/her romantic side.

The Ox Professions: 

You make a good Technician, craftsman, architect, photographer, dentist, surgeon, major, dictator or a police officer.

Oxen Compatibility/Love:

Ox & Rat – The Ox and the Rat may blend well together, they are opposite in character but blend together well, there is a spark between them, the Ox being the more mature in outlook the Rat looks up to him.

Ox & Ox – these two are well matched, they are compatible and know what pleases and what annoys.  Social activity will help the relationship remain lively.

Ox & Tiger – The Ox is very patient, the Tiger will try to run circles round him but his calm perseverance may win the day, bear in mind Tigers do not care to be contradicted…

Ox and Rabbit – These two can make a stable partnership but it may lack that extra magic.

Ox and Dragon – While the Ox is dazzled by the Dragon, he also find him difficult to understand and unpredictable.  The relationship will need hard work!

Ox and Snake – A difficult relationship to understand as they are so different but it works, the Snake and the Ox will have a secret understanding.

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Ox and Horse – No, they will never see eye to eye, both are set in their ways which can lead to frustration.

Ox & Sheep – While the sheep may seem placid the Ox must not misjudge the sheep if the Ox neglects him he will turn into a raging ram!  They are better enemies than true friends…

Ox & Monkey – If they respect each other’s independence it could work.  The sober Ox and lively Monkey may reach dizzy heights but these times are rare.

Ox & Rooster – They are ideal partners bringing varied but compatible talents to the relationship.

Ox & Dog – These are not the best pairing, the Ox will not respect the Dog’s loyalty enough and this will make the Dog sulk…

Ox & Pig – These two will make a great home together.  The combination of domesticity and industry will ensure a smooth relationship.

Oxen Year Ahead

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Compatibility for the Tiger

You need to be  born before 4th February

1938 – 1962 – 1986 – 2010 (and multiples of 12 year periods)

Relates to Aquarius

Tiger Personality: 

The Tiger is hot-headed and impulsive, a reckless and irresponsible risk taker.  However, he/she is also charismatic with an air of responsibility that encourages others to respect him.

The Tiger likes to be obeyed and can be very successful if he/she listens to good advice, but the Tiger does not like being told what to do!

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility: Violent and bold he/she stands up for his/her principles but the Tiger can also be stubborn and mean, yet he is also capable of great generosity to those he loves.  Lady Tigers have a great flare, style, and creative ideas, they also have many amours!  Tigers are sensitive and emotional and are prone to being very intense in relationships.  While Tigers like variety and to gamble, by their energy in an activity they can make money.

Tiger Professions:

Foreman, gang boss, head of state, head of a department, racing driver, stunt man, explorer, military chief….

Tiger Compatibility/Love:

Tiger & Rat – The Tiger will appreciate the Rats skills and talents and the Rat will be a loyal friend to the Tiger.

Tiger & Ox – This pairing is best avoided.  The Tiger rules and the Ox are stubborn!

Tiger & Tiger – If these two can keep up respect for each other they will have harmony and a very strong bond.  The relationship will be stable.

Tiger & Rabbit – While very different they do make a good pair, the Tiger admires the Rabbits qualities.

Tiger & Dragon – Great attraction and spark between these two, the relationship will be successful as they have shared ambitions.

Tiger & Snake  – The Tiger is attracted to the Snake but this pairing can only be superficial.

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Tiger & Horse – These two can make a formidable team and are ideal together.  They will have a good life.

Tiger & Sheep – This will relationship will be stable if slightly lacking in excitement.

Tiger & Monkey – Not ideal, they are both so independent and have a very different outlook on life.

Tiger & Rooster – The ambitious Rooster may end up competing with the Tiger, it is unlikely that this pairing will be lasting.

Tiger & Dog – Splendid!  The Dog’s loyalty and devotion will give security for the Tiger.

Tiger & Pig – The Pig will offer stability to the Tiger but he will see this as unsophisticated and lacking in passion.

Tiger Year Ahead

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Compatibility for the Rabbit

You were born after 4th February

1939 – 1963 – 1987 – 2011 (and multiples of 12 year periods)

Relates to Pisces

Rabbit Personality:

The Rabbit is socially gifted and adept with people.  Discreet, refined and virtuous, they know how to make the best of themselves and have a mystical and unorthodox air.  Great mixers, a loving company they also love gossip and are superficial.

Calm, placid and peaceful they have beautiful homes and great taste.  Sentimental, and not really sensitive, they can remain unmoved by world disasters, war, famine, earthquake, etc, unless it touches them directly.

Wistful, charming and melancholy, they cry easily but are as easily consoled.  They need comfort and security and are timid and cautious.  With a gift for examining all the angles of a situation, they will be successful in business and secure with finances.  Female Rabbits are sophisticated and chic, they excel at interior design.

Rabbit Professions:

Model, dressmaker, designer, interior decorator, antiquary, receptionist, pharmacist or beautifier, publicist, PR or press officer, solicitor, barrister, magistrate, judge, stockbroker, diplomat, ambassador, and landlord.

Rabbit Compatibility/Love:

Rat & Rabbit – If these two are to get along the Rabbit must agree to take a back seat and let the cunning Rat shine!

Ox & Rabbit – The Rabbit needs strength and security, this the Ox can give very well.  A solid relationship can develop for this pair.

Tiger & Rabbit – Although very different this couple can make a strong bond of affection, they’ll share the same ambitions but not necessarily have the same idea about how to make them!

Rabbit & Rabbit – This is a very amicable interaction.  They both put the family first and the ambiance of their home is equally important to each.

Dragon & Rabbit – The Dragon is enthralled by the Rabbits gentleness and will offer his/her all, the Rabbit will not be so smitten but with effort, this pairing can work.

Snake & Rabbit – With absolute adoration, coupled with respect these two are a really happy pair.

Horse & Rabbit – This combination will always see things differently, they go their own ways and it is difficult to make a lasting bond.

Sheep & Rabbit – The Sheep protects the Rabbit from other demands, the Rabbit adores the Sheep for his/her understanding, they will be happy together.

Monkey & Rabbit – Although they are attracted to each other the Monkey’s disorganized life will upset the Rabbit’s routines and passion will fade fast, leaving the poor Rabbit exhausted.

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Rooster & Rabbit – Hard to know where these two would be compatible.  The Rooster wants the end product and cares not about the mechanics of getting there. The opposite is true of the Rabbit.

Dog & Rabbit – There will always be differences in priorities, the Dog must not demand too much of the Rabbit and the Rabbit must stay patient if this is to work.

Pig & Rabbit – Both the Pig and the Rabbit love family before all else.  They will have a loving and bonded relationship with many shared interests in common.

Rabbit Year Ahead

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Compatibility for the Dragon

The year starts if born after 4th February

1940 – 1964 – 1988 – 2012 (and multiples of 12 year periods)

Dragon Personality:

Energetic, healthy and vital, direct honest and incapable of meanness the Dragon can also be tactless!  He/she has the courage of his convictions.  An idealist, a perfectionist he/she asks a lot of himself and of others.

The Dragon is outspoken and opinionated but his advice is generally good.  People do listen to him.  The Dragon is over-proud and quick-tempered.  However also gifted, generous, tenacious and willing.

The Dragon is successful in whatever he/she undertakes.  Self-sufficient and sometimes solitary the Dragon is loved but he/she rarely love fully in return.  The Dragon can dazzle you but his strength is illusory.

Dragon Professions:

Artist, actor, religious, military, medical, political, industrialist, shop-keeper, architect, president.

Dragon Compatibility/Love:

Rat & Dragon – The Dragon loves adventure, so does the Rat! They delight each other with their shared enthusiasms, the Rat encourages the Dragon’s taste for the unknown and the Dragon supports the Rat’s success. They do well together.

Ox & Dragon – The Ox dislikes taking risks where the Dragon will jump in.  The Ox cannot understand the reckless Dragon who will find the Ox’s lack of enthusiasm dull.  Not an easy match.

Tiger & Dragon – Should these two independent souls respect each other’s individuality this is a successful relationship.  The Tiger will respect the Dragons qualities and the Dragon will further the Tiger’s ambitions.

Rabbit & Dragon – This is a difficult pairing.  The Dragon will want to help the Rabbit and the Rabbit will adore the attention but not necessarily the giver of that attention…..

Dragon & Dragon – Very concerned with their images, the Dragons will vie with each other to be the one who shines the most.  They are too independent for each other and this will lead to resentment, particularly if one Dragon takes attention away from the other.

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Snake & Dragon – While these two have very different approaches they have many shared interests and will be successful together.  The Snake likes to think before taking action – but will respect the Dragon’s instinct when he jumps in successfully.

Horse & Dragon – The Dragon is fascinated by the versatile Horse but he will feel tentative about getting too close.  The Horse can show the Dragon a new perspective on life but they make better friends than lovers.

Monkey & Dragon – Good! The practical Monkey brings stability to the Dragon’s sometimes over-enthusiastic plans. The Dragon might have the idea’s but the Monkey knows how to carry out them, a very solid pairing.

Rooster & Dragon – These two share an unconventional approach to life, they have similar views and opinions and admire one another’s qualities, however, there is little cooperation between them, a difficult association.

Dog & Dragon – Difficult!  While the Dragon will benefit from the Dog’s down to earth and the domestic approach he may also perceive him as dull because of it.  In turn, the Dragon’s mysticism and absent-mindedness may both enthrall and exasperate the Dog.

Pig & Dragon – The Pig loves to make the house orderly and order the house, the Dragon resents this and the Pig dislikes picking up after the unpredictable and messy Dragon, not the most ideal match.

Dragon Year Ahead

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Compatibility for the Snake

Check if born after 4th February

1941 – 1965 – 1989 – 2013 (and multiples of 12 year periods)


Snake Personality: 

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Full of goodwill the Snake man is charming, wise and has a sense of humor. Snake women are usually beautiful and successful because of it!  Both have a taste for adventure.  Snakes tend to dress with ostentation but for all this, they are deep thinkers, philosophers and very intuitive (clairvoyant). Snakes rely on first impressions and trust their own sixth sense.

While they make decisions swiftly and firmly they will move heaven and earth to make their goals. The Snakes good nature can become intrusive. In love, Snakes are jealous and possessive but they also have a ‘wandering eye’.

He/she can cling to and suffocate the object of their affection.  The Snake is lucky with money but doesn’t like lending and are mean.  Snakes often have big families.

Snake Professions:

Headmaster/mistress, university professor, writer, philosopher, psychiatrist, politician, diplomat. Also – clairvoyant, psychic, spiritual medium.

Snake Compatibility/Love:

Rat & Snake – While they may have disagreements this pairing can work if both agree to differ!  The Snake provides intellectual stimulation but the Rat has a mind of his/her own.

Ox & Snake – The Snake is enchanted with the Ox’s Bryon like brooding charm, they give mental stimulation for each other and share a deep passion, they can be very romantic together.

Tiger & Snake – The first passion between these two may soon fade but if their partnership is based on love as well then it can be lasting and successful.

Rabbit & Snake – The Snake finds the gentle and tender Rabbit irresistible who returns true affection and admiration, they work well together.

Dragon & Snake – While the Snake finds it hard to express his emotions sometimes the Dragon will express loads for them both.  With like minds but different attitudes, the Dragon will admire the Snake’s refinement and they will form a strong bond.

Snake & Snake – These two understand each other perfectly, it will be an affectionate, loving and successful relationship.

Horse & Snake – The Horse can be intrusive into the Snakes private world, with time the Snakes confidence in the Horse will grow but there may always bee a lingering doubt, despite this the two are drawn together and can make a lasting closeness.

Sheep & Snake – The Sheep offers companionship and affection to the Snake who is sometimes a loner.  The Snake is comforted by the genuine nature and openness of the Sheep.  A good match.

Monkey & Snake – Disputes will arise over their different outlooks, the Snake will not care for the Monkey’s unpredictable ways and the Monkey will find the Snakes lack of spontaneity restricting.  Best not to think of lasting commitment with these two….

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Rooster & Snake – This pair have a lot in common.  The Roosters magnetic personality attracts the Rooster is charmed by the Snake.  Both have the same outlook on life and this can lead to a very happy secure relationship.

Dog & Snake – The Dog may adore the Snake but the Snake will end up feeling restricted by the Dog’s domestic nature.  Ultimately the Dog feels let down and the Snake feels resentment.

Pig & Snake – Not the easiest relationship, initially attracted to each other their wide differences could cause severe rifts and eventual breakdown of the partnership.

Snake Year Ahead

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Compatibility for the Horse

Note: If you were born before 4th February

1942 – 1966 – 1990 – 2014 (and multiples of 12 year periods)


Horse Personality: 

The Horse knows how to dress and has plenty of sex appeal!  He/she loves social events and dresses well.  Concerts, parties, sports events, theatre the Horse likes them all.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – The Horse is amusing, witty and knows how to pay a compliment.  He/she is quick-witted, sympathetic and popular. Good with practical issues he/she is more cunning than intelligent.  The Horse knows this and may secretly lack confidence because of it.  Although hot-headed and hot-blooded he is weak and can have fits of childish temper, he/she is selfish and a bit of an egotist.

Independent and self-willed the Horse will always go his own way.  Everything must revolve around him/her whether it is health, work or problems.  He/she is a person of changing moods and needs people around to flatter and console.  He/she does not do well alone.  The Horse will give up everything for love – sometimes to an obsessive degree.

Horse Professions: 

Craftsman, technician, foreman, chemist, geologist, physicist biologist, dentist, doctor, politician.

Horse Compatibility/Love:

Rat & Horse – The water element Rat & fire element Horse will be tentative friends at first, if they get to know each other better they will be able to see each other’s qualities although the Horse may not care to become fully involved.

Ox& Horse – These two are so different they will never understand one another. They make better rivals than friends!

Tiger & Horse – They share attitudes and ambitions and make a successful and assured relationship and a happy marriage.

Rabbit & Horse – Although they have little in common, the Horse is fascinated by the gentle Rabbit who will benefit from the Horse’s protection. There will be a great attraction between these two.

Dragon & Horse – This combination finds many mutual enthusiasms and stimulate each other intellectually.  They can do great things together.

Snake & Horse – Unaccountably these two are deeply drawn to each other, although they share a little similarity in outlook.  They are close in some areas but it is more likely that mistrust will manifest between them.

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Horse & Horse – A very good match, they are secure and independent at the same time, they both give to the other’s well-being and forge a strong bond romantically.

Sheep & Horse – This is a deeply satisfactory partnership for both parties.  They will keep up a strong attachment and mutual affection throughout life.

Monkey & Horse – The Horse falls easily under the charm and charisma of the Monkey.  The Horse will appreciate the Monkey’s spontaneity and feel deeply attached to the Monkey.  The Monkey is not so involved but this adds to the strength of the association.

Rooster & Horse – While the Horse is smitten by the charismatic Rooster, he cannot understand the Roosters need for independence.  The Horse becomes disillusioned with the Roosters failure to face up to problems.

Dog & Horse – A great mutual attraction here that can lead to lasting romance.  The Horse loves to hear the Dog’s stories and the Dog enjoys the Horses devotion.

Pig & Horse – These two can find contentment with each other, although the Horse sometimes wishes the Pig was a bit more adventurous.

Horse Year Ahead

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Compatibility for the Sheep

Born before 4th February

1943 – 1967 – 1991 – 2015  (and multiples of 12 year periods)


Sheep Personality:

This is the final feminine sign, elegant charming and artistic.  As long as the Sheep feels secure, he/she will adapt to any lifestyle but it must contain flair and style.  Good mannered and a loving companion the Sheep is also drawn to the occult and esoteric.  The Sheep loves is the center of attention, likes to be guided and is generous.  However, the Sheep hates to take responsibility for his action, is pessimistic and exasperate his friends by complaining that the ‘grass is always greener’, nevertheless this is an altruistic sign and those born under this sign often work with or give to charity.

Sheep Professions:

Artisan, technician, gardener, actor, artists, cinema, photography, poetry, music, painting, vaudeville entertainer, also a courtesan, beachcomber, and person retired to the country – to live off generous friends!

Sheep Compatibility/Love:

Sheep & Rat – Although there can be an attraction between these two, the Sheep is puzzled by the Rat and never knows what the Rat is thinking.  This can lead to resentment.

Ox & Rat – They will admire each other’s qualities.  The Ox’s reliability gives the Sheep security and the Sheep appreciates and understands the Ox’s deeper feelings.  This is a good match if a little lacking in sparkle.

Tiger & Sheep – The Tiger needs to dominate the Sheep and if the Sheep can put up with this they will rub along quite well, but both know who the boss is!

Rabbit & Sheep – This is a happy pairing built on mutual trust and love.  There is great mutual affection and the Sheep likes the Rabbit’s zest for life.

Dragon & Sheep – This is a very unlikely couple but if they can weather a few months together the relationship will strengthen, although friends may question the wisdom of this partnership….

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Snake & Sheep – The Sheep is guided by the Snake who beings the Sheep new opportunities and material gain.

Horse & Sheep – Although these two may never agree on certain issues there is a magnetic attraction between them, however, they both have fixed opinions and if the relationship is to succeed they must be aware that compromise is essential.

Sheep & Sheep – This will be a very sociable couple and the success of the bond may well be that they are too busy to spend much time together thereby keeping the relationship fresh.

Monkey & Sheep – The Sheep will need buckets of patience to cope with mercurial Monkey’s unpredictability but he/she cannot help being dazzled by the Monkey’s tricks. The Sheep brings stability to the Monkey’s hectic life.

Rooster & Sheep – While they are very different and have diverse priorities they will avoid conflict.  Although there are occasional problems the Rooster can lead the Sheep to a fulfilling life.

Dog & Sheep – At first the Sheep may distrust the Dog but gradually find that friendship grows, the relationship will work if the Sheep is willing is led by the Dog in all things.

Pig & Sheep – These two are an ideal choice for lasting happiness. They both have the same domestic attitude, mutual understanding, and love of home.  They will be very happy together.

Sheep Year Ahead

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Compatibility for the Monkey

Horoscope sign if born before the 4th February

1944 – 1968 – 1992 – 2016 (and multiples of 12 year periods)


Monkey Personality:

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Of all the signs the Monkey is the one with the most exceptional personality.  High spirited and mischievous the Monkey is very sociable.  He/she loves being with people, is playful, likable and intelligent, having a great thirst for knowledge, the Monkey will be well read and up to date with current affairs.

Cultured and well-educated, even self-educated, he is intellectual, has a fantastic memory and eye for detail.  The Monkey is gifted with great charm and although he/she can have an ‘elastic’ conscience and be somewhat vain, he/she is easily forgiven because he is such fun to be with.

The Monkey can excel at whatever profession he chooses if he considers it worthy of his efforts. He is an opportunist and can sometimes be unscrupulous – if this will further his aims.

Monkey Professions:

Stockbroker, business person, writer, film-maker, interior designer, subtle diplomat, a shrewd politician, but also con man!

Monkey Compatibility/Love:

Rat & Monkey – This is a good partnership, the Rat will further the Monkey’s aims through his wide social set and inspired ideas.  The Monkey feels understood by the Rat and his/her creativity will flourish.

Ox & Monkey – Not easy, although there is trust and understanding between them they will remain an invisible barrier, they are both secretive about the past and would make better business associates than lovers.

Tiger & Monkey – There is strong passion between these two but the Tiger will prove to be more of a hindrance than a help to the Monkey. Difficult.

Rabbit & Monkey  – This pair share a mutual attraction and charm, however, the Monkey will want to be boss in this partnership and the Rabbit will resent this.

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Dragon & Monkey – Of all the signs these are the most extraordinary, they appreciate each other’s individuality and share many like-minded concepts.  While an unconventional couple, there is a strong bond between them and they can form a very happy relationship.

Snake & Monkey – This is an unlikely pairing, the relationship will take a long time to flourish and when it does both sides may feel somewhat disillusioned.

Horse & Monkey – The Horse will find the Monkey entertaining and the Monkey will benefit from the Horse’s sympathetic ear, these two are happy together.

Sheep & Monkey – Although initially attracted to each other The Sheep will need to keep up a passive role if the relationship is to work.  The Monkey is irked by the Sheep’s domesticity and the Sheep becomes mistrustful of the Monkey’s unpredictability.

Monkey & Monkey – They are apparently the perfect couple but the Monkey naturally thinks his/her opinion is the only one worth listening to! If they can compromise this can be a strong and loving relationship.

Rooster & Monkey – These two really spark off one another!  They work well in business and romantically but they are both busy types and need to be aware that leisure time spent together is also important.

Dog & Monkey – While these two are opposites if they recognize and respect this they can work or live well together but the relationship may lack passion.

Pig & Monkey – The domestic Pig likes stability and the home is the focus of the Pig’s life. The Monkey loves adventure, they have such different priorities that it is hard to see how this union could last.

Monkey Year Ahead

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Compatibility for the Rooster

Zodiac if born before 4th February

1945 – 1969 – 1993 – 2017 (and multiples of 12 year periods)


Rooster Personality: 

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – The Rooster will definitely not become a diplomat!  He/she says what he thinks bordering on rudeness with no care for the recipient.  If those on the receiving end can pass this off as eccentricity or frankness then the Roster will be forgiven.  While the Rooster likes to be noticed and may dress with a flair for this reason, he/she is a heart deeply conservative.

Apparently bold and adventurous, this is an illusion and the Rooster does like to build castles in the air and be an armchair adventurer.  However, his/she is most generous with his/her often unasked for advice!

The Rooster does have great courage and is at his/her best in a crowd.  In employment, the Rooster flourishes working with many people is a very hard worker and capable of making money.

Rooster Professions: 

A restaurant owner, waiter, cook/chef, public relations, beautifier, hairdresser, dentist, surgeon, soldier, fireman, night-watchman, police officer.

Rooster Compatibility/Love:

Rat & Rooster – The Rats attention to details and perceptive mind will be a big advantage to the Rooster, however, they need to have separate bank accounts as they will never agree on financial matters!

Ox & Rooster – The Ox brings stability and direction to the erratic Rooster, these opposites are very attracted to each other and can find lasting harmony, even if their friends don’t understand the partnership.

Tiger & Rooster – While they understand each other perfectly the flamboyant Tiger and admiration seeking Rooster will soon regard each other as rivals.

Rabbit & Rooster – This is a difficult relationship the domestic Rabbit and leisure seeking Rooster are so very different, they will never understand each other.

Dragon & Rooster – The Rooster likes to be the dominant partner but so does the Dragon!  If this couple is to enjoy a lasting relationship they need to be totally open about their hopes, fears, and aspirations.

Snake & Rooster – Surprisingly this pairing can work well, these two compliments each other and understand the other’s aims in life.

Horse & Rooster – The independent Horse can give practical advice for the capricious Rooster but the Rooster will ignore it and go his own way.  Not an ideal situation.

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Sheep & Rooster – The Sheep provides a secure home base and the Rooster appreciates that this allows him/her to concentrate on his/her career.  They are content, loving and affectionate together.

Monkey & Rooster – This is a stormy relationship but these two are very attracted to one another and can share a deep passion. They are both very motivated and want the best for each other, this pair can work/live well together.

Rooster & Rooster – They both want the limelight and the credit for their successes, it is unlikely to be a lasting relationship.

Dog & Rooster – The Dog is too individualistic for the Rooster and will not worship the Rooster enough.  The Dog will become disenchanted with the Roosters need for admiration.  Not an easy partnership.

Pig & Rooster – This is a good match.  The Pig, while not the most exciting companion, provides great comfort for the Rooster and entertains well in the home so that the Rooster doesn’t seek outside stimulation.  They can form a solid lasting bond.

Rooster Year Ahead

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The Zodiac Compatibility for the Dog

Chinese Horoscope when born after 4th February

1946 – 1970 – 1994 – 2018 (and multiples of 12 year periods)


The Dog Personality: 

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – The Dog seldom shows his feelings and worries a great deal. He is pessimistic but is the first to speak out about injustice, he is honest, brave and loyal to those he loves.  The Dog doesn’t care for crowds and social activity but this is because he often doubts himself and lacks confidence.

The Dog is discretion itself, he/she knows how to keep a confidence and will never let you down.  The Dog has a deep intelligence and people respect him, he inspires confidence in others and is passionate about his work.

The Dog feels the weight of the world and really suffers when he hears of disasters such as earthquakes. His tastes are simple and he can make money when he needs it.

Dog Professions: 

A union activist, industrialist, foreman, critic, educator, priest, writer, philosopher, thinker, judge, magistrate, politician, secret agent.

Dog Compatibility/Love:

Rat & Dog – In equal parts the Dog admires and mistrust the Rat.  The Rat will give refinement and grace but the Dog may just find this a little ‘twee’.  However, they can be happy together if the Dog keeps his sense of humor!

Ox & Dog – The Ox likes to dominate the Dog and the Dog will need great patience if this partnership is to work

Tiger & Dog – This is a successful duo.  The Tiger brings playfulness to the Dog – they have the same goals and their romance will be long-lasting and harmonious.

Rabbit & Dog – While attractive to each other, affectionate behind closed doors the Dog will not be demonstrative enough for the Rabbit.  This is not an easy pairing.

Dragon & Dog – The Dog is fascinated by the magical Dragon but his natural cynicism will eventually lead the Dog to distrust the Dragon.  Problems will become insurmountable to this pair.

Snake & Dog – The Snake brings the Dog refinement and culture but the Dog does not understand that the Snakes admiration may hold a trace of irony.  This can work if both are totally honest about their feelings.

Horse & Dog – There is great affection between these two, they are completely like-minded and understand each other perfectly.  Very often this pairing brings a shared interest in charitable works and they are a socially successful couple.

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Sheep & Dog – This pair have very different priorities.  They will need patience and compromise if it is to work but there will be stormy moments in the relationship no matter how hard they try.

Monkey & Dog – This unlikely duo will find a shared zest for life and enjoy together all life has to offer.  They have an unconventional approach but their enterprises will succeed.

Rooster & Dog – They are so different but opposites can attract. The Dog will never entirely trust the Roosters swagger and the Rooster will come to be irked by the Dog’s fundamental conservatism.

Dog & Dog – These two know each other inside out and are therefore perfectly placed to help further each other’s ambitions, this is a successful pairing.

Dog & Pig – Both partners have a respect for the home and love of security, they will make a safe home for their children and enjoy the loving environment they have built together.  This is a strong couple.

Dog Year Ahead

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Compatibility for the Pig

Applies if you born before 4th February

1947 – 1971 – 1995 – 2019 (and multiples of 12 year periods)


Pig Personality: 

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – The Pig is trustworthy.  He/she accepts his/her own faults calmly and seldom sees negativity in others.  He/she will never let you down is tolerant, understanding and a little naïve.  Gallant, polite, obliging and totally honest the Pig dislikes competitive situations. The Pig is a congenial companion and likes taking part in (sometimes risqué) social gatherings.

Saying little, the Pig is an intellectual and if asked to speak can exhaust the subject without notes!  The Pig has a thirst for knowledge, he/she is not always adept in financial matters but beneath his air of sweet reasonableness, there is an iron will, which is a force to be respected.

Whatever aim he sets out to achieve, he will work at tirelessly to reach his goal. Before he decides on a path the Pig will look at the situation and ponder his/her decision thoughtfully, this may give the mistaken impression that the Pig is indecisive, nothing is farther from the truth!  Once the Pig gives you his loyalty, you have a friend for life.

Pig Professions: 

Manufacturer, doctor, scientists, architect, filmmaker, writer, poet, painter, business person, also clown, vaudeville, comedian, pop star

Pig Compatibility/Love :

Rat & Pig – The Pig must avoid laying down rules for the relationship, the Rat will not be ‘controlled’.  The Rat is very independent and the Pig finds this puzzling.  Compromise and patience needed if this pairing is to work.

Ox & Pig – The Ox brings stability to – and will cherish the Pig who in return works hard to give a loving and harmonious home. These two will be the best of friends.

Tiger & Pig – The home loving Pig is attracted to the Tiger but the Tiger will not often be at home!  This is a difficult duo who ultimately will not understand one another.

Rabbit & Pig – Here is a truly loving partnership.  The Rabbit enriches the Pigs home with grace and fair, the Pig adores the Rabbit and provides security.  They will have a rich and fulfilling life and have many children.

Dragon & Pig – These two need to set up a formula for their home life from the outset.  If the Dragon is to be happy the Pig must entertain in the home a great deal. If the Pig is to be happy the Dragon must be aware how much this disrupts the Pigs calm domestic set-up.

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Snake & Pig – This pair are so very different – but if they both understand how special the differences are they can set up a good relationship. The Pig is charmed by the Snake who benefits from the Pig’s down to earth approach.

Horse & Pig – This duo can find contentment together although the Pig must tolerate the Horses frequent forays away from home.  They both have particular interests. This makes a good basis for stimulating conversation.

Sheep & Pig – This is a marriage made in heaven.  They are content with each other – sometimes at the cost of social activities!  The Sheep encourages the Pig to mix more outside the home and because of this, they make an ideal pair.

Monkey & Pig – The Pig may find the Monkey’s unpredictability somewhat trying although he/she will love the Monkey’s sense of fun.  However, the Monkey benefits from the Pig’s stability, it can work.

Rooster & Pig – Each of these two give a missing element to the other.  The Rooster give the Pig a taste of glamour and sparkle while the Pig provides security.  The bond will strengthen and develop over time.

Dog & Pig – This is an ideal partnership, they understand each other perfectly, both seeking a secure and loyal relationship with the focus on a harmonious home.  They may also go into business together, which will be successful.

Pig & Pig – There is great co-operation between this pair.  They will be happy in each other’s company and constantly show their love for one another.  The relationship will be sincere and happy.

Pig Year Ahead

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