Are These Photos Phantoms or Fakes?

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Phantoms or Fakes?

These images are samples from my magazine columns.  Every picture has been carefully scrutinized and the originals have in some cases been enlarged to check for Photo-Shop tricks or film flaws. I have examined thousands of ghost pictures and know most of the tricks of how to fake a picture or the common misconceptions and misunderstandings about what counts for a genuine ghost picture.

As we know photographs are easily manipulated using Adobe Photo-Shop but they are quite easy to spot. What is harder to explain are ghost pictures and photographs that appear spontaneously but are not the result of common faults such as lens flare, orbs from moisture and dust, double exposure, faulty film, condensation on the lens and so on…

Is this Photograph a Fake?

 Ghost Picture of female ghost

This was taken along with dozens of other pictures at Louisburgh Fortress in Louisburgh Nova Scotia Canada. The fortress is original and a national park; it was the site of many battles between French and English troops to gain control of the area. When I took the picture nothing was strange in the room but it turned out with what looks like someone in old clothes\dress stitching the bed or maybe a dress? I can’t tell. It’s creepy either way.

You comment that the rooms and fabrics were so delicate that flash photography was not allowed. I would have loved to know if a glass panel also shielded this room. If so, the ‘ghost’ could be a reflection of a picture on a wall behind you. It is however very strange how the bed in the foreground actually comes in front of the grey ghost. If it were a reflection we would expect to see parts of the image superimposed on the bed. A very strange picture indeed!

NOTE: Camera: 100% Digital camera, I couldn’t use my film camera in the fortress because flash photography was not allowed as it would damage the rooms or fabrics etc, a digital was the only one that could have turned out pictures without a flash.

Ghosts in Cars


Weird Ghost of a Child

 Ghost Picture of Child

 Sender’s Comments: I visited this Ghost house with my friend back in August, no one has lived in the house since 1970 it belongs to a family Business. When we were inside, our heads felt like they could explode, we felt the energy being sucked right out of us. for 3 times we went in but we couldn’t stay in longer than 2 or 3 minutes. We felt a lot of negative energy and we heard strange unidentified noises.

When we had put the photo’s from a camera on a computer we never say anything on this photo’s and believe me we watched them very often to search for something. This Monday all of a sudden we saw the girl, a ghost-cat and a woman with her arms up and smiling (at me!) when we took the photo’s in that house we only felt things but could not see them. My friends think that the girl looks evil but I think she is just shy with her arms behind her back.

Craig’s Verdict: It could be argued that because a poor quality camera was used the ‘ghost’ could be caused by light seepage. There are certainly no signs of retouching or superimposed images. What is convincing is the fact that all of you felt something strange was going on at the location which already had a reputation for being haunted. The noises, the atmosphere and the sighting of the ghost cat all suggest that there were paranormal phenomena present. I am inclined to believe that this is a ghost captured on camera.

NOTE: Camera: Genius, 3,1 mega-pixels G-shot D211

Strange Haunted House Picture

 Haunted House Picture

Sender’s Comments: My wife and I went to San José California in 2003. We decided to go on the Winchester Mystery House tour and look what I snapped…. it is really creepy because I’m not one who really believes in Ghost. Please note we did not have any old people on our tour and I purposely stayed back to take better pictures. To my knowledge, there was no one near me when I took this picture. I did some research on Sarah Winchester and found a couple of photos that were taken of her and there is a resemblance….have you seen any photos like this before?? Maybe the image was put there on purpose I don’t know …but it’s interesting.

Craig’s Verdict: To be honest I think that this is simply a reflection. If you look to the left of the picture there’s a white sheen – which suggests to me that this picture has been taken through glass. Someone could have walked behind you and your camera caught their reflection. However, there is certainly a spooky element to this picture when you consider the story of the dead owner of the house. Sarah Winchester was the wife of William Winchester who made his fortune from the famous ‘Winchester Repeating Rifle’. Sarah believed she was cursed and spent much of her life doing weird things in her house to keep evil spirits away. Tragedy struck her family many times and blaming the evil spirits, Sarah turned to many mediums, priests, and Spiritualists to exorcise her home. What I find intriguing is that the face in the photo is in some ways quite like that of the dead Sarah Winchester. PHOTO CREDIT: Winchester Mystery House, San José, CA

NOTES: Camera: Sony DSC-P72 Digital camera

The Screaming Ghost

 Screaming Ghost Picture

Sender’s Comments: I took this picture where no one was standing or sitting down. It was an accident that the picture was even taken. I’ve looked at it and can’t figure out what it is and why if it was someone’s face it has no bottom or body attached.

Craig’s Verdict: Well this certainly isn’t a happy snap for the family album it’s one of the scariest alleged ghost pictures I’ve seen for a while. Whatever it is, it has picked up some of the blues from the TV screen behind as well as streaks of color from the light shade. No person was present you tell us so this clearly is either a demon from hell or an inanimate object caught close to the camera as you moved it. I’ll leave you to decide.

Who is the Headless Ghost in this Picture?

 Headless Ghost Pictures

 Senders Comments: I was on holiday in Hastings and was watching the seagull feeding and took a photo the later looked a picture taken to notice a figure with a hat with the seagulls. I was using a digital camera.

At first glance, this ghost looks just like a human figure dressed in a spooky robe. To me, it looks like it has no head though there is a hint of a head in the picture. However, if you look closely you can see that part of the ghost’s form is an illusion created by the after-images of the flapping wings of the seagulls. Our eyes fill in the rest from the white reflections in the glass. Take away the gulls and the figure is no longer seen. This is a fascinating picture but in my opinion is an optical illusion.

Is this a Picture of an Angel?

Ghost or real anget picture

Sender’s comments: I took this photo with my mobile phone to show my friend where I’d been sleeping for a few days while waiting for an important phone call to come through. It wasn’t until a couple of days later that I saw the photo and my friend pointed out that there was a figure in the room. We realize that the sunlight is a factor in this photo, but the curtains are drawn and with only a small gap to let light in.

You were clearly worried about something to have slept next to the phone for so long. It would be nice to think that this is your guardian angel looking over you to reassure you that all will be okay. To be honest I think it’s a trick of the light but nonetheless I do feel it is an auspicious omen. Perhaps when the phone does finally ring it will bring a message of good fortune.

Spirit Guide Transfiguration or Camera Wobble?

 Spirit Guide Ghost Picture

Sender’s Comments: A photograph of my spirit guide, probably the clearest image of a spirit guide manifestation. Clarity in this picture is amazing. There are also 3 faces not of mortal kind.

Craig;’s Verdict: Unfortunately you do not explain when this happened was it at a séance while the mediums were in a trance as the figure is slumped in an unusual way? I am very interested in the strange image of a person in the right of the picture in the blue area but am not convinced it is a real ghosts and spirit manifestation. I believe that this is caused by a long exposure in low light conditions that have magnified a small light such as a reflection or an ‘on’ light from an electrical device. The strange faces are very interesting though and an extraordinarily weird image. There is more information about spirit guides captured on camera in the Edwardian Spiritualist Ghost Pictures section of this website.

Horrific Ghost Snapped at Old Folks Home!

 Horror Ghost Picture

Sender’s Comments: The photo was taken in a old people’s home in low light condition’s. The pixels are very low and when I took the photo there was no one in front of the camera. I was shocked as to what showed up on film.

This is certainly one of the most shocking ghost pictures we’ve received to date. It looks like someone’s granddad is about to be devoured by a giant bird! There is a consistent grain on the image caused by the low light which confirms that this image had not been tampered with. I think the ‘Birdman’ is the blurred image of someone standing up quickly from the chair that is partially visible in the foreground of the picture. The ‘beak’ may be a shadow on the wall behind. With such low light, all sorts of things are possible. Next time I visit an old folks home, I’ll keep my eyes open for gigantic man-eating birds just in case I’m wrong about this one.

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