What the Naadi Predictions say about the Coronavirus Pandemic

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On the predictions section of this website and my YouTube Channel I said that we would experience a pandemic. I said that it would originate in a laboratory in China. I hinted also that the virus would be the result of a terrorist attack from North Korea.

The prediction has now come true though of course we still do not know the cause of the coronavirus epidemic. Accusations have been made by Donald Trump about the China Virus. It may be some time before we known exactly what is fake news and what is the truth.

Naadi Oracle

To get to the bottom of all this I decided to consult the Naadi oracle in India. Those who have read my books will know of my interest in this topic. I have tracked down an ancient oracle in India that is believed to be thousands of years old.

The Naadi oracles had some shocking things to say. This is all the more astonishing as these oracles were written 5,000 years ago! How did they know that humanity would be suffering  globally from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Predictions from the Naadi Video:

One of the most interesting quotes from the Naadi came from a consultation made by Thomas Ritter some years ago. He claims the Naadi said:

“In the years from 2018, a strange disease in the U.S. but also in Europe and Asia, killing hundreds of thousands. The infected are vulnerable to any disease, harmless in themselves, like colds or infections of even the smallest wounds, which may cause you, however, serious infections and even death.

The forces of ill disappear very quickly, it rarely lasts more than three days until death. The mortality rate among those infected is very high. It was only after decades in the period after the year 2048, will be aware that it was for RISC to a biological weapon. It was released at the instigation of influential circles in the U.S. to address the population growth.”

Naadi Oracle

I have not seen this naadi nor can I confirm that the naadi is real. It is included in the video but I am more interested in what I personally found in the naadi called the Agastya Jeeva Naadi. I am writing a book about my recent trip to India at the start of the Coronavirus outbreak. It will reveal more about the Naadi predictions for the future of the world.

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