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Nightmares Decoded
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This is for a show I made a pilot for in the USA called ‘Nightmares Decoded’. I have written 5 books in the USA about dreams for Sterling a Barnes & Noble imprint. For this show, I demonstrate my skills as a dream decoder. In addition to giving a detailed psychological interpretation of nightmares, I also include clairvoyance which adds a startling – and sometimes shocking – insight into a person’s nightmares.

The blurb from Bio says: “Dream decoder Craig Hamilton-Parker helps people understand their deepest, darkest fears by analyzing their nightmares.


This episode includes a woman who believes her dreams have been infiltrated by evil spirits as a result of voodoo; an epileptic who has horrible nightmares even after having his frontal lobe removed; a woman who dreams of a frightening, faceless, image of her deceased mom; a man whose sleep is riddled with visions of gore and populated by zombies; and a woman who dreams of being pinned to her bed by a demonic, golem-like monster.”



Angel Interrupts Her Horrific Nightmares

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Meeting the Dead in a Nightmare

When Zombies Become Real – Your Horrific Nightmares


This is an extract from my new book

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