Psychic Predictions for China

Psychic Predictions for China
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Long-Term Psychic Predictions for China. Predicted in 2012 and Happening Now…

Psychic Predictions for China made in 2012 by Craig Hamilton-Parker. 
Video of Psychic Predictions for China posted on 10th March 2017.

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2017 Video about Predictions for China

Additional Predictions Made on the Video

  • An economic conflict between America and China.
  • Environmental Catastrophy triggers an economic catastrophe
  • Russia and China Packt
  • The world stops buying Chinese goods

Predictions made in 2012


I predict that we will see a revolution in China sparked I feel, after an incident in or around the seas surrounding Taiwan. This together with more environmental catastrophes lights the fuse for events in China. There will be riots in Hong Kong and Mongolia. (2018 UPDATE: I first predicted this in 2012 but riots in Hong Kong have since happened in 2014. In 2017 and 2018 we have seen the militarization of the disputed Islands.)


I see growing conflicts between Russia and the West. Russia will look to the East and will increase trade with China. Russia will supply China with oil and military technology. There will be a serious challenge to America as the dominant world power as the Russian and Chinese coalition becomes very strong. (2018 UPDATE: Certainly there has been a major challenge between Trump and Xi Jinping.) Japan will feel threatened and will build a nuclear deterrent. For a while, there will be great instability in the region. (2018 UPDATE: Japan has been talking about building a nuclear deterrent)


In the longer term, China will also bring us a fascinating new form of democratic capitalism based upon the ideals of Sun Yat-sen. This will bring hope to China and influence the democracies of the world.  I believe we will see great progress towards the liberation of Tibet. The future Tibet will no longer be inaccessible but will become a spiritual beacon for the world.

The liberation of Tibet will be helped by a fast expanding Indian economy which in the long-term will overtake China. China, however, will form a powerful trading and federalist symbiosis with Russia. (2018 UPDATE: China and Russia have staged joint military exercises. This is something that would have been unprecedented when these predictions were posted made in 2012)

Flashpoints will be Hong Kong, Mongolia and the disputed waters with the Japanese. The revolution will not be as bloody as we saw in the Arab world but there will be a very powerful and sometimes violent move by the people against corruption and the new wealth. The move for democracy will come initially from people who hold to Maoism.

Chairman Mao shot corrupt officials and I believe – following this old tradition – some of the populace will take the fight against corruption into their own hands. This will, in turn, bring a call for democracy and will escalate as the authorities try to further suppress the press and Internet blogs.

Psychic Predictions for China

Psychic Predictions for China see a new revolution.


When troubles hit the world or hit our own lives I feel it is important to look to the spiritual causes if we want to find a solution. Many read spiritual books and listen to spiritual messages but few spend their lives in the pursuit of direct spiritual knowledge. They neglect the chosen ideals that brought them to earthly life in the first place.

And because we have either fallen asleep to reality or are too lazy to follow the spiritual way our earthly lives become a perilous voyage cross a stormy ocean flashed by the lightning of unexpected events and threatened by lurching sea serpents of fear. We are tossed through life without a rudder or a compass.


Spirituality is the oil that can smooth the seas and change the world for the better. We have just come out of an era of corporate greed and political corruption which has affected everyone on a material level but also on a spiritual level as well. From ignorance and fear people say one thing and do another. We are torn between opposing ideas of spirituality and material needs.

I believe that China will see great spiritual changes once its economic machine starts to slow. There will be a resurgence in the old religion of Taoism and Fung Shui and Chinese Astrology will see a resurgence. China will become a happier country that does not entirely rely on material gains but its people will find greater happiness from its past. This will no longer be seen as a burden but as a great foundation for a brighter future.

Predictions Made in 2020

  • I predicted the Hong Kong riots some time ago. I also spoke of a revolution in China. 2020 will see further clashes in Hong Kong with new riots in the Chinese mainland.
  • Faced with the overthrow of government Xi Jinping will agree to sweeping changes. (This is a few more years ahead- not 2020)
  • In the long term, true democracy will emerge based upon the teachings of Sun Yat-sen.
  • In the future, Tibet will become an independent country and declare itself as a Spiritual National Park. (See my other YouTube videos)

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