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Nostradamus: War in Middle East?
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These are some of my Middle East Psychic Predictions. The ones posted at the bottom of the page were made in 2014. Most of these have now come true. The videos on these pages show my latest Middle East Psychic Predictions.


Many modern seers believe that World War III started with the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York on 11th September 2001. Some also claim that today’s terrorists were what Nostradamus saw as ‘The Great King of Terror” and was outlined in this particular passage (Quatrain 10-72) as a 9/11 prophecy:

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois
Du ciel viendra grand Roy deffrayeur
Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angoumois.
Avant après Mars régner par bonheur.

The year 1999 seven months
From the sky will come the great King of Terror.
To resuscitate the great king of the Mongols. Before and after Mars reigns by good luck. (X.72)

Sceptics claim that the exact same passage has already been attributed by interpreters of the Nostradamus Quatrains to the crash of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s airplane in July of 1999. They claim that people have a tendency to make the facts fit AFTER the event but didn’t have a clue to the meaning of Nostradamus’s in this Quatrain prior to the events of 9/11.

Recently Pope Francis said that global conflicts are ‘Piecemeal’ Third World War. He condemned the arms trade and “plotters of terrorism” sowing death and destruction. “Humanity needs to weep and this is the time to weep,” said Pope Francis. (Incidentally the prophecies of the Irish saint Malachy, the 12th century bishop of Armagh, predicted that Pope Francis will be last pope. Citation here. )

Craig Talks About these Predictions in Detail

“My main prediction about Syria is that it will be eventually partitioned by America and Russia with some limited consultation with Turkey and Iran.” 

Initial predictions about this were made and posted here in 2014 Note that a report in the Guardian newspaper on Monday 10th April 2017 say that “Trump aide drew plan on napkin to partition Libya into three.” – could this now be a real possibility?

Middle East Psychic Predictions Made in 2014

Predictions Posted 23 September 2014

For those of you who have been following my Middle East Psychic Predictions and other predictions you will recall that I predicted the Arab Spring .

Before the advent of the Syrian crisis I ‘saw’ a civil war in Syria that would spill over into Iraq. (Predicted 2013see archive) I was wrong however in predicting that Iran would intervene. This has still not happened.


I do however continue to feel that Iran will become less aggressive. Iran may actually aid the US in 2015 to quell future troubles. The US will be forced to intervene in the troubles that are growing across the Middle East today (Posted 23 September 2014).  The conflict will be resolved without a full on US invasion. An unlikely alliance between Turkey and Iran will help to stop the troubles escalating out of control. (Update note Nov 2016: Some of my predictions below made in 2014 were inconceivable then but now have happened or are happening. I have highlighted the predictions that have come to pass below in green)

Middle East Psychic Predictions

  • Bomb in Mecca (Correct 10/10) In the video I say that “I sense there will be a bomb in Mecca” See BBC 23 June 2017 “Saudis ‘foil suicide attack’ on Mecca’s Grand Mosque”
  • The Kurds will have their own nation. (I have been predicting the Partition of Syria for some time There have now been talks see The Guardian 10th April 2017 )
  • Russia will continue to be a problem in the Middle East and towards the end of 2014 and into early 2015 will pour petrol on the fire. (Correct 10/10See Wikipedia for dates) They will also take more of Ukraine but this will be done piecemeal and push the indecisive European Union to near breaking point. Nato will be on red alert for much of 2015 (Correct 10/10Nato was on Red Alert) but there will not be a direct military strike from Nato. Although he is a very healthy man who takes his activities very seriously I feel Putin will have heart problems that will cause him to fall from power.
  • Turkey will send substantial troops into northern Syria. (Correct 10/10 Turkey send in troops August 2016)


  • To the East of Iran there will be internal unrest within Pakistan that could come to the point of a near collapse of the government. India will take advantage of a weak Pakistan and expand its boarders to become a protectorate of Nepal and Kashmir. India will also offer Bangladesh the opportunity to become a part of India again. In the much longer term I believe that Pakistan, Bangladesh and large parts of Afghanistan will become part of India. I also foresee – and this is a long way ahead – that former enemies Russia and China will form a federation and become a powerful trading unit.
  • There will continue to be the usual problems surrounding Israel. The aggression towards Palestine will however not be as bad as they were in 2014 but I feel there will be new troubles at Israel’s northern borders. I see a terrorist attack by missile from the heavily guarded Golan Heights.
  • Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait will work together to help to build a strong New Arab League – a different confederation of Arab nations that put an emphasis on reconciliation between the different branches of Islam.
  • The Saudi Arabian royal family will be the target of an attempted kidnap. (Correct 10/10 Royal Family Kidnaps March 2016)


Please do post your thoughts, comments and predictions below.

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