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Watch part of our TV program ‘Psychic Britain’ that shows us working as a professional psychic medium. We do a ghost hunt, give readings and the program finishes with a demonstration of mediumship in a theatre.

Below is an extract from my book Psychic School that explains how career psychics work professionally. It has tips about presentation and moving towards a career as a medium or psychic. We also offer psychic readings by phone with professional psychics and professional psychic mediums. Click here for more info.

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Becoming Professional Psychic Mediums

The first step to becoming a professional psychic medium is the presentation:


Whether a psychic medium is demonstrating in front of a dozen people or performing at a packed theatre, it is important that the mediumship is presented in a clear and interesting way. The medium must give the audience an understanding of who the spirit communicator is, what kind of information verifies that it is the purported spirit, and what the spirit has to say to the recipient. The medium also needs to speak clearly and with confidence and to know certain spiritual skills, such as moving with the energy of the audience.

Many new psychics and mediums shudder at the prospect of standing in front of an audience. They fear the spirit will not come through. People worry they will freeze and humiliate themselves. Some fear their gift will not work outside of the circle. All are wrong. The quality of clairvoyance or psychic reading may sometimes vary, but experienced mediums know that spirit will never let them down. If spirit communicators can come through in a circle for one person, they also can come through when you demonstrate in front of millions.

If and when your time comes to step in front of an audience, have no fear and do not be unduly concerned if you are trembling like a leaf. All this adrenalin actually helps focus the mind and spirit. The psychic power of the audience will lift your mediumship to new heights. It is easier than working in a circle. And the bigger the crowd, the easier it gets.

Dress Like a Professional Psychic Medium

It was once the case that there was nothing more frightening to the Establishment than a hippie in a suit. It was unnerving because the danger was that people might take them seriously. Similarly, many consider people psychics and mediums to be on the fringe of society. The skeptics feel more comfortable if mediums wear big earrings, brightly colored vests, sequined jackets, or ostentatious dresses.

These are the Madam Zazas or the Gypsy Acorahs from the fairgrounds, and nobody is going to take them seriously. Skeptics sneer at them and can easily dismiss them as entertainers or cranks. But a medium who dresses with polish rings the alarm bells: “Be careful of this one!”

I like to dress like the Establishment. Most other mediums working in television today also dress smartly and project a fashionable, modern air. This is the way it should be if we want to look like professional psychic mediums. Do not use smoking dry ice. Do not play ghost-buster music. We don’t want to look like characters from fairy stories nor do we want to appear as a 1950s Spiritualist. You must look professional and confident.

Mediums have something of value to offer the world. Mediumship is not entertainment. Mediumship challenges science. It challenges religion. The medium’s job is a very serious business that we present in a spirit of cheerfulness and compassion. People are beginning to take it seriously. Dress well and people’s attitudes toward you change.

Professional Psychic Mediums

Looking Professional on Fox News


It is likely that you will feel nervous when you first stand in front of even a small group to give your demonstration of mediumship. This is quite natural and shows that you care about doing well. Prior to your demonstration of mediumship, you would have meditated, and the underlying peacefulness imparted by this state will continue working in the background of your awareness. When you stand up to speak allow this relaxed state to stay with you and transform your nervousness into vitality and enthusiasm.

During the meditation before the demonstration, you may want to include a visualization of yourself giving a first-class demonstration of mediumship. See yourself as professional psychic mediums speaking in a loud, understandable, assured voice with clear information coming through from the spirit. Know also that the audience wants you to do well. As a medium, you will sense their energy and support and this will bolster your self-confidence.

The rest is up to the spirit people. You may have a loose idea of the things you want to say but in my opinion, it is best to just go with the flow and let spirit do the work. There is no need to plan in detail what you are going to say or have any prepared messages to give. The right words will come if you open yourself to the guidance of the spirit. Allow the spirit helpers to inspire you and speak from the heart.


Interact with your audience, and particularly with the person receiving the message. Occasionally you may joke with the audience and talk with them as if they are your personal friends. Encourage them to speak back to you and ask them to explain why they are accepting some of the strange information you give them. This will make the demonstration more interactive and, therefore, more interesting.

Most important is that you and audience hear the voice of the person receiving the message. It is an essential part of the demonstration and it helps the mediumship to work. Tell the recipient at the start that you need to hear his or her voice and, if necessary, badger that person to speak up while you are doing the reading. Someone nodding at you is not much help. Like you, the audience wants to know if what you are saying is being accepted—and they want to hear it being confirmed. If necessary, repeat back the person’s mumbled answer so that the audience is aware that the message is being accepted.

Some professional psychic mediums believe that the voice is a “fluence”—a vibration link that helps the energy to flow between the medium and the sitter. Nonetheless, when we demonstrate mediumship in my Internet chat room we get good results even though there is no voice to work with. Also, I have given evidential demonstrations to academics and skeptics during which it was agreed nobody except me would speak to prove that I was being guided by voice tone.

Voice Helps

The bottom line is that the voice is not essential during a demonstration but it helps. I certainly feel that sometimes the voice helps me to connect to the recipient and, consequently, that our auras become connected. Verbal responses are a sure way to know that your messages are being accepted, and it is far more satisfying and friendly to have this interaction with the audience.

Deliver your mediumship with cheerfulness, compassion, and enthusiasm. If something does go wrong, don’t worry and don’t make apologies; this will only draw attention to something the members of the audience may not have noticed. Instead, concentrate on the mediumship. Listen to the inner voice and relay your messages. In this way the focus of your attention will shift away from your anxieties and toward your mediumship, making it easy for you to project with confidence to your audience.

How to become a psychic or medium:

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