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Do not think of the existence of two entities- this world and the next, here and hereafter. Realize that hereafter is here; this world is interwoven with the next. – Sai Baba

Never before in the history of humanity has so much energy been dedicated to fulfilling material ambitions, collecting possessions and seeking ever more luxurious comfort. In the process, many people have lost sight of the spiritual part of their lives and feel that life is barren of meaning.

On this website and in my books I have tried to take you back to the ancient spiritual source and also show you what lies beyond death. I hope it will inspire you to continue your spiritual search for direct insight, inspiration, and understanding.

The message that shines through my work is that we need not live in perpetual darkness. Everyone can become attuned to spiritual powers and influences. Everyone has latent powers of ESP, mediumship, clairvoyance and all can attain divine consciousness.

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Our Psychic Encounters

Many of the casebooks and psychic experiences you will read are from people who make no claims to having extraordinary paranormal powers. They are ordinary people who, for some unknown reason, have had a spontaneous clairvoyant insight.

You will read of people who have glimpsed the future, communicated by telepathy, traveled out of the body, proved that they’ve lived before, or communicated with the spirit world. In addition, you will read of people who have had miraculous experiences and in particular read about the Indian holy man whose miracles are happening right now in the UK, Australia, and America.

Understanding Psychic Experiences
Your Psychic Experiences are valid

My sources come from my media work and people I have interviewed during my years as a psychic columnist for the national newspapers and magazines in the UK, Australia, America, and South Africa. Some stories have been sent to me via this website at In many cases, I’ve changed names and locations so as to protect the identity of the people involved.

Haunted Houses

You will understand that a haunted house does not sell very well and not everybody is friendly towards people who profess psychic experiences. Amongst my large mailbag, I receive the occasional unsigned letter from hellfire ‘Christians’ and there are many conjurers, cynics, and skeptics who still seek to discredit all things paranormal and all psychic experiences as delusion.

There was a time when people such as this made me angry and I have appeared on many a television debate to defend our corner. Frankly, I don’t care anymore. There’s plenty of scientific evidence to support my claims.

You can read these casebooks and make up your own mind. Many of the stories are based on interviews and letters from my journalistic work and have been checked by editors or corroborated by other journalists. The people who have had the courage to tell their psychic experiences in these pages are honest individuals.

Our Site Stories

The stories and psychic experiences here have been cemented together with casebooks from my own work as a medium and the work of my psychic wife Jane. I have included the messages from the famous medium Doris Stokes and also testimonials and casebooks from sitters who have had a consultation with Jane or myself.

In addition, you will read about our life as a psychic family and I’ve even included a few fun, psychic experiments that you can try for yourself. On the advice of the publishers of the book, I have not included some of the evidence of my mediumistic communications with Princess Diana from sittings with her friends. Also, for reasons of privacy I have not included information about consultations with celebrities who have seen Jane or myself.

The Answers

I don’t claim to have all the answers. I’m not a guru and I can’t wave a magic wand and make people’s problems disappear. Although I have well-developed mediumistic and psychic abilities I do not claim to be more spiritual than the next person.  Like you I am also seeking and will continue to seek for the rest of my life. But this is what life is about, for as we seek so we grow and become. 

On my way, I have discovered various treasures and fellow travelers have shared with me their own experiences about their search. I hope that the psychic casebooks and psychic experiences from my files, my wife Jane’s files, and from all those who have been prepared to help with this book, will throw a little light into this dark world and help guide the way for those who seek spiritual truth.

We offer psychic readings by phone text and email. You can opt for tarot readings, psychic readings, or perhaps mediumship or clairvoyance. For some of the most accurate and caring psychics and mediums give our lines a call.

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The above story is from my series of books about the paranormal check out these two great books:

  • Real Ghost Stories – Sightings, Ouija Board Messages, and Séances
  • Real Angels and Spiritual Encounters

Ask Craig a Question About Your Psychic Experiences

Please add your psychic experiences to the comments at the bottom of this new page

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