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Some clips about the TV series Our Psychic Family that followed our daily lives as psychic mediums. Below the video clips is an article based on an interview for with Daily Mail about how we discovered out gifts and what it’s like living in a psychic family where even the pets are psychic.

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Our Story in Detail: How we met

Daily Mail Newspaper Article

Craig’s Story

Craig Hamilton-ParkerCRAIG’S STORY: “Jane and I were together in a past life, and we were destined to be together in this one. We both have a recurring dream where we’re being chased by soldiers and dogs. It’s during Medieval times and we’re running for our lives. We pass a moat and run into woodland. I think we’re in France.

I believe Jane and me, and our daughter Danielle, were beheaded in our past life and although in the dream we usually wake up before it gets to this point. All three of us have identical birthmarks above the hairline on our necks, where they would have been cut.

Jane and I used to have exactly this same dream before we met, and when we describe it to each other we couldn’t believe it.

It was Jane’s spiritual ‘Guide’, her late grandmother Ethel, who brought us together. She communicated to us from the spirit world and gave us instructions which to us meeting.

The Spiritualist medium Doris Stokes foresees our future

But it was the medium Doris Stokes who first predicted we would get together. In 1982, I went to see her with my sister Vivienne, whose husband had died of cancer. I had recently split from my first wife and was bringing up our sixteen-month-old daughter Celeste, alone.

Doris, who’s now sadly dead, told me that I would marry again. She said my wife’s name would be Jane Wallis and that I would meet her on March 6. She wasn’t said I would have another child with this woman, and that when I met her I would be working as a medium.

At the time I was running an advertising agency, and I thought nothing more of it until six years later March 1988 by which time I’d trained as a psychic.

I’d always been a very spiritual person and into spiritual things, but it was only in my thirties that my powers as a medium really developed. As the recession started to hit my advertising company and the work slowly drained away, I began to have more and more time for psychic matters. I finally closed the business in 1990 and became a full-time medium.

How the spirit world brought us together

I used to practice my powers at Spiritualist churches. The day I first met Jane-March 6,1988-I was doing a demonstration at Eastleigh Spiritualist church in Hampshire. A woman suddenly came through from the other side telling me to speak to a ‘lady in blue’. The woman in my vision said her surname was Barber and turned at to be Jane’s grandmother, Ethel Barber.

Jane was sitting at the front, wearing blue, and I was strongly drawn to her. Ethel told me that Jane was a medium too, and was quite insistent that I ask her for a reading (Mediums can’t do readings on themselves)

So, I ask Jane, in front of the audience, if I could come to see her, and she agreed. What I didn’t know then was that Ethel had also come through to Jane and had told her to wear blue and go to my demonstration.

When I went to see Jane a couple of days later, she had followed her grandmother’s advice and cooked roast beef, which is my favorite. We made an instant connection-presumably because we had known each in a past life-and got on brilliantly.

Doris Stokes had made an uncannily accurate prediction: Jane’s maiden name is Willis, not Wallis but Wallis is her grandmother Ethel’s maiden name.

Both of us were divorced and neither of us had any intention of getting a married quiz, but as it happened we were married within three months. It just felt right. Forces beyond our control were pushing us together.

A paranormal light

I guess you could say that we had an unconventional courtship. We were in bed one night when a huge shimmering ball of light shot into the room. It ricocheted across the walls for about 20 seconds filling the bedroom with silver light and emitting strange, intense energy. Then, as quickly as it had arrived, it was gone.

Jane thinks it was an angel who had come to protect us from poltergeist we were going to exorcize the following night.

Ghost Hunting Date

The next night was a typical ‘date’ for us. We met up with a few other mediums and headed for a barge on the river Hamble which was haunted by the poltergeist, a sailor had been killed by a blow to the head. It was black if and we were taken across the water in a tiny rowing boat. Then we had to walk over a plank onto the barge. Inside it was freezing cold and the lights were flickering on and off.

This ghostly entity made its way around all of us. We all sat in a circle and each of us tried to persuade the sailor to go over into the spirit world. He was frightened because he thought he’d be punished for the things he has done when he was alive. At one point we simultaneously felt a blow to be head, because of the way the sailor had died. We all had to concentrate very hard, and eventually, we persuaded him to pass over.

All our dates were taken up with spiritual matters. We met the Dalai Lama when he was over here in Britain and had days out at psychic fairs. Often we’d go with each other to the venues where we were holding demonstrations.

We got married in Bittern Spiritualist church in Southampton, which resembles a Scout’s hut more than a church. The invitations carried the Ghost Busters logo and read: Your presence is required and spirits will be provided afterward. But we decided against dressing like the Adams Family and wore traditionally clothing.

A lot of the relatives were a bit on edge. I think they expected to see a lot of Ouija boards around and severed hands coming out of the walls.


We stayed in the George and Pilgrim Hotel in Glastonbury on our wedding night. I specially requested the Nun’s Cell, which has wonderful Mediaeval artifacts – a four-poster bed, stained glass windows-and, best of all, is haunted by nuns. We stayed up all night hoping one of them would pay us a visit, but we were disappointed. No one turned up.

Soon Jane was pregnant with Danielle, who is an extremely psychic child. Because she has grown up with what we do, she takes the spirit world completely for granted. If Danielle sees auras and colors around people, just like Jane and I. If any of her friends want to pop into the house when we’re working, she says:’ Oh no, you can’t go in now Daddy (or Mummy) is talking to the spirits.’ I dread to think what the neighbors think.

When I’m out with her I’ll offer to buy her sweets, but Danielle says: ‘It’s all right, I think Mum is buying me some now.’ And she’s right.

Danielle is the only one of our children living with us and the only one who is psychic. Celeste, my daughter from my first marriage, is 16 and Jane has two children from her other marriage, Justin, 23 and 19-year-old Chantal. (Update: Ages now different since article first appeared in the Daily Mail)

Jane and I are able to send out psychic thoughts to each other. The other day I popped to the shops to get some washing up liquid and ended up coming back with some silver polish, too which isn’t the sort of thing you usually buy. It turned out Jane had sent me a thought asking me to get some.


We have great telepathy. Often I’ll come home and say to Jane: ‘Oh you met your friend so-and-so today’  and of course she has.

Telepathy works best when two people are in a cheerful frame of mind. Aggression brings down the barriers. So if Jane and I have had a row, we obviously sense the hostility and we can’t penetrate the barrier. But that’s probably not a bad thing, I suppose.

When the Television news is about to come on, we play a quiz when we each have to guess what the lead story that day is going to be. We often guess the same thing- something like a plane crash or a natural disaster. You’d be amazed at how many times we’re right.

William’ our Dachshund/Jack Russell cross is also psychic. He’s 16 now and very lively for his age. He sees things, he’s very tuned in. (Update: William has now passed over- and Jane has seen his ghost from time to time. I am sure he is horrified to see that we now have three cats: – who also seem to have linked into the psychic energies that surround us)


He stays with Jane when she does her consultations and sees the aura around the person she’s with. If he doesn’t like them, he growls Jane takes notice of him because he has a sixth sense and knows if there is something bad about a person.

Often Jane and I are upstairs and we’ll want William to join us, so we send a mental command out to him and he comes running up the stairs. When either of us is on our way home from somewhere, he goes and sits by the door until we arrive. It can be any time of day; there’s no pattern to it.

When he was younger he used to go and find Jane when she went out. He always knew where she was. He’s quite amazing, really.

Jane’s Story

Jane Hamilton-ParkerJANE’S STORY: A few days before I met Craig, I sent a prayer up to the spirit world asking it to find me a nice spiritual man. When I met Craig I had this feeling I’d known him all my life. There were these piercing blue eyes gazing down at me, and when he asked me to give him a reading I could hardly get the words out. I was shaking.

A voice from the spirit world told me he was the right man, but I replied: ‘No, you can have him back.’ After one unsuccessful marriage, I was wary about getting involved with another man.

My first husband wasn’t remotely spiritual and, basically, thought I was bonkers. But it was really refreshing to meet someone like Craig, who was on the same wavelength as me. It wasn’t long before I gave into my feelings.

Doris Stokes

I think Doris Stokes and her husband John played a large part in bringing us together, because of what she said to Craig all those years ago. John, who has since passed over, gave me away at the wedding, and I’d like to think Doris was there, watching over us.

Soon after we met I fell pregnant with our daughter Danielle, who’s now eight. My husband’s so in tune with me that, during the pregnancy, he swelled up like a balloon. His waist expanded from 32 to 38 inches, and he had terrible pains.

I had a water birth at home, and Craig got into the special inflatable bath we used to help with the birth. They say that babies born under water are more spiritual and that is certainly the case with Danielle.

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Psychic Living

Craig and I are very, very happy. Psychics are extremely sensitive, highly attuned people, so we’re very aware of each other’s feelings. It was meant to be. Our paths had crossed spiritually and it felt right. I feel that the psychic gift is in our genes and also that we are spiritually twin souls too.

Our house stands on Ley lines of power points which draw in the Earth’s energy so it has lots of good vibes. The house is on the site of an old monastery but we’ve never had any ghosts. They’d have to be invited first!

I often know what Craig is thinking, and vice versa. It can be something quite mundane. I’ll be thinking I quite fancy a curry and he’ll say: ‘You want a curry, don’t you darling? I’ll go and get one.’

Sixth Sense

My sixth sense also tells me if Craig is in danger. Once, I was sitting at home relaxing when a mental image flashed before me of Craig and a red car, and then I saw a stag. A bright red aura filled the room and I sensed danger.

Half an hour later, Craig came home and said: ‘You’ll never believe it I’ve just hit a stag. I could have been killed.’ He was very shaken

Luckily, the stag wasn’t badly injured. In the dark, it had come out of nowhere into the road. The feeling I’d had been similar to what a lot of people get when someone close to them dies or gives birth.

Once, I was walking down the road struggling to juggle the shopping and Danielle, who was a baby at the time. Out of the blue, Craig turned up in his car, even though I was four miles from home. He’s got a picture of me exactly where I was and realized I could do with some help.

We lead a very spiritual lifestyle. On October 31, Halloween we’re going to India in the hope of meeting Sathya Sai Baba, the celebrated mystic. He has a massive following and chooses who he is going to see. We feel drawn to go there.

Shared Dreams

Both Craig and I have been having dreams about him. We feel he’s calling us to go to India and wants to see us. Danielle also feels drawn to him. She says she has seen an image of Sai Baba in the hall on several occasions.

Our special powers are a gift from God to help people get in touch with loved ones who have passed over. Many people find it a great comfort.

I was born with psychic abilities. As a child, I saw auras and colors and could hear voices. Once, at my grandmother’s house, I saw a woman wearing a long, old-fashioned nurses uniform. Her name was Alice.

I said to my grandmother Ethel: ‘I didn’t know someone called Alice lived here.’ She told me that it was her sister, a nurse who had been killed by a bomb during the war.

She said I was an extremely psychic child and she promised to protect me, which she did.

Being Psychic

Craig has always been psychic, too. He had out-of-body experiences as a child and saw auras around people. However, he didn’t develop his powers as a medium until he was much older, in his late 20’s

Although we have this special gift, we’re normal people and do the same everyday things as everyone else. If I’m shopping in Sainburys, people come up to me and say: ‘Fancy seeing you in here,’ as if psychics don’t eat.

You can see the look of surprise when people come here and see the house looks like any other with not a crystal ball in sight.

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