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Dog Premonition
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Into The Twilight Bone!

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Here are a few examples of readings that have either proven that a pet has survived death or indicated that a pet or animal has ESP (Extra-sensory-perception) and animal telepathy.

A Warning from Dad – and a Dog’s Premonition

Real Experience

Beverly McCleery, 31 was surprised at the news her dead dad gave her. Dad worked on a building site and would always give my brother Kenny, 34, a lift to work. And his dog, Donut, would go along for the ride. But one day in November 2000, Donut howled and whined and refused to get in the car.

That made Kenny also feel uneasy and, at the last minute, he decided not to go to work that day. Something was telling him he shouldn’t go. That was the last time we saw Dad alive. On his way to work, he collided with another Shockedvehicle and was killed.

The inquest could not prove a cause of death. For me, the uncertainty of not knowing was hard to bear. I needed to know why Dad’s life had been taken away so suddenly. Three months after the accident, I rang Craig Hamilton-Parker for a consultation. I had seen him before and he’s given me some excellent proof of my grandmother’s spirit. Could he explain what had happened at the accident?

Craig Talks about Psychic Animals

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Craig described exactly what Dad was like and in particular his dry sense of humor. He named my childhood home and described the happy days we’d had there. Once Craig felt he was in touch with Dad, he proceeded to give me a message. ‘Your dad is telling me that it was the bump on the head that was the cause of his death, not the accident.

I was so shocked when Craig said this. His answer shook me to the soul. Only I and a couple of others knew about the blow Dad had had a few days before he died. He had since complained of dizziness and the doctor had given him some tablets. What Craig was saying made a lot of sense as this would not have been spotted during an autopsy.

“What he said Shook my Soul”

Dad said that he was pleased I was studying criminology at university and was proud of me. This is a big year for me. Now that I have finished my studies I’m hoping to start a career as a probation officer. I’m sure that dad is helping me from the other side.


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