Sagittarius Love Horoscope: Friendly but Blunt

Sagittarius Sign
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Sagittarius Love HoroscopeSagittarius in Brief: You are friendly enthusiastic and tolerant. You love freedom and adventure. Sometimes you exaggerate things and can be blunt. In love, you are emotionally idealistic and have acute judgment. You also have a happy go lucky nature sometimes and need total freedom.

Sagittarius Personality

Ruling Planet, Jupiter – symbolizing luck and good fortune.

Number, 3; Color, Purple; Day, Thursday; Metal and Jewels, Tin, Amethyst, Topaz and Chrysolite.

The Sun enters Sagittarius about November 23rd and leaves again about December 2Ist.

The Centaur Story

The symbol of the Sign is a Centaur. This is the mythical monster, half man, half horse, who was portrayed armed with a bow and arrow. In the Constellation three stars, easily distinguished, stand for the bow. The particular Centaur represented (there were others) was Chiron. He is the son of Saturn, who retired to the woods where he devoted himself to the study of herbs and the observation of the stars.

In the result, he became a celebrated Astrologer and healer so that people from far-distant lands flocked to hear his teaching.

Esculapius, the first physician, was one of his pupils, Hercules was another, though traditionally almost all the Homeric heroes were under his care at one time or another. Of all his pupils Hercules was the most devoted, but Hercules was carrying on the war against the Centaurs in Thessaly, and one day, seeing a monster in the distance, shot an arrow at him.

The Centaur fell mortally wounded, when, to his horror, Hercules discovered he had shot his old friend and teacher. Frantically he prayed to be eased from his pain, on which Jupiter raised the dying Chiron to a place amongst the Constellations.


As always, the story of the naming of the Sign should be studied when tracing the characteristics of those under its influence. This is a fortunate time of year in which to be born, since when troubles come, Jupiter will be watching, ready to help, as he helped Chiron. The bow, too, is another form of the rainbow, the emblem of Hope.

The people of Sagittarius are quick-witted and resourceful like an archer. They have energy and determination, and while reluctant to interfere with others, are quick to resent any interference with themselves. Travel is not fortunate to them, vet often it is their fate to have to undertake long journeys. They should beware of accidents, particularly accidents caused by animals, though they are very fond of all so-called dumb creatures, and have great influence over them.


A fault against which they should be on their guard is their tendency to be exacting, to fault-finding and selfishness, to taking offense where none is meant. They hate to be ruled, and, though they enjoy companionship, do not work well under a master. Extremely impulsive, the old proverb, “marry in haste, repent at leisure,” often applies with tragic force, but they have great determination and when they take up any career will work at it till they drop. Unfortunately, their impulsiveness often leads them to give up one business or profession and adopt another.

At their worst, they seem seldom to be in the same mind two days together.

Some important event or change of fortune will mark their thirtieth year. Those born between two and four in the afternoon are sure to travel far.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Compatibility: You harmonize best with: Leo and Aries. There are mutual help and support with: Libra and Aquarius. You either repel or attract Gemini. You may ignore, avoid or adapt to Virgo and Pisces.

Sagittarius is honest and straight forward. They are sincere in their relationships and are frank and cheerful. They like to be sociable and attempt to keep people comfortable in their company.

Sagittarius are loyal to their relationships and occasionally can become a little vulnerable by being over sincere. They do however like their independence. A relationship with them can see swings of agony and ecstasy and be filled with many good and bad moments.

The Sagittarius man has an outspoken and generous attitude to life. He is lovable by can sometimes resist love for fear of losing his freedom.

The Sagittarius woman is also a paradox: She makes a good mother but hates being a housewife.

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