How soon after a death should you consult a medium?

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Craig Hamilton-Parker discusses consulting a medium and how to find a good one and how long you should wait before attempting to make a communication with the spirit.

If you have just lost someone it is natural to want to consult a medium and make contact with the deceased person as soon as possible. You may be very bereaved and it is likely that there are many things you wanted to say and farewells you wanted to make. You may feel traumatized and want to make contact immediately. I suggest however that you take your time. Let the process of grief, bereavement, and recovery to take place and allow your emotions to settle before you visit a medium or call a psychic.

Jane and I have had people visit us soon after death and we have had successful communications made but I would still suggest that you do not rush into a consultation straight away. The spirit-person needs a little time to adjust and acclimatize to their new world and – perhaps more importantly – YOU also need to adjust to the new situation.

Even when we know death is coming it is still a huge shock and it is inevitably a painful process. Your own grief can also become a barrier to making a connection as your aura will be agitated and – even though you desperately want to make contact – it can make it hard for the spirit to get through.

They say that grief is the price we pay for love…

Will the Deceased Try and Contact Me?

You may get signs that the spirit person is near to you. Often clocks stop, pictures fall off the wall, butterflies land on the coffin or you may smell a beautiful perfume. But do not get obsessed with signs or the lack of them. The signs often come immediately after death, around important anniversaries as well as when they are ready to make contact through a medium.

Some people interpret every orb on a camera as the spirit or the slightest thing as a sign. Sometimes people panic thinking that these are signs that the spirit is in distress. They are not. When a person dies they are helped by the spirits on the other side.

Are they all right?

One of the biggest worries people have is the fear that their loved one may not have crossed over. There are many very silly and immature programs on the television and on film that suggest that some spirits get stuck and become ghosts trapped on the earth plane. Programs such as Most Haunted the American equivalents seriously misguide people.

If you get to know any real Spiritualist mediums you will soon discover that mediums universally agree that the spirit will not get trapped. Your loved one is safe and goes straight to the next life. I, and other well-known Spiritualists have written at great length on this site to help dispel some of these misconceptions.

When Should You Consult a Medium?

If you can wait until the rawness and shock that comes from death have settled a little then you and the spirit communicator will be able to build a much more stable bridge of love between the two worlds and the medium’s work will be much more accurate and evidential. I would suggest that you wait at least three months before setting out on your spiritual quest. And remember that sometimes it can take a long time to get the absolute proof you need that life continues after death but persevere as you will eventually get the comforting proof you need.

I have written a supportive book to help people like you called What To Do When You Are Dead. In the book, I hope to give you an overview of what many religions and particularly Spiritualists have to say about the glorious world of the next life.

Your First Step: Look into Spiritualism

I would suggest as a first step you look into Spiritualism. You will find that the Sunday services at your local Spiritualist Church can be very comforting. These usually start at about 6.00 pm and will include a few hymns, an uplifting talk by the visiting medium and a demonstration of mediumship. During the demonstration, the medium will come to members of the congregation and give messages from the spirit communicator. Although this is a public event, you will find that because so many others in the room have also suffered as you have that the energy and support you receive will make it easier for the spirit communicator to get through.

Spiritualism is free but just like in a Christian Church, there is a collection – a ‘free will offering’. Most people put a pound or two into the collection. If you want to consult a medium you can ask people here for recommendations. The ‘mediums secretary’ will have a list of local mediums who you can consult.

Example: Craig Demonstrating at Spiritualist Church

Consult a Medium

On this site, we occasionally offer free evenings of mediumship where I and others give demonstrations of mediumship top visitors to the community area.  If you visit on at the demonstration times shown on this page you can watch an uplifting demonstration of mediumship and spirit contact. Afterward, you are welcome to stay and have a chat.

We also have a paid-for service. The psychic phone readers are best at helping people with life problems and romance etc. For mediumship, I suggest you call or visit Jane and myself, though again let me reaffirm: wait until the time feels right and you are over some of the worst of the emotional troubles.

They are Happy

Your loved ones are is a beautiful world of light. They are safe and happy so do not fear them. There is no hurry and I’m sure if you take your time you will eventually get the comforting proof you need to know that your loved one is safe and well in the next life.

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