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Craig and Jane are both mediums – that is they have the ability to communicate with the dead. As you can imagine, it is very unusual for both people in a marriage to be mediums particularly when both are at the top of their field.

Psychics and Mediums Craig & Jane Hamiton-Parker

The couple’s main work is to give proof of life after death but they also have many other ‘gifts of the spirit’.   These include clairvoyance, telepathy, psychometry, aura awareness, and the ability to see the future. Acclaimed for their honesty and integrity, Craig and Jane are able to give astonishingly accurate proofs of life after death and have stunned audiences and skeptics alike.

Craig and Jane are a down to earth, husband and wife team, unlike any other.

Readings with Craig & Jane

Craig and Jane are a happy couple who present their philosophy in a down to earth manner. They deliver their inspired messages in a spirit of cheerfulness and compassion and give timely succor and comfort to the bereaved.

Craig works by telephone and email giving readings to his international clients.

Jane works from her home in Eastleigh, UK giving face-to-face readings.

Theatre, Workshops and TV Shows

Craig and Jane have appeared on TV many times and have had their own TV shows in the UK and America. They hosted their own spot on the Big Breakfast with Paula Yates and Chris Evans, had a complimentary three-part BBC documentary made about their psychic teachings, had their own TV series called ‘Our Psychic Family’ and a TV series in America called ‘Nightmares Decode’. Their most controversial show was communicating with Princess Diana’s spirit on Live international TV.

You can watch some of their shows and their YouTube channel at the link below. Or why not come and see them live at a theater or hall near you?

Extremely interesting. That’s incredible! Only the guy arranging it and me knew that. I’m really impressed. Spot on!

David Icke (Thought Leader) describing his reading on Mystic Challenge


Testimonials: Celebs and Princess Diana

They are the real deal

Eric Roberts (“A” List Actor) talking about his reading on Mystic Journey to India

Bestseller Books and Amazing Films

Craig is an internationally acclaimed author and filmmaker. His works have been published in the UK, America and in many different languages. The book Hidden Meaning of Dreams was a best seller in the USA. Craig has also written books about psychic development, mediumship, life after death and psychic protection.

I’m a skeptic about these things but it was uncanny what he got right!

Diane Abbot (former UK Shadow Home Secretary) describing her reading on Mystic Challenge

Craig’s most recent work has been about destiny and consciousness. In ‘Messages from the Universe’ we read how he visited India and met holy men and astrologers who have helped him unlock secrets from 10,000 years ago. His book Mystic Journey to India was made into a feature length film that is now available on Amazon.


Our Psychic Life

Below is a short biography of Craig and Jane. You can also read more throughout the website. Check out our work with the spirit of Princess Diana. If you enjoy this true story you may also enjoy the stories of how Craig and Jane met and their psychic family.



Before becoming a full-time medium, Jane was an RMN psychiatric nurse and a general sick children’s nurse. She also worked as a counselor for the Samaritans and palliative care with the dying. Jane’s clairvoyant grandmother first showed her how to unlock her psychic abilities. As a young woman, Jane was soon to become a renowned psychic medium with a large local following.

In the 1980’s, she traveled extensively on the Cunard liners where she gave clairvoyant readings to many A-List celebrities including James Cagney, Danny La Rue, and Alan Whicker. Today, her clients come from all lifestyles to get insights into the future and astonishing proofs of life after death.


The medium Doris Stokes was the first person to recognise Craig’s mediumistic gift. She predicted that he would give up his lucrative career as the managing director of an advertising agency and become a full-time medium.  The predictions happened and in his early 20’s, Craig became one of the UK’s top mediums.

Craig worked for many years as a platform medium within Spiritualism where – as predicted by Doris Stokes – he met his future wife Jane in 1987. Craig is the author of 15 books published by Random House and Barnes & Noble. He has a number of bestsellers translated into many languages.

Craig is also an authority on the Secret Oracles of India that is now a feature film called ‘Mystic Journey to India’. The miraculous Siddha yogis have guided and helped him to enhance his spiritual gifts. A rishi writing a message in a 10,000-year-old document has given him the spiritual name Parameswaran.

International Media Work

In 1994, Bob Geldof invited Craig and Jane to work with his wife Paula Yates on the new morning show called ‘The Big Breakfast’. Their weekly spot called ‘Next Week’s News Today!’ was an instant success. Here they also met and gave readings to many of the guests from the show including Patrick Swayze and Oliver Reed.

The remarkable success rate at making news predictions attracted press attention. They were soon on all the chat shows and given their own news columns in the national press.

Craig and Jane have taken part in TV shows all over the world including America, Iceland, Greece, Russia, Japan, and South Korea. In the UK, they had their own TV series called ‘Our Psychic Family’ and were the central focus of a major three part ‘Everyman’ documentary for the BBC.  In America, Craig anchored the TV series ‘Nightmares Decoded’ and was the astrologer for the cinema film ‘Cristiano Ronaldo: The World at His Feet’.

Watched by millions in an international live broadcast, Craig and Jane’s ‘Princess Diana Séances’ gained them international fame. In response to the show, they visited New York with Princess Diana’s personal secretary to appear on top US programmes. In recent years, they have filmed in Hollywood and Beverly Hills and given reading to top celebrities.

A-list actor and Golden Globe Award nominee Eric Roberts – the brother of Julia Roberts – says “Craig and Jane are the Real Deal.” You can watch his reading on our site as well as readings with Diane Abbot – the British Shadow Home Secretary, punk-pop legend Toyah Willcox, Angie Best – the wife of George Best, presenter Chris Packham and controversial speaker David Icke.

The Foundation

Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker do most of their public work for free. The profits from their theater and TV Shows go into their foundation. This has been set up to build a free spiritual center where people can learn about mediumship and spiritual values. The foundation feeds children in India, helps orphans and mentally subnormal children and buys cows for the desperately poor.

Setting a New Standard

Craig and Jane set a new standard in mediumship through personal example. They have a small team of helpers including Linda Dearsley who was the author of the Doris Stokes books.

Their intelligent teachings and accurate mediumship inspires people to learn more about higher consciousness. The couple and their team of helpers have dedicated their lives to serving spirit as they endeavor to help people find their way in these troubled times.

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