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Spirit of Diana Seance
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Psychics Contacting Princess Diana’s Spirit

The program Spirit of Diana had a production cost nearing $1 million for the 86 minute program and watched by 30 million viewers in America and around the world. It was so sensitive a subject that it was initially banned in the UK and only recently shown on the UK SciFi Channel. The program saw Craig and Jane retrace the last days of Princess Diana and concluded with them conducting a live séance in London.

During the sittings, conducted with friends and confidants of the Princess, Craig and Jane were able to give rock-solid proof that the spirit of the Princess was communicating.

They told the participants personal things that only the princess could have known – proofs could never have been known by researching the internet and so on.

Diana’s Psychic Contact Video

Seen by 30 million people worldwide The Spirit of Diana was an American documentary in which Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker contacted the spirit of Princess Diana at a live TV séance. They attempted to tune in to Diana’s spirit on the journey from the Ritz to the Pont de L’Alma, where the fateful car crash resulted in the death of Princess Diana, Dodi and the driver Henri Paul.

The mediums investigated the car crash site as well as other significant venues in both Paris and London. Their fascinating paranormal investigation concluded with a live TV séance with friends and confidants of the Princess of Wales.

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