Dream Witchcraft: The Power of Moon Sorcery and Magic.

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Witchcraft and paganism are more popular than ever and many people are now turning to the old pre-Christian religions for ancient knowledge, spells and direct spiritual insight. Modern witchcraft is mainly based around a form developed in the 19th century and called Wicca- meaning ‘wise ones’. Wiccans are usually members of a coven, or group, that is lead by a High Priestess and High Priest.

This is a copyrighted extract from my book  Psychic Dreaming  by Craig Hamilton-Parker ( ISBN 1-4027-0474-7 Sterling Publishers 2004 )

Wicca is inspired by the old Nature Religions that worshiped the Earth and the seasons. It therefore places great importance on the equinoxes and phases of the moon and celebrates the pre-Christian festivals of Yule, Imbolc, Lady Day, Beltaine, Midsummer, Lughnassad, Mabon, and Samhain. Wiccans believe that each natural cycle has its use in magic and by living in tune with these natural phases we become more spiritually powerful and able to smooth our life path.

Wiccans believe that psychic dreams are connected to nature’s cycles. The seasons from spring to autumn are said to be periods of accelerated learning when you will receive teaching dreams about your life and path. The winter is understood to be the time when dreams are most vivid as this season is one of inner growth. During this time our dreams will assimilate the lessons from the previous seasons. It is the right time to seed your hopes for the future using dream incubation and plan your goals for the coming spring.


Witchcraft stereotypes

Dreams enhance the practitioner’s supernatural powers and assist the actualization of a ritual’s. In particular, the sleeper will learn to control their magical powers when dreaming and use their dreams as a means to directly influence people and events. Some forms of sorcery encourage the dreamer to awaken in their dream and to perform dream actions – such as bringing the hands together during a dream. These techniques trigger lucid dreaming and give the practitioner access to special powers that may include the ability to appear in other people’s dreams. Some of the stories of flying witches probably originate from descriptions of lucid dreams or similar states of consciousness triggered by hallucinogenic potions. Lucid dreaming may enable the practitioner to enter altered states of consciousness and access other realities.

Of particular importance to the followers of magick is the influence of the moon. For the Wiccan, the Moon is a real force that has a powerful effect upon our inner state. It has long been known that the gravity of the Moon and Sun affects life on Earth and ancient pagans used to harness her powers for insight into the future, for spiritual healing and as a force for good. For example, you may work a spell at an auspicious lunar cycle and then dream that evening about your wish comiing true. It is said that if this happens then it will not be long until the dream becomes a reality.

According Wicca lore, the content and quality of dreams can be affected by the lunar cycle. Five days before a full moon, dreams are said to become more vivid and gradually reach complete lucidity as the moon becomes full. If you are not at peace with yourself, the full moon can disrupt your psychic energy and your dreams may be frightening or strange. The term ‘Lunatic’ originated from the fact asylum inmates were observed to be disturbed at the time of a full moon. Some people may become depresses during a full moon cycle, or experience mood swings and exhaustion. However if you are centered and in control of your own life this time can be one for great spiritual progress when you can use the moon’s energy to your advantage.

The moon is associated with the power of the goddess and her powers of intuition, clairvoyance and dream insight. Moon magic is personified by three Goddesses that are aligned to the three main phases of the Moon:

Maiden: Waxing. A time when dreams may inspire you with new ideas
Mother: Full. A time of great lucidity and healing when magical powers can be used.
Crone: Waning moon. The Crone or Matriarch gives wisdom and insight into the future.

Signs and Symbols:

The Wiccans beloved moon may also represent your own inner state. The psychologist Carl Jung explained that when a circle appears in a dream it is a sign that the person is moving towards psychological wholeness. A full moon may therefore represent the totality of the self and higher consciousness. If the moon is eclipsed, then it shows that something in the personality is being repressed- Freud would say that this shows getting rid of the attachment to your mother. In earlier times eclipses were considered to be prelude to disaster. If your dream is prophetic then this may show worrying events on the horizon.

Within dreams the moon can symbolize the possibility of personal growth. Associated with the goddess the moon can also represent the feminine aspect of the self and anything hidden or mysterious.

In earlier times when paganism and Gnosticism were suppressed by the church the appearance of witchcraft themes in dreams were considered to be very bad omens as they were associated with the Devil and all his works.  They boded ill for love and business ventures. In some superstitions the symbolism is reversed and a witch for example forecasts a time of hilarious enjoyment. Similarly a wizard in some superstition dream books is shown to predict you will have a big family but also a broken engagement! Similarly dreams about the devil may bring despair and failure. If a farmer dreams of the devil it indicates that crops will fail which a particularly odd superstition as the form of the devil was based upon the cloven footed god Pan who brought fertility and abundance to the people of the ancient world.

The symbols associated with witchcraft will also appear in dreams as images that represent what’s happening in your own psychology. A witch for example may represent a destructive aspect of the unconscious. She may symbolize something that you have repressed and that is trying to get recognition. She may represent negative qualities such as moodiness, dislike of women, deceit or jealousy. Similarly a wizard may encapsulate qualities of egotism and misuse of power. If the devil appears in your dream he probably symbolizes the things about yourself that you fear and in particular repressed sexual desires. As he comes from the underground world he may represent things from the unconscious that lie ‘below’ normal awareness. He is a symbol that encapsulates all of your hidden fears.

This is a copyrighted extract from my book  Psychic Dreaming  by Craig Hamilton-Parker ( ISBN 1-4027-0474-7 Sterling Publishers 2004 )

This is an extract from my new book

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