Phone Reading with Craig

Craig Hamilton-Parker (Parameswaran)

Personal Medium Readings with Craig: Get Craig for 45 minutes on a personal call.

Craig has a lifetime’s experience as a Spiritualist medium and is the author of 15 books translated into many languages. He has spent time in India exploring the ancient, secret oracles.  The Siddha yogis recognize him as the reincarnation of a rishi. They gave him the spiritual name Parameswaran.

Craig can work as a medium - giving proof of life after death - or as a clairvoyant - giving guidance about your life and future. New reading slots are posted at the start of every month but often sell out quickly. If I'm booked see the additional options further down the page.

Phone Reading £150 for 45 mins.

Readings last for 45 minutes and cost £150. You will be able to pay in your own currency when you make your booking.

You Call Me

You will call me on a number that I will provide once the payment goes through. This is a standard UK BT land-line number so normal network rates or international call rates will apply when you call me. I do not work by Skype.


If you call at the wrong time or fail to call, then your payment is non-refundable. You are paying for a ticket for my time on a specific date so missed appointments cannot be filled.

These are UK Times!

These are UK Times. If you book from overseas make sure you allow for the time difference. For example the UK is 8 hours ahead of Los Angeles and so on.

Times Cannot be Changed

Please be absolutely sure of your availability before booking. If you need to change your booked time, an email reading will be offered instead. To contact me go here.

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Note: Times Quoted are UK TIMES


More Options:


Audio Reading by Email £150

A convenient way to get a reading on an MP3 recording sent by email. Craig will answer your burning questions using clairvoyance and the I Ching Oracle.

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"I'm overjoyed. To me this is proof that my father is there, somewhere. How else could Craig have known those things?... In fact, for one strange moment in the dim light, I almost believe it's my dad sitting there. I leave feeling buoyant and comforted. I find myself talking to my parents in my head. Thanks to Craig, I'm convinced they can hear me."
Journalist Amanda Ward - The Daily Express.


"Craig said Rob was wearing a cowboy hat. This was one of the few items of clothes I had of his- we'd bought it while on holiday. Then Craig said: 'We must never use the M word.' I gasped. This was a private joke between me and Rob about whether or not I should get married again." Portsmouth News


"Andy and I got along immediately. He was exactly as Craig had described. He'd been married to an American woman and still visited America regularly. He also told me how he enjoyed horse racing as a child. I asked him if he believed in reincarnation. His answer shook me to the soul..."
Know Your Destiny Magazine


"Craig is one of the most highly-respected spiritualists and mediums out there."
Weekly News