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Private Clairvoyant Consultations with Jane

Jane Hamilton-Parker does clairvoyant consultations by private appointment at her home in Eastleigh, Hampshire. She can work as a medium giving proof of life after death or as a clairvoyant giving insights into life issues. It is practical to visit from Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester and London. Also from Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Dorset and South of England.

"Amazing I came out of the reading shaking because so much of the reading was accurate. What made Jane better than the rest? Maybe you really do get what you pay for..."
Journalist Andrea Kon writing in BEST MAGAZINE

Jane's Video About Clairvoyant Consultations

Clip from Craig & Jane's TV Series 'Our Psychic Family'

Visit from Southampton and London

Eastleigh is close to Southampton and Winchester in the South of England. Jane does clairvoyant consultations from her home in Eastleigh. It is about a 2 hour drive from London.


Readings from home cost £75 for an hour during the week and £85 on a Saturday or after 5.00pm weekdays. (Additional sitters on the same hour session £25 per person) Please let Jane know what sort of consultation you require. She will telephone you to make arrangements when you send in the contact form from this website. Your clairvoyant consultation lasts for about one hour and can be clairvoyance (guidance about your life and the future) or mediumistic (communication with the afterlife)



PLEASE NOTE: Psychic, clairvoyant consultations and mediumistic readings are not appropriate for people on medication, suffering from clinical depression or with suicidal urges.

About Mediumship

You have nothing to worry about as your sitting will be conducted with cheerfulness and compassion. Mediumistic sittings are not for fortune telling but are experimental sessions to provide evidence of survival, although no particular contact can be guaranteed. Clairvoyant consultations focus on your life issues and give guidance. If you are a newcomer to this subject you may want to read our FAQ guidelines about getting a reading with a medium

Working on TV

In the video clips below Jane gives a reading on 'Our Psychic Family' Television series. The reading takes place in her spiritual room at home and is a typical representation of what a reading with Jane is like. Jane has also given celebrity readings on Television including to the wife of footballer George Best. More examples of celebrity readings can be found on the media section of this website. The second clip is from the BBC Everyman documentary about the lives of Craig and Jane.


Mediumship Testimonial

This is just one of many hundreds of positive testimonials. This is an extract from an article in Psychic News about Jane's clairvoyant consultations and mediumship:


Psychic NewsI am writing in the hope that other readers may find comfort that I have found through mediumship. My husband passed to the Spirit World fourteen months ago after a long battle with cancer. I was desperate to know he was safe and well after all his suffering I needed to know for certain that he was indeed in the Spirit World.

After seeing Jane Hamilton-Parker on two occasions, I have no doubt whatsoever that it is so. She is truly amazing. She gave me information on private things that no one else could know, like names of loved ones long since passed, and whom my husband has now met again, and so much more. I am one hundred convinced of the evidence.

I miss him so much and I still hurt. The loneliness is hard to bear. Yet I do feel comfort knowing that he is not in pain and is happy and well again. Since seeing Jane, I seem to feel my husband's presence around me, and it helps me go on. My children, who were with me when I went to see her, were also convinced of the evidence, and it helped them with the physical loss of their beloved dad.

Patricia Bray - Hungerford, Berkshire.

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