Guidance for Mediums: How to contact your Spirit Guide

Contacting Your Spirit Guide

If you embark on the path of mediumistic development, there will be many changes to your body, mind, and spirit. Some Spiritualists say that mediums often gain weight if they work with trance or physical mediumship as a large body is required in order to produce ectoplasm. Many believe that mediums must watch their sugar intake as mediumship depletes the body of sugar and can cause diabetes if the sugar is not replaced immediately after working. Also, it is said that during the first stages of mediumistic development a person’s sexual urges can swing between the extremes of wanton desire to complete loss of interest.

Jane talks about being guided to become a medium

Bodily Signs

Much of this may be hearsay, but it is nonetheless my opinion that the body needs to be protected while working with mediumship. My own solution is to practice basic Hatha Yoga. These physical exercises were designed thousands of years ago not just as a health system but to prepare the body for the monumental inner changes that happen when a person takes yoga’s inner journey to enlightenment. I do not have the space here to go into detail but there are plenty of books available about yoga. I would encourage all mediums who are serious with their work to practice yoga as a way of protecting their bodies when working with mediumship.

Inner Changes and Signs

Many inner changes also happen to people when they work with these higher functions of the soul. There can be many troubling questions to be resolved, and a person is often made to confront many difficult inner problems. In recent years, mediumship has become fashionable again, causing many people to claim to be mediums. It is hard sometimes to know who is a true medium and who is not. However, a true medium will have been through terrible tests that come to them as part of their development. Although these are inner changes, circumstances will have arrived that have forced them to make those inner changes. For some, it may have been an awful childhood; others, dilemmas faced later in life. The catalyst for spiritual transformation may be the death of a loved one, illness, bankruptcy, or a whole host of unthinkable problems. These troubles, however, do not serve to break the person, but rather teach the medium about suffering and how to find the inner modesty required before gifts can be bestowed on them. All the true mediums I know have suffered badly at some time in their lives, tested to their limit.

As mediumship flowers, there are also many changes to the soul. These transformations begin before we are born and are made in consultation with our guiding mentors in the afterlife. I mentioned earlier that we are “forced” along the path, but this is not really the case. The troubles encountered by mediums happen because the soul knows what is needs to be done even when the neophyte medium is completely unaware of his or her destiny. The lower mind and body may rebel sometimes, but the higher purpose is eventually achieved despite weaknesses. The medium, nonetheless, has a choice in these things and can at any stage return to an ordinary life, if they so wish. This combination of inspiration and suffering is the driving force of the spirit, and I believe it to be the hallmark of the true spiritual teacher.

The Difficult Path

The perilous path of mediumistic development usually makes a person into someone who is both resilient and sensitive. In particular, the aura can now open and expand more than the ordinary person, so enabling the medium to commune with the spirit. At first, it can be very difficult for new mediums to protect themselves from the negative vibrations of our ordinary world. But, with such auric training as mentioned above, they soon learn to how to switch their powers on and off at will.

I often say to my students that it is not the dead you need worry about, but the vibrations of living that can cause you the most trouble. If you can learn to protect yourself from this world’s negativity, dealing with any negative influences from the spirit world is a cinch.

Three things protect a medium:

1) MOTIVATION. The right intent is fundamental to safe mediumship. People who fool around with Ouija Boards or try to develop mediumship for egotistical reasons will have problems. Necromancy and the summoning or casting out of demons is also a perilous path. True mediumship is done with a spirit of service and with the intent of helping the bereaved and inspiring us to greater understanding of the nature of reality. Sincerity of purpose coupled with proper study are the foundation upon which to build these gifts.

2) ENERGY. The aura is the vehicle for the soul and also its protection. Understanding how to open and close the aura enables mediums to work only when they want to. When the aura is closed, no spiritual forces can intrude. Mediums are then able to live ordinary lives. Similarly, developing positive thinking and good human values purifies the aura. In particular, the energy of cheerfulness and humor can generate a great protective force.

3) SPIRIT GUIDANCE. The development of mediumship happens with help from an individual’s spirit guides and helpers, usually within the safety of a development circle. These spirit people also protect the medium’s work in the years to come.

I will explain about how the spirit guides work with us in a moment, but first let us consider the areas in which a medium needs protection:

Evil Spirits

EVIL SPIRITS. Some people use the fear of evil spirits to make a fast buck. Superstitious people may think that evil spirits are to blame for illness, bad luck, and a host of misfortunes. There are many “magicians” who claim they can and will remove these influences–for a price. Moreover, some seemingly religious people–who put money before morals–use the fear of demons to raise money for their affluent preaching lifestyle.

Although evil spirits may exist, they are not as common as these con men would have us believe. Sometimes spirits are misguided, but are not evil as such. They are people–just like us–except they now have no body. Even mischievous spirits are basically good at heart. I have met many people who claim that an evil spirit is harming them, but closer inspection reveals it to be the result of an over-active imagination. In a few cases, a real spirit can be involved, but all these usually require is some guidance and to be made aware that they are “dead.” Most of the claims about evil spirits are nonsense. One of my mediumistic colleagues aptly commented, “If it were possible for mediums to be attacked by such beings, then there would be no mediums working!”

Lost Souls

LOST SOULS: This is another area where there is a great deal of misunderstanding. Souls do not get “lost” per se. Sometimes a person in the spirit may be confused, not realizing that they have died. They are upset because they think that the person they are trying to reach is ignoring them. Similarly, it may take them time to awaken to what has happened, so they remain for a short while in a somnambulist state of awareness. Eventually, they will awaken to the knowledge of the higher life, and the loved ones waiting to greet them. Certainly, a medium–or anyone else–has nothing to fear from such “lost souls.”

Thought Forms

THOUGHT FORMS: I have already explained these in detail. Thought forms are energy fields that have established independent existence but no independent consciousness. To dissipate these, we simply need to remove our fears from our minds, and not feed the energy field with our attention. These fields are very rare phenomena and need not worry mediums. An energy field cannot harm you. Similarly, Mind Fields are energies that surround an individual, a group of people, or an organization, but these also cannot cause serious harm to a medium.

Haunting & Poltergeists

HAUNTINGS AND POLTERGEISTS: These are often thought forms. A poltergeist may be the expression of repressed psychological energy. Haunting are also often a build-up of negative energy, perhaps caused by someone who has been thrust into the spirit without having had time to realize what has happened. A medium can often help in this regard by speaking to them and encouraging them to go with the spirit people waiting to help them. Again, there is nothing here that would harm the medium.

Spirit Possession

POSSESSION: At no time–even while in trance–can a medium be taken over by a spirit against his or her will. Most cases of possession are, in fact, a form of psychological obsession. These cases consist mainly of people of weak mind who have either convinced themselves that they are possessed or are suffering from schizophrenia. In a few rare cases, the influence may be caused by a mischievous spirit who takes advantage of any mental imbalance to draw close. Such a spirit, however, cannot possess a person’s body–there is no room.

A Mediums Spirit Guides and Helpers

“A teacher affects eternity;he can never tell where his influence stops.” ~ Henry Brooks Adams

A mediums spirit guides and helpers are beings from the afterlife worlds who have chosen to help others on their path to enlightenment. In the case of mediums, these beings aid in communication with the next world and protecting the mediums in their charge. Most of these spirit guides and helpers have had previous lives on the earth plane, and they may have spent a great deal of time in the spirit world preparing to work with the medium. In my own case, I believe I have known my guides from previous lives and the time I have spent in the afterlife between earthly incarnations. It could be argued that these guides could be aspects of myself that have become splintered from my own personality. I do not believe this to be the case, and I have been presented with evidence to suggest otherwise (some of which can be found in my book What to Do When You Are Dead).

Are  a Mediums Spirit Guides Enlightened?

From the communications I have received, it appears that spirit guides are not totally enlightened beings; they admit to many imperfections. They speak wisdom, yet retain modesty and humour. Guides may remain with you for a lifetime or stay for just a short period of time. The “gatekeeper” is believed to be the main soul guide of the individual; that is, there when we come into life and there when it is time to die. The “gatekeeper” is usually somewhere in the background as one of the primary guides in a person’s life.

Unfortunately, some people get a bit carried away with this “guide” thing. At this moment in time, it is very fashionable to have a spirit guide, and often people who are not really mediums make all sorts of pronouncements about who is your spirit guide. Some people claim to have a totem animal guide. I do not have this myself, but I suppose it may be of use to people who need to call upon an animal spirit–for hunting and other such purposes. Unfortunately, this type of thing can get completely out of hand. I watched one “medium” working, who claimed to give messages from animal guides, give outrageous messages from talking hamsters! Similarly, I know mediums who give messages from just about every guide under the sun, or make a big deal about having a higher guide than the next person. Again, caution is required.

The Form & Name Of A Spirit Guide

The guides are manifestations of the beings of light that help us from the next life. They take a form that we can recognize, but this form is not as important as the messages of wisdom that they bring. Nonetheless, certain traditions were more inclined to become helpers in the next life when their time came to die. For example, many Spiritualists believe that the exterminated American Indian tribes continue their spiritual traditions in the next world. In this world, they lived very close to the spirit world, so it was easy, and normal and natural for them, to become the intermediaries from the next world.

I know who my guides are, but that is not important. I know they are there when I work and they interject when I make mistakes or my ego gets too inflated. I have no idea whether my guides are higher or lower than the next person’s. Frankly, it does not matter. They are all beings of light and only come in the guise of a physical form so that I can recognize them. Does it really matter if a guide is American Indian, a Zulu or a High Priest of Atlantis? As far as I am concerned, they can appear as Mickey Mouse if they want–just so long as the mediumship is done properly!

Contacting Your Spirit Guide

When I first developed as a medium, I felt it a little embarrassing to talk about spirit guides. I would have quite understood anyone who thought I was “a bit cracked.” Indeed, because of my circumstances, it was necessary to keep my work as a Spiritualist secret. It would have been frowned upon in my work at the time, and it is only very recently that people have been more open to such things. Even today, it is still difficult to talk about mediumship openly on the BBC, and there are many ITC rulings and restraints still in place as I write in 2002. (The practice of mediumship has only been legal in the UK since 1956. For example, the physical medium Helen Duncan was jailed after a court case held in the Criminal Courts at the Old Bailey in 1944, when she was tried under the ancient Witchcraft Act of 1735!)

I have a number of spirit guides that work with me as I do my mediumship. I have never had anything negative or worrying come through as I work, so I presume they must protect me from any potentially harmful influences. If protection is needed at all, I am sure I can rely on them to keep unwanted influences away from my aura, but their main role is in organizing the communications coming through. Imagine what it must be like on the spirit side when a medium is about to demonstrate to an audience? The possible spirit contacts that could be made are many thousands, when you consider all the family members and friends known by the people in the audience. Yet, the spirit communications come through in an orderly fashion with only the right spirit links being given to specific people in the audience.

Guide for Protection

Without the organization and protection of the spirit guides, the communications would become very muddled and probably completely unintelligible. Before I start a demonstration, I always hear my guides voice instruct me, “Now, remember to let us do the work. Don’t interfere, and just give what we tell you.” So long as I follow their instructions and repeat what I am told, the mediumship is clear and precise. I simply go with the flow. If, however, I think to myself, “Oh, that can’t be right, they must mean…” then the accuracy of my mediumship falters. We mediums learn to put our complete trust in our guides and helpers. Only when we are able to do this can our mediumship become accurate enough to give empirical proof of life after death.

Trust in the protective power of the guides is particularly important when working in trance. This is a time when I am very vulnerable, yet never has there been a problem with unwanted spirits entering me. Again, this is another area where there is a great deal of misunderstanding. Although my guide and people known to my sitters can speak directly through me, at no time am I completely “taken over.” In the first stages of my trance, I am aware of myself speaking. I can hear my own voice but it appears to fade completely into the background. I am in state of complete disinterest when the guide and others are speaking through me. It is like a boring voice in the distance. I am, however, aware at all times that I am in a trance and can pull myself back to normal awareness in an instant.


Naturally, mediumship requires proper training from a qualified Spiritualist, a recognized medium, or by another recognized organization (such as Spritism or the Swedenborg movement). When mediumship is conducted in the right conditions, the right energy, with the right motives, and with the assistance of the spirit guides, then it is perfectly safe and you are well protected.

You can read more about Spirit Guides in my book below that you can buy through this site at a special price at Amazon. You may also enjoy my other books too that tackle the same topic from other perspectives. My book ‘Psychic School’ explains how to communicate with your spirit guides and helpers.


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  • Lanna Feb 10, 2017, 1:59 am

    I’m super confused. I see shadowy people out of the corners of my eyes and when I turn to look at them they vanish. I have only seen one straight on and pretty clearly. Is this a real thing or am I just imaging it?

  • sarah Nov 21, 2016, 10:36 am

    I am in desperate need of guidance. I really don’t know how to stop taking on other peoples energy.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Nov 25, 2016, 3:55 pm

      Drop into our chat room or see our forums. We have a lot of knowledgeable psychics there helping for free.

  • Aryi Jan 6, 2015, 4:49 pm

    I don’t know I am a medium what I do know is I am highly intuitive and I can read photos of people’s past and sometimes I ask them questions and they show me visions in my head while awake. Sometimes I ask the deceased their name and they will tell me. It’s in my voice always it as if I telepathically receive the info from the other side. I get a funny feeling in my heart center when something bad is about to happen or the person is no good for me. I know for certain I am an empath!

  • Kira Feb 27, 2013, 6:33 pm

    Thank you Craig, this was wonderful information about mediums, spirit guides and protectors etc. I’ve always wondered about and I feel much more comfortable about progressing with my journey. My great grandmother attended spiritualist church and though waited to hold me as a baby before she passed I have been unable to contact her since to find out more. (she did come through at one of Colins shows in Aldershot but the information was limited due to time.) My sister and I both have had experiences that we only really share with each other for fear of sounding ‘a little cracked’ but there is no escaping how real they have been. Interesting that the young man leaving the previous message speaks of healing, a close family friend was recently in hospital with pneumonia, 20% of one lung still functioning and doctors trying to persuade us to turn off machines. It came to me that healing was worth a try even though I had never even observed it being done before. When everyone went off for coffee I asked for help, (from whom I don’t know) placed my hands over where I imagined her lungs to be and imagined light and love coming through me to fill her lungs and push out the black. (as it showed on the x-ray) She began to improve within the next couple of hours and is now completely well. I am going to stay here and find out more, much love. Kira.

  • viejhun barabona Dec 10, 2012, 6:50 am

    I am also a medium here in the Philippines and I’m 25 years old. This article help me understand some things that I have difficulty understanding. I started seeing things when I was seven years old. I also have an ability to heal. I didn’t realise I had these abilities until I met a medium who taught me things and how to heal people who were possessed or had unnatural illness. I’m still developing my abilities and see things and can also enter enchanted places.

    • keith relopez Dec 13, 2013, 6:10 pm

      How can I learn to become a medium – I live in the Philippines.

      • Craig Hamilton-Parker Dec 19, 2013, 5:25 pm

        I do not know of any spiritualist teachers in the Philippines but you may be interested in the on-line courses we offer on this website. We teach about the spirit guides, attuning to spirit and the basics of mediumship. See the links to the community on this page.

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