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Psychic and Astrology World Predictions for 2015

Craig’s World Psychic Predictions for 2015

World Psychic Predictions 2015These are my top psychic predictions for 2015. They were posted and emailed to my editor at Fate and Fortune magazine today 11th September 2014. The magazines work months ahead so the actual predictions will not be printed until January 2015. I am fallible – and our sceptical friends will quickly highlight anything I get wrong – so do not be fearful of the future or see these predictions as inevitable. I get a lot right but some wrong too. The Golden Age is here already – it will happen in out hearts at first and then transform the world. Consciousness once lighted cannot be extinguished and in these years ahead we will see a huge leap in human consciousness. (I explore many of these ideas in detail in my books)

I will add some additional Psychic World Predictions as they come to me throughout the year and post them here on this page for discussion. You will see these with their post dates in the comments below.

You are also welcome to ask questions or make comments at the bottom of this page though I cannot make predictions about World events to order. The really startling psychic insights tend to come when I least expect them and particularly through dreams. Sometimes they are a little hazy – just like the quality of a dream where you know something is going to happen but it’s hard to nail it down to a date, place or person. Also the clairvoyants own mind can often get in the way so the predictions can be coloured by things we already know about.

Some of the predictions I got right for 2014 included the American and British economies jumping ahead, the spill of the war in Syria over into Iraq and the rise of the Islamic State. I also predicted that Assad would go into hiding but sadly he is still in power. I correctly foresaw the riots in Brazil but got it wrong about a gunman rampage in Kansas City, Missouri USA.*

Correct Predictions and a Near Miss

Last year I also ‘saw’ a “Stella explosion and light in the sky that changes animal behaviour patterns.” There were however a number of serious near-misses from meteorites and there were very unusual – and unexpected – Northern Lights in 2014 – brighter than ever seen for centuries. Citation here

Again I feel that in 2015 we will see more problems from  Space. I believe a lot of meteorites are heading our way and we may get a hit – not Armageddon style – but something reasonably significant and of concern. Similarly I feel that satellites will have serious problems throughout 2015 and many communications will be down.

I wrongly predicted that Nick Clegg would resign but this may still be on the cards before 2014 comes to a close. (I am posting this on 17th September 2014) Similarly the Scottish situation will see huge political upheavals in English politics even though I still feel at this late stage that Scotland will not be independent.

I got it partly right about “Chemical Cloud over parts of Southern USA as factory explodes”. There was a big chemical factory explosion in June 2014 at the Marion Metal Centre, about 60 miles north of Indianapolis, was caused by chlorine dioxide. I was right with the event but off with the location.

Someone has since posted in the comments below: “There was a warehouse explosion in Savannah GA Feb 8, stinky unhealthy smoke, which looked like a chemical factory explosion. Savannah is very Southern and there were chemicals in the smoke, across state lines here in SC you could tell. Made people’s eyes sting when we were outside. People in Savannah were told to stay inside away from the smoke. So, you still got the location right also.”

Weird Plankton in Space

I predicted “A strange luminous plankton is seen under the sea that cannot be explained by scientists.” I got this wrong but may have been getting a glimpse of another odd discovery about plankton as a strange luminous new plankton was discovered in outer space! See: “Microscopic life forms have been found on the side of an International Space Station – And have been identified as sea plankton.” It puzzled me at the time to be making predictions about plankton of all things when so many other things were happening in the world at the time.

I predicted that “The Dalai Lama will be taken seriously ill. He will announce that his next incarnation will be as a westerner.” There were rumours of a serious illness on 21st July 2014 that was allegedly covered up. Citation here. I’m personally glad he’s okay. Maybe in the future he will announce that his next reincarnation will be in the West.

Predictions about the Pope

I also said that “Pope Francis will initiate a new spiritual mission to help the mentally ill.” This has happened see here. At the time I could not understand why this should feature in my predictions but the Pope also ruffled a lot of feathers when he claimed that Fundamental Christians were mentally ill!!!

“Pope Francis recently made quite the stir after commenting on the ideological purity in religion, particularly with regards to Christianity, claiming that such ideological extremism is dangerous to the entire world.” Citation here.

The Pope certainly raised many issues about mental health in 2014.

Kansas City, Missouri USA Prediction

I am told that I have got this one right. One commenter said: “You actually did get the gunman in KC correct. There were three people killed by a gunman in Overland Park, KS in a Jewish Community Centre and Jewish Retirement Village. The national media kept saying Kansas City and Overland Park is considered a suburb of KC. The shooter killed 3 people. This is VERY unusual for this area to see any violent crimes. The shooter was from Missouri and a white supremacist. Just search Overland Park Jewish Community Centre Shooting. Wiki does a decent job of the facts.” Wiki Link here about incident.

Showbiz Prediction:

I said: “Oprah Winfrey launches a controversial new spiritual chat show” – She has launched a spiritual show on YouTube though I expected it to be much more controversial and on mainstream TV. Citation here

Completely Wrong Psychic Predictions

Things I got completely wrong are: “Ancient civilisation found under ice in Greenland.” (Let’s wait and see as I still feel right about this one) “UK postal strikes”: Wrong! “Massive fire in Mexico City”: Wrong! “New Orleans is flooded again.”: Wrong! “Japan builds a nuclear bomb”: Wrong though there are rumours surfacing in May 2014 that Japan has a secret project. Citation here

Copy of last years predictions here

Predictions for 2015

I will add some more later these were emailed to my editor at Fate & Fortune on 11th September 2015 and first posted on this page on 17th September 2014. (Jane helped with some of these this year)

  • Prince Harry will get engaged
  • Major volcanic eruptions in Japan and Hawaii
  • National Health and Police strikes with riots in London
  • Joan Collins dies
  • Royal family death
  • Zara Phillips – princess Anne’s daughter will fall pregnant
  • Strange fluctuations in the Earth’s Magnetic Field Detected
  • A Nuclear submarine will get into serious problems. It could be Russian though there is also Chinese involvement – perhaps an incident over the disputed Japanese islands in the China Sea?
  • I feel that 2015 will be a year with a lot of Maritime problems and there could be a very serious disaster – akin to the sinking of the Titanic. (I again base this on a number of my prophetic dreams: a topic I am very interested in and have recently written a book about.)
  • 2015 will see the closer ties between Russia and China. There will be an economic and military pact. In the years to come this will become a powerful alliance that will challenge America.
  • Economically, India will rise faster than China in the coming years
  • Josefina Vázquez Mota will become the first female president of Mexico. There will be a bad earthquake during 2015 in Mexico City. Mexico’s economy will see an improvement as more cartels and gang leaders are brought to justice in 2015. A deal is done with America over immigration with American companies offering economic opportunities to temporary workers on short term visas.
  • Many countries may see terrorist attacks from lone gunmen. I ‘see’ Berlin, Rome and Paris as a targets but a simultaneous London attack with be thwarted. I feel one of the most frightening will be aboard a passenger liner. (Posted just before the Terrorist Attack in Sydney Australia)
  • There will be a celebrity kidnapping and an attack on a member of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family
  • Both FaceBook and the BBC will develop search engine algorithms for the Internet (and not just for their own websites) in an attempt to rival Google. Amazon will also make ventures into web search.
  • The Conservatives will win the UK election by a whisker as they will agree to bring forward the European Election Vote and so disrupt UKIP’s momentum. Cameron will be ousted just after the election despite his electoral success.
  • During 2015 Jeb Bush will gain popularity and will win the American Election in 2016. Serious family difficulties and illnesses for the Bush family during 2015.
  • The Russian Economy will collapse but be bailed out by China. The two countries will become a very close allies both militarily and economically.

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More World Predictions

If you also believe you are psychic or have had an insight or a dream that feels that it is about the future then please feel free to add your own insights to this thread. Every year we get some remarkable cases of psychics who have seen the future.

Astrological predictions for 2015 are also really interesting. If you are a keen astrologer then you are welcome to add your predictions below. Of course, astrology also requires interpretations – and in some cases clairvoyance too – so different astrologers will make different or similar predictions depending upon their interpretations for positions the planets and stars. I would be particularly interested to hear of any Naadi Astrologers from India as I am writing a book about this.  Have the Naadi leaves said anything about the future of the world?

So do feel free to join in. We foresaw some amazing things together last year!

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Craig's World Psychic Predictions for 2014
Psychics predict upcoming world events for the year 2014. Includes psychic predictions, astrological forecasts and predictions about politics, wars, terrorism the world cup and more.

About Craig Hamilton-Parker
CRAIG HAMILTON-PARKER is a celebrated U.K. medium who has confounded skeptics by the uncanny accuracy of his readings. Craig and his wife Jane have had their own TV shows in the UK and USA including 'The Spirit of Princess Diana'. In 2003 the BBC made a 3 part documentary about their work. Craig is the author of 15 books.

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  • anthony forzano

    I was interested in what you said about a stellar explosion. My prediction insights come through my paintings. I painted what looks like a super nova explosion in another painting there are objects flying through the night sky.

    • Interesting how you get psychic predictions through your art. Before realising I was a medium I was a semi-professional artist and had exhibitions in Harrords, London and some of the municipal galleries. Like you, I used to find that the things I painted often contained references to things that would happen to me in the future. They were symbols for things that would take place that came from my unconscious rather than me deliberately making predictions about world events and so on.

      • I have had a recurring dream about a massive, massive earthquake n China, and I don’t know why. I hope I am incorrect, because the fault line after the event looks like the country is split in two

        • julie

          Hi Jerry. I just came across your prediction about China earthquake. I’ve had the exact same dream about the china earthquake! I predicted it on a website early last year. In my dream the quake was a 10.2 if I remember correctly and wiped Chende. A very bad hail storm followed. I hope we are both wrong.

          • Gabbie

            I think around March.

          • Robette

            I have the overwhelming feeling that California is going to have a mass earthquake that will split the state not just in the San Francisco area but in Los Angeles as well. I’m a native of the state and the last time I went back to visit family, I could hardly wait to leave. If there is an earthquake in China, I predict it will start a ripple effect. Had this feeling for 2 years now. Hope I’m wrong.

        • jessica

          I have also had a similar dream. I dreamed about 2 yrs ago that Chengde in China was hit with a massive quake. I was in Chengde and they had just finished building a new shopping complex, as well as apartments. All of the buildings were white and it was really beautiful. I was standing at the back of a building when this massive quake struck. This massive wave came thundering in and the tsunami was so big that it literally flattened the entire complex like a rolling pin. I remember lifting of the ground and was floating up above watching this when it happened. I heard the people that survived it say that was a 9.5 quake is anyone else alive?

          It was terrifying. I haven’t had anymore dreams about it since, and have no idea when it will happen. I don’t know really anything about Chengde, except that it’s in China. I’m not real good on geographical locations. I really hope it doesn’t happen. I’ve also had a premonition that a major quake is going to hit the Caribbean at some point killing thousands. It will also be a 9-10 pointer.

          • Interesting post- I seem to be getting a great many predictions for earthquakes this year in my mail box for this site and for my news columns.

      • Liz

        Did you see that Reeva Steenkampf painted pictures as a young girl that seemed to predict her death? There was one of a young woman in a red dress with a ladder going up to heaven and a man with a gun nearby.

      • George Senda

        ” Many countries will face attacks from ‘ LOAN GUNMEN ‘. ”

        So now we know the real reason behind Islamic terrorism. Renegade Muslims who charge interest on loans and have really, really strict policies on borrowers who default! I know you didn’t intend to type that but it struck me as funny as hell.

  • Looks like the Bush Fire prediction has come true as predicted. Biggest fire in 40 years it says on the news today. 20 October 2013.

    • robert

      Regarding the fire predictions for Australia in 2013/4 – It wasn’t the biggest ever and it only for one state. The fire in 2009 in Victoria was much bigger then the one in October.

  • robert

    Hope you are wrong about the bushfire in Australia.

    • The magazines work months in advance so I made my predictions for 2014 around September and October. Soon after making this one there was a huge fire in Australia. So maybe I was seeing this – but I still feel that what I saw was really unprecedented. Similarly I note that bright light in the sky may be me ‘seeing’ Comet ISON but in my vision I saw something far far brighter in the sky. It would illuminate the whole sky – brighter than the moon.

  • Lizzie

    Will Scotland vote for or against independence?

  • Peter

    Hmmm massive bushfire in September/October 2014. That’s about the beginning of the fire season in most states. A fire that big at that time of year would catch a lot of departments un-prepared, it could be catastrophic..!! Any idea which states this might be in? (ie east coast or West coast). As a firefighter who works in WA and lives in Vic, I’d love to know where I should position myself before next fire season.

  • Carolyne knolle

    I am a channel and have always wanted to develop precognitive abilities. I am much better at relational healing and core impact readings, but if any one would like to exchange readings?

    • We do not allow exchange of predictions via the articles section or allow email swaps to do this. However if you are interested in learning about precognition, clairvoyance and mediumship we have on-line classes where visitors are invited to practice with our teachers and other members. See here

  • Tom Jerome

    February of 2013 I had a dream prediction that Barrack Obama would be assassinated. Specifically, the dream precognition came twice, and was one of him being deleted as on a computer screen. So the assassination part was my interpretation, not the actual dream. I didn’t understand it the first time, then it repeated and I understood it, so it didn’t have to repeat again.

    • Carrie

      I believe you predicted the verbal attacks and death threats against President Obama that continually come up on the Internet. If you didn’t see him actually die, he most likely won’t die. There are some very hateful people in the U.S.

  • Dan Gilfry

    I predict that a homosexual demonstration at Sochi (a city in Krasnodar Krai, Russia) will cause a riot, maybe even war. Also great risk of terrorist action leaving many dead.

  • Paul Shillito

    I predict that January 2014 will NOT see any prolonged cold spells in the UK and will be quite mild. February 2014 will be over 5.C milder in Central England than average with an unusually warm and sunny period towards the end of the month – this will make it the mildest on record. This came to me in a dream.

    • Well the weather predictions for the UK suggest that a cold snap is on it’s way so this would be a very unusual and in interesting prediction if it turns out to be correct.

  • kyle wjite

    I predict none of the above will come true.

  • Julia

    Will the U.K. remain in the E.U?

    • I have felt for a long time that the UK will leave the E.U. though still have some close economic and legal connections. I also feel that France will eventually leave and what is left will be a group of countries led and dominated by Germany. I predict that the E.U. will still be a trading community for much of Europe including Turkey and will include the UK but it will be something closer to the Common Market that the British people voted to join back in the 70’s.

      • simon bond

        You mention riots in london uk 2015 I assume this is due to the cuts. Are the riots an ongoing thing? I assume david cameron gets in again for some strange reason

  • Orlando Psychics

    All of our psychics feel 2014 will be more positive then last year.

  • Robin

    There was a warehouse explosion in Savannah GA Feb 8, stinky unhealthy smoke, which looked like a chemical factory explosion.

    • Robin

      Savannah is very Southern and there were chemicals in the smoke, across state lines here in SC you could tell. Made people’s eyes sting when we were outside. People in Savannah were told to stay inside away from the smoke. So, you still got the location right also.

  • christina suykens

    A few nights ago I dreamed that I was in my house, at a bottom of a hill area. Some explosion happened and the hill gave way. The houses in front of me collapsed row by row and by the time it stopped 7 or 8 blocks of houses were gone. My house was perched on the edge and water was rising. I panicked to get my most valuable belongings out as there was still a threat to the house. I could smell the water and mud.

    This was last Wednesday night. Then the mudslide in Spokane happened.

    I have had a lot of premonition dreams throughout my life. Some I have predicted are very, very scary indeed! Predictions include nuclear incidents and other-world events.


    • This dream does appear to be a true prediction about the mudslide in Spokane. It’s a shame it was not posted before the events as the date stamp on the post would have authenticated that your premonition was real.

  • Janak

    Just wanted to ask if you know who will win the FIFA WORLD CUP in brazil and UEFA Champions league and Europa League??

  • Edgar

    Real Madrid will win the champions league and Germany will win the world cup

  • Xavi

    Will Catalonia become independent from Spain? Thanks

  • Diane

    Hi, for two weeks now I’ve been getting a sense that something massive is going to happen in September 2014. I get a picture of the northern polar ice-cap, and, polar movement. NASA knows about the polar movement. I feel this coming event is natural not man caused. Also, I’m getting it will be even more intense than the sea-bed quake and tsunami of 2004. I feel the north pole would be better avoided in September 2014. Is anyone else getting anything similar?

    • Some of the Indian astrology sites have said similar things recently. They are talking about an imminent reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field – a similar prediction made in the past by Edgar Cayce.

  • Sean

    I dreamt that the isles of The Bahamas was under water early last year 2013. Myself being amongst those that were swept away or drowned. Anyone has had any dreams in regards to the Caribbean?

    • Cheryl

      I sincerely hope not because my sister and nephews live there.

    • Sam

      I had this very same dream last night it was very graphic and I saw the same, the country of my dream was split into two. I am presuming China because in my dream I could see the casualties in great detail and to me they looked Chinese. I hope this doesn’t come true like I said it was very graphic and upsetting and it seemed huge.

  • Seekingunity

    I had a dream on the 14th of September of a London school where most of the students seemed to be Muslim but it was still multicultural. It was class time and suddenly there was a major panic throughout the school. It appeared that members of IS were walking through the corridors and classrooms and killing random students/teachers. People were trying to escape and the general setting was pure panic. I don’t know if this dream is telling me that we can expect a terror attack in a school in the UK in the near future? Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

    Very gutsy, lucid, brave chronicling, Craig. I tend to feel Scotland will choose to stay in, based on my cards and for the reasons you suggest.

  • Cathy

    You actually did get the gunman in KC correct. There were three people killed by a gunman in Overland Park, KS in a Jewish Community Center and Jewish Retirement Village. The national media kept saying Kansas City and Overland Park is considered a suburb of KC.

  • Cathy

    I would like to add to my previous post. The shooter killed 3 people. This is VERY unusual for this area to see any violent crimes. The shooter was from Missouri and a white supremacist. Just search Overland Park Jewish Community Center Shooting. Wiki does a decent job of the facts.

  • Hannah

    Do you feel we will head to World War 3? The thought of it is so scary.

    • We’ve been in a world war for a long time already if you think about it. I do not believe we’ll have a nuclear holocaust in fact I believe that despite all the horrible things happening with Wars and the Embola virus outbreaks etc. I feel we are nonetheless very close to a new Golden Age for humanity. These crisis will bring people’s together.

  • Kimberley Jones

    Will the truth about extra terestrials ever be released? What is the new golden age for humanity, and when will it arrive?

  • marcel

    Hi there – I see under incorrect predictions you had postal strikes in the US? Well SA has had a huge postal strike recently affecting a lot of business as one can imagine, so maybe you were just off with the location? :-D

  • James Blackley

    What are your predictions on the war going on with Isis?

  • Steve

    My prediction dream: I have a recurring dream regards an old warship, which is floating on what looks like acid, the ship is decaying/rusting n looks severely fire damaged. There are many bodies around it. Although the ship is military I can see a news paper with UK worst ferry disaster floating on the water, there is no date, I also see fresh cut green grass floating in what looks like an industrial pond?

  • Dora

    The Pope is the Antichrist..there are videos on Youtube showing church services in the Vatican where they are praying to Satan. The rapture in Revelations is playing out word for word…CHILLING VERY CHILLING

    • A few problems with this:
      1. There is no such thing as an Antichrist.
      2. There is no such thing as Satan.
      3. The author of Revelations was probably not John the Apostle and is a text added to the Bible some time later. It was probably more about hatred of Rome and its Emperors rather than about modern times. Some psychologists compare it to the ramblings of someone having a break-down or the onset of schizophrenia.
      4. The Pope is a good guy. Probably one of the most sensible and honest Pope’s ever and someone even non-Christians can admire. Like the great guru St Francis he lives by example.

  • Matt

    Craig, when do you see this Golden age of humanity occurring? like I mentioned, some other predictions I’ve read here and on other sites have me almost paralysed with fear on a daily basis

    • As well as my own insights I am also influenced by a number of oracles from secret India as well as my guru Sathya Sai Baba (There’s more about him on my site if you do a search). What is predicted by what I believe to be reliable oracles (They predicted my personal fortunes correctly too) is that we are on the threshold of a Golden Age. It will come when we collectively raise our consciousness. It is difficult to time because some of this in the realm of our own willingness to become transformed but I believe it will be in the lifetime of many people living on the planet today. You see the Golden Age may not necessarily be just a worldly Utopia – this will be a reflection of a huge leap in conciousness that mankind will make. It has already started. Don’t worry about the world – it will be okay and will go on for many millennia yet. Focus on your own inner immortality and you may discover that the Golden Age – for you at least – is already here!

  • Espen

    One very famous American psychic has come up with some quite worrying predictions. While I would not expect you to comment on individuals she has predicted, for instance, that the ‘elite’, which she claims exists, are going to try to establish some sort of take-over of the planet in some unspecified time in the future, She talks about the use of genetically engineered disease epidemics whereby everyone is forced to have controlling vaccinations. She also talks about a secret military build up that has already occurred of army forces, in case anyone should try to protest. Of course, these suggestions have got me a bit worried and I wonder what your feeling about them is? Might they have any bearing on future predictions for 2015 that you publish?

    • I cannot really comment on predictions made by American psychics or any other psychics come to that. The only way you can judge if her predictions are real is to look careful at predictions she has got right in the past. You need to also look at the ones she got wrong too or were made to fit after the event. I have not personally ‘seen’ any of the things you have described in this post.

  • lauren

    Any predictions for Mexico- economic and government wise?

  • Stephens

    I have had many premonitions on world events over the years. However I would be loath to predict their timings as I see some years ahead with no indication of time-scale. I see a change in the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

    This year has been significant in that there have been no wasps. Wasps like many creatures use the Earth’s electromagnetic fields as a navigational motorway. As we are in the flux of some change, wildlife is finding itself at sixes and sevens. As the electromagnetic fields and the gravitational forces increase, there is potential to use this power as a source of energy. This will not only solve the world’s energy problems but put an end to the wars in the Middle East that are caused to exploit Oil and gas resources. It will also stop Putin’s relentless need to control Eastern Europe and beyond. The change in the electromagnetic field will also alter man’s fundamentally left brain thinking to a more right brain creative problem solution thinking that is essentially more rounded and feminine in its notion. My understanding is this is a natural process in the Earth’s cycle. That humanity has been here before is without doubt. There is nothing for humanity to fear. The changes to come are one embrace.

    • Your prediction here is very similar to the predictions by Edgar Cayce made August 11, 1936. He predicted a reversal in the Earth’s poles around about the year 2001. It is something that scientists say has happened in the long history of our planet and will eventually happen again.

  • Deane

    Hi Craig! Are you familiar with that celebrity photographer Terry Richardson who has been accused of really terrible things with models and so forth? Do you see justice finally happening next year? Will he finally get exposed for who he truly is? I keep thinking something is going to transpire and it will be bad, but I am totally not sure. Thanks!

    • This is not something I’ve had any insights about. I’ll leave your post in place though in case there are more comments from other psychics.

  • Taylor

    Regarding the recent terrorist attacks in Australia and the beheading of journalists in other countries, how do you see this all ending?

    • Sadly my feeling is that more lone nuts will continue to do the same type of thing for some time to come. Celebrity and the Rich and powerful Kidnappings will become a serious issue too. I am very hopeful though about outcome of the School attack in Pakistan: I predict that Nawaz Sharif will make a real effort now to rid Pakistan of terrorism and ordinary decent Muslims will become more vocal about enough being enough. As well as cooperation with Afghanistan I believe he will come to a compromise with India too and terrorism groups hiding out in Kashmir and Nepal will be disrupted.


    Psychics and clairvoyants are trying to attempt too many things at a time. That is not possible. World is all confusion, chaos, pestilence, trouble all around. Power crazy politicians, money greedy business people, bloody minded masses world wide, rut mills universities. Many factors force thousands real genuine psychics clairvoyants to stay unknown. World is heading fast toward its total annihilation. Can scientists see it ?

    • Sean

      I think you are right, we are in the end times all will be heralded in by greed. The world will end soon.

  • Missy

    There has never been a terrorist attack in Sydney, Australia. I think you may be referring to the Lindt Cafe siege, which was a crime committed by a Muslim man, but was not exactly a terrorist attack per se.

    I find it interesting that you predict a celebrity kidnapping, I had a rather lucid and bizarre dream that Madonna was kidnapped. I really hope it is not true!

    • Dave

      Never… That’s a sweeping generalisation. What about the Hilton bombing in 1978 by Ananda Marga? But you are right about the Lindt Cafe seige… that was one agitated man trying to elevate his effect by invoking the Prophet while pursuing his own agenda. He’d just lost a High Court appeal and he was on bail as an accessory to the killing his wife. Nutter, not terrorist.

  • Aron koosis

    I keep having a concern over complacency and terror attacks something is bothering me as if there is something building toward another attack that we seem to be ignoring. I am sure it’s just my fears but is there anyone else sees this?

  • Leon Bezuidenhout

    I think you have it very wrong about predicting that Jebb Bush becoming the next president of the United States. I have a very strong psychic feeling that Hillary Clinton will win the election.

  • Tara Greene

    I have been posting my world predictions for over 12 years on my blog 2 of them already have come true:
    I predicted another air-plane disappearing the same way as Malaysian flight and it just did. I also predicted a world wide environmental organization forming to stop global warming with the Pope involved and it was just been announced.

    Here are my predictions for 2015:

    A royal princess will be born to Prince William and Kate.
    Beyonce will get pregnant again this year.
    Economy to slow, gas prices to remain low.
    Rob Pattinson and FKA Twigs being a serious item
    Justin Trudeau becoming the next Canadian Prime Minister.
    New viruses appearing Ebola spreading.
    More protests world wide about environment, racial equality, immigrants, overthrowing governments.
    Putin will be dethroned as the Russia economy topples.
    Archaeological evidence in the Arctic pre-dates all dating systems which indicates we were genetically created by interstellar race. Religions become obsolete and much chaos and confusion.
    New mind mapping techniques, and breakthroughs in MS and Parkinson Disease cure.
    Anti-flouride, toxic chemicals and GMO’s will become a major issue in North America and world wide.
    Weather will continue to be extreme.
    The entire Mississippi value floods in the U.S. Flooding on the east coast New Jersey up to Main. Also Gulf of Mexico.
    Major earthquakes in Guatemala, volcanic explosions in Indonesia, Hawaii,
    Extreme hot temperatures in summer, drought, food shortages.
    Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin will not divorce

  • Irwing Bernal

    Although there were a lot of clear signs that Josefina Vazquez Mota was going to wing the Mexican 2012 presidential elections, Enrique Pena Nieto, won in the most mysterious and unexpected ways. Under his 2 year presidency, there were 43 students shot to death by the order of a Drug Lord who was also mayor of a town Guerrero and it became a national pressure point or “the drop that spilled the water” when it comes to exposing the unexisting thing line of drug lords and State leaders. Some of Mexico’s long time sleeping volcanoes have shown recently some abnormal activity. The world’s and Mexico’s most wanted drug lord was caught out of thin air. What is all this scrambling into?
    P.S. there was a fire in Mexico city this year but it wasn’t as massive as you predicted it.

  • Zina

    I’m a scientist and I was wondering what your prediction for the future of science will be? It is not going well currently in US due to lack of funding :(

  • Nicola Morgan

    Hi Craig,

    I find your predictions fascinating! You rightly predicted that Scotland voted no, however with the potential of another conservative government, the withdrawal from the EU, and the rise of SNP at Westminster, do you predict another referendum sooner rather than later?

    • I don’t think there will ever be an independent Scotland though the Scots will get much greater political power in Westminster. This feeling about the future may be influenced by my own beliefs though as I believe that the UK is a great symbiosis of cultures where the sum is far greater than its parts. We need the Scots as much as they need us.

  • stacy

    I live in southern Illinois and for the past few weeks we have been experiencing loud booms that are known to shake our homes. No one knows what they are. Could it be from the New Madrid fault line and Wabash fault line?

  • Arturo

    What do you predict for the Eagle Ford Shale oil in Karnes City Texas for 2015

  • Alan

    I think it is such a pity that we are still, even now, locking horns with Russia. I believed that that this cloud of distrust and ill will had been dissipated, now it looms darker than ever. In the West we are as guilty on all levels as Russia on letting this happen, with Ukraine broken as the piggy in the middle. We have, stupidly, fallen hook, line and sinker into this pit and I don’t think Obama has any solutions to this. Him and Putin despise each other. We certainly should not be building the structures to keep Russia out for another generation.

  • Starria Whyte

    Paris Terrorist Attack….. OMG!

  • vicky

    Very interesting to read this today 7/01/15 that terrorist gunmen have killed people in Paris which you predicted

  • Kerry van der Helm

    Hi Craig,
    I read your 2015 predictions a week or two ago, and now I see your Paris terrorist prediction has come true (sadly). Has anything else that is positive come to you since you made your 2015 predictions some months ago, for Australia or the World? Also – I don’t suppose you do any personal requests? I would love to know about my 2015 after some very challenging years.

    • I do telephone readings from my site here but I prefer to do mediumship and give guidance rather than predict exactly what will happen for you. From Australia it’s an International call though I can use Skype.

  • koah

    Thank you for sharing these predictions; this is very interesting to read. Do you think flight MH370 will ever be found or it’ll stay a mystery? I also notice society has become very shallow, self-centred and obsessed to become famous – talented or not. Do you think society will keep “praising” talentless celebrities? I can’t wait the day these self-centred people go back to the shadow but it seems that day will never happen. I was shocked when people took selfies in front of the terror attack at the Lindt Café in Sidney last month – I thought the 21st century would be spiritual, less materialistic. This is so sad – I don’t foresee a Golden Age: only a golden age for technology but not for humanity :(

  • Evelyn

    I just had a look at your predictions…Bearing in mind you predicted these in September 2014. We are nine days into 2015 and I think we can easily tick off several of these events..

  • Osama Shahid

    What are your predictions about cricket world cup in 2015? Who will win?

  • E. Westerstrom

    I sincerely hope you’re wrong about your prediction of Jeb Bush winning the presidential election. The U.S. has had enough of that disastrous family!

  • Sara

    On 10 November 2014, as I was about to fall asleep, I found myself suddenly standing before a glass door or large window. What I saw caused a feeling of terror I have never before known. As I stood looking out the window, the moon came rushing towards me, crashing into the earth. Then there was total darkness. I jumped out of bed, shaking with my heart pounding. The shaking and accelerated heart rhythm continued for several hours. Since childhood, my visions, especially the terrifying ones, usually come true. I pray this one is just an “awake” nightmare so terrifying, it continues to linger in vivid detail in my mind.

  • Tina Tolson

    I have also seen L.A. In rubble from an earthquake. I was shown a part of the polar shelf breaking free and causing flooding on the east coast. I foresee that subway systems should be watched closely this year around the world. There is an extreme increase in spiritual awareness and unconditional love is openly embraced. I predict that the upper management of corporate banks are investigated and there will be arrests and thus starts the fall of the powerful.

  • Elizabeth

    I predict action with Iran and North Korea will make news. Looks like peace-deal being worked on in Iran but the US will be at war with Iran this year in a way similar to Gulf War. Iran will be destroyed militarily by US and UK. North Korea uses the situation as chance to pull something but they find out US can fight 3 major wars at the same time if needed. Korea will soon be united as the North falls after a war in next 36 months. Cuba tends to try to avoid openness again a short time then all clears and US business-people will be going there to start building projects as Cuba becomes tourism centre of Tropics. I also predict that Russia invades another nation late summer then has to pull out. (Abridged by editor as post far too long)

  • Reesi

    “Many countries may see terrorist attacks from lone gunmen. I ‘see’ Berlin, Rome and Paris as a targets but a simultaneous London attack with be thwarted. I feel one of the most frightening will be aboard a passenger liner. (Posted just before the Terrorist Attack in Sydney Australia)”


  • Lisa

    I have noticed on other sites predictions of terrorist attacks and one of them being in Scotland. Wondering if you are getting anything on this and if so where about do you think? Also, the bin lorry incident at Christmas time 2014. I sense there is a lot of secrecy surrounding this. Do you have anything more in depth on this?

  • Sean.

    I have seen sculptures in a mountain and one was cracked or broke, think it was an earthquake. Could be Rapid City. Could this be a premonition of future events?

  • Julia

    I had a very vivid dream on February 11, 2015 of a large explosion in Washington, DC. I awoke with a start.

  • Sean.

    I predict that a member of ABBA will pass this year.

  • Robert

    My dad is super spiritual and predicts that a major Earthquake will occur in the 10th of March 2015 from the New Madrid fault. He predicts that 4 Earthquakes will happen ranging from 6.0 to 9.0.

  • shaun

    I’ve been seen catastrophe will happen to Hawaii volcanic eruptions will occur off the big Island sending a tsunami straight for Oahu and that will kill hundreds maybe thousands.

  • Faye

    I was wondering if anyone had any predictions that have anything to do with ISIS or maybe terrorism attacks. I worry ISIS will inflict a major terrorist attack as Al Qaeda once did on the United States. I do believe in people who can predict things. I too have dreams of things but, often do not remember then until they come true.

  • Emma Woolrich

    I have experienced very real in the moment predictions for Earthquake and lone terriorism in Bali. March and April 2015 very clear. We have just returned from Bali and it was a very unsettling experience. I felt the need to hold space over the whole area whilst I was there. Hoping that this is more metaphorical than real events.

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