What is Spirit Healing? 6 Types of Spiritual Healing Explained.

Types of Spirit Healing and Famous Healers

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Spirit Healing is possibly the simplest of all healing in its application as well as being the oldest. The healing energies are channeled through a healing medium, normally assisted by the healer’s spirit guides, and is transferred to the patient. The healing energies, which are not physical have quicker vibratory and frequency rates than the energies of the physical body and require the agency of a healer to act as a transformer and reduce these energies to a level where they can then have a beneficial effect on the physical body, via the patient’s own spirit.  In effect the healing is: ‘from spirit, through spirit, to spirit’ – ie from the healing guides, through the spirit of the healer and directed to the spirit of the patient. The healing thus received will then reflect in the physical body.

Spirit Healing, as defined by the Spiritualists’ National Union, is “the laying on of hands and prayer.”  That is basically all that is required but to ensure that when hands are laid on a patient, and a prayer is said, the conditions have been met so as to achieve the best possible result for the patient it is necessary to have some practical knowledge. What this actually means is it is insufficient for any well-meaning soul to go up to another, place their hands on them and say a prayer. While it is true that this may not hurt, it may not accomplish anything either and it could have a deleterious effect upon the would-be healer.

The physical human body, which houses the spirit, has the capacity, through its spirit, to heal itself and also to heal others. Instinctive healing can be seen taking place everywhere; a mother kissing her baby better; a quick caress of a sore spot to make it better; holding a sick person’s hand; an inner impulse just to place a hand on someone as a gesture of goodwill. All these are examples of responses to a need for healing which is picked up by the spirit at an intuitive level. There is often beneficial results from this type of ‘touching’ which is basically a transfer of energies from one person to another which is known as magnetic healing.

There are six main types of healing to be looked at in this section and they are:

  • Magnetic Healing
  • Absent Healing
  • Distant Healing
  • Near to the Body Healing
  • Contact Healing
  • Trance Healing.

Spirit Healing

1 What is Magnetic Healing?

As stated above, magnetic healing is the transference of energy from one person to another, usually from the healer, or would-be healer, to someone whose energies are low or who is physically ill. If magnetic healing is not curbed and a link made with the spirit healing energies, then the healer will find him/herself with a depletion of energies and the patient will probably feel re-vitalised when the energies have been received. Unfortunately this transference of energy does not always have the desired result and beneficial effects are often short-lived.

It has been known for many years that such a transfer of energies can, and does, take place. It is not an old wives’ tale that it is unwise to put a young child in the same bedroom as an elderly person. It is an acknowledged fact that the child can become drained while the elderly person is bright and energetic. The transference may not be deliberate on the part of the elderly person, but there are too many documented cases for it to be ignored.

When a healer is preparing to receive the healing energies, s/he will usually hold the patient’s hands and attune to the patient first; this creates an harmonious blend of auric energies and the healer’s vitality can give strength to a patient. After this initial blending the healer then  transfers his/her  attunement to the spirit operators with whom s/he will be working.

It is an acknowledged fact that healers are, by their very healing mediumship, of a compassionate nature and there is within each one of them the desire to be instrumental in helping their patients to get better, or become more comfortable. It can be seen, therefore, how easily magnetic healing can take place which would be caused by the desire to help.

The healer must, therefore, be compassionate enough to imbue within the patient, a feeling of trust and hopefulness, but, at the same time, be able to distance him/herself in order to allow the healing energies to be channeled through him/her.

In the early days of Modern Spiritualism there were, in fact, many magnetic healers who advertised their services in the psychic magazines. Often patients were asked to supply material, such as handkerchiefs, which the healer would magnetize, return it to the patient who would place it on the injured, or diseased part of the body. Many cures and improvements were claimed for this treatment.

Within Spiritualism today magnetic healing is not encouraged, mainly due to the fact that spirit healing is more effective and does not drain the healer of his own vital energies.

2 What is Absent Healing?

Absent Healing is Spirit Healing – ie the laying on of hands and prayer but without the contact – prayer – seeking intervention for an easing of another’s pains, whether it be by Divine intervention or the application of the Healing Energies by the spirit guides who have undertaken to work in this specific area.

Absent Healing is a very important section of a Religious Service in most Spiritualist Churches, as it is in all Churches; there is time spent when people pray, or concentrate their minds, on the needs of the sick, whether it be in mind or body. Many Spiritualist Churches keep a Healing Book wherein is recorded the names of those for whom healing is required. It is not a wise practice to read all the names in the book in a service, unless the book is regularly updated or just the latest names which have been entered; sometimes such a chanting of names has been known to last 15 minutes. It is only necessary for help to be requested for all the names in the book which is normally held by the person making the petition.

Many registered healers keep their own healing lists and regularly send out healing thoughts and prayers for the people listed therein. There is also traditional meeting of minds of healers within Spiritualism which is at 10 pm UK time, when the healers will, at that time, concentrate on the people they know to be in need and the world in general. This is making positive use of the power of thought and it is hoped more will join in this healing minute.

It is important that when a healer is concentrating on a patient and asking for healing energies to be directed thereto, that any visualization by way of thought which takes place, is not negative. The patient must never be pictured laying in a hospital bed or at home, looking frail and unhealthy. Any mental imagery should be of a healthy positive nature and the patient should be visualized as being healthy and active or wrapped in a golden light, symbolizing the healing energies.

Many healers use visualization techniques when carrying out Absent Healing and this can be very useful as long as it is kept positive – it must be remembered at all times that thoughts have energy and that energy should always be positive.

3 What is Distant Healing?

This may appear to be the same as Absent Healing but this is not always the case. The word distant means ‘removed from’  –  ‘at a distant from’ and Distant Healing is just that  –  giving healing to a person but from a distance. When a healer administers healing using the ‘Near to the Body’ healing method s/he is placing his or her hands within 2-3” of the patient’s body, with distant healing that distance is often far greater but usually within the same room.

Some people can get very anxious if others touch them or get too close and there are many reasons in their lives for this and if a healer finds this to be the case then Distant Healing can be offered. The healer will explain to the patient exactly what is going to happen and then draw up a chair, facing but to one side of the patient, perhaps with a distance of two feet between them.

The healer will then concentrate on allowing the healing energies to flow through him/her to the patient thereby enabling a healing to take place which will have the same beneficial effect upon the body as any other method of healing.

4 What is Near to the Body Healing?

This is basically contact healing but with the hands removed a few centimeters from the body so that in fact, contact is not taking place. The healing energies are being directed through the healer to the patient’s aura and from there to the spirit where the healing can be effected. There are many healers who prefer to work in this manner and also many patients who prefer this method; not every person likes to be touched by another person, especially when it is someone they may not know very well.

The effects of such healing, as with any spirit healing, are equally as effective as any other form of healing; contact does not need to be made for the healing to take place and contact is not made when absent healing is requested and yet the results obtained from any method of healing are equally as substantial.

Patients who prefer Near to the Body Healing should request such when chatting to the healer preparatory to the healing taking place. If the healer is not happy working in this manner then s/he will find a healing who is and direct the healer to the patient.

5 What is Contact Healing?

Contact Healing is the method used by most healers who work within Spiritualist Churches and Centers. The healer’s hands are placed upon the patient and the healing energies are directed by the healer’s healing guides, through the healer to the patient.

Contact Healing is not dramatic, there are is no manipulation, massaging or theatrical passes and flourishes. It is a time when healer and patient enter the stillness and allow the healing energies to flow. The healer, may or may not, remain in the same place, ie standing behind the patient with hands gently resting on shoulders.

It is unimportant where the hands are placed, the healing energy will reach the spot for which it is intended. It is a fact, however, that some people like to think that the healer has placed his/her hands on the site of the pain which may be correct, but it may not be the site of the cause of the pain. Patients and healers, therefore, should relax and allow that the guides know what they are doing and to accept that energies will be absorbed by the patient and utilised as required.

6 What is Trance Healing?

Trance Healing usually takes the same form as Contact Healing except that in this case, the Healer allows him/herself to be entranced by a Healing Guide and then carries out the healing. It is important that if patients intend to avail themselves of an opportunity to experience such healing, that they ensure there is an extra person in the room, if done privately, to ensure all is above board.

Healing normally takes place in a large room with other people present but, if in the case of trance healing, it is carried out in a private room, there should always be a chaperone in attendance. Some Churches have small cubicles with beds for patients to lie on and again, there is a need for a third person present in such cases. This is added protection for both the patient and the healer.

Trance Healing takes place by appointment only and patients who attend for such should be aware of what is to transpire. The healer will enter a state of altered awareness allow a guide to draw close who will blend energies with the healer, entrancing him or her to a degree whereby the healing energies may be transmitted to the patient. This process will be explained to the patient prior to the healing taking place.

The law does not recognize trance so as well as the laws regarding spirit healing, a trance healer has to be aware that any accusations made against him/her while healing in a state of entrancement, will have to be answered  by the healer, not the guide.

Unfortunately there are not many healing mediums working as trance healers and when it is considered that healing is: from spirit, through spirit to spirit, it can be very uplifting when it is: spirit blended with spirit, to spirit.


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