Mediums Proving the Survival of the Human Personality After Death.

What Does a Medium Do?

What does a medium do? A medium uses the powers of extra sensory perception and intuitive abilities to give proof of the survival of the human personality after death. The information the medium relays is given to them by discarnate spirits though psychic skills called clairvoyance (inner seeing), clairaudience (inner hearing) and clairsentience (inner sensing). Within Spiritualism mediums are not permitted to make predictions as this distracts from the primary purpose of mediumship which is proof of survival of death.

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

The Difference Between a Medium and a Psychic

I have already written about what differentiates a medium and a psychic but I want to add emphasis by briefly explaining exactly what a medium does. What does a medium do? Well many people call themselves mediums but are in reality psychics. There is a great deal of misconception about the differences between psychic readings and mediumistic readings.

What does a medium do?

What Mediums Do:

Mediums give proof of Life After Death

A medium gives proof of survival of the personality after death. We demonstrate that not only does the life essence continue but also that memory persists as well as the self-awareness – the sense of being who we are. The information mediumship provides may bring comfort to the bereaved and help them to move forward. Some describe this process as a form of soul healing. Sometimes other healing gifts will accompany the awakening mediumistic gifts.

Mediums are a link between the worlds:

This has sometimes been described as being like a telephonist who makes the call then relays the information received to the person on the other end of the line. The quality of the line can vary as occasionally and may ‘crackle’ if inappropriate conditions or negative thoughts from participants break the ‘signal’. We are intermediaries working in a spirit of service and not the possessor of spiritual power.

Mediums connect to a higher philosophy:

With the help of our spirit guides and helpers we can share in the wonderful philosophy given to us from the next world. Before we can give spirit messages we must first know how to link through meditation to the spirit within and so understand the perennial philosophy of compassion. The spirit guides may eventually be able to channel philosophy through a medium by means of inspired talks and trance. If the medium has creative talents such as writing, music and artistic skills then these may be used in spirit communication.

More insights into the question: What does a medium do?

Mediums enable spiritual growth:

Mediumship and the knowledge it brings will probably inspire us to become better people ourselves. We may allow our intuition to integrate with our reason, become more sensitive and tolerant and be willing to learn from many sources. Our knowledge and gift will inspire others to make the best of their life. A good medium will feel the need to keep pushing his mediumship forward and will continually want to learn more.

Mediums help one another to discover God:

Mediumship is a specialist spiritual gift that proves the existence of an afterlife.  Mediumship implies that there is a God but does not necessarily prove the existence of God. Some mediums believe in a personal God and may follow traditional faiths including Christianity whereas others may believe God to be the omnipresent force of love. My experience of the philosophy given from spirit encourages me to look at the ways religions are similar rather than ways in which they differ. In all of them are echoes of a universal religion that transcends race, creed and dogma.

What does a Medium do? A Powerful Visualization.

Creative Visualization: To answer the question What does a medium do? Now try to Imagine being a medium to give yourself an idea of how the spirit world communicate. 

Successful sports people are those who can ‘see’ themselves winning. Psychologists believe that this ability to visualise a goal actually changes the physical structure of the brain and builds initial learning pathways that make achieving the goal easier Visualisation creates the first tentative connections between the neurons of the brain that eventually become the well trodden pathways of learned habit.

Soon I will be giving you specific techniques that will enable you to develop your psychic and mediumistic powers. Just like a successful sports person who ‘sees’ his or her success, so you also need to have a ‘vision’ for your mediumship. Before we progress let’s spend a little time encouraging our subconscious to set up the pathways to spiritual insight:

  • Imagining yourself working as a medium. Create in your mind’s eye a positive image of yourself doing private sittings, speaking from the platform or whatever method appeals to you.  Select the situation that you hope for and now feel that you are there. Look around and become aware of the people enjoying your presentation. You can hear their positive comments and encouragement. You can also see yourself overcoming difficult situations when you thought the mediumship was not coming through. Remind yourself to be confident with your gift and need never feel dejected. Be aware of the cheerful feelings that come with using humor, compassion and optimism with your mediumship. Build a positive image of yourself achieving accurate mediumship.
  • Now notice how the spirit world is connecting to you. They will use all of your senses to make their communications. Think about hearing the spirits working with you. This could be an inner voice or, for this exercise, you may imagine hearing a real voice. You are able to recognize genuine spirit contact.
  • Consider what it will be like when a spirit draws close. How would it feel to become aware of being a big person, or someone with a small frame or maybe someone of the opposite sex? Many of the impressions that come from the spirit are impressed upon your body to communicate qualities of the person communicating.
  • How do you think the spirit world would communicate the sense of smell? Working with the all the perceptions will help you to see, feel and hear the spirit communicators. Also be aware of how character, feelings and mood can be communicated.
  • Using the imagination in the way establishes a subconscious success pattern. It will help to build your confidence as well as helping you to understand the inner processes that accompany mediumship. Putting yourself in an imaginary setting such as in a consulting room or before an audience will enable you to overcome stage fright or nervousness and lead you towards greater self-confidence should the time come for you to work with groups of people.

The Power of Visualization

Visualization is more than just seeing; it is the art of using the imagination to experience new situations. The above exercise needs to be repeated regularly so practice this imaginary exercises occasionally to help build your self confidence. Make your imagined mediumship a resounding success so that positive affirmations become embedded into your brain and spirit. You visualization is preparing you for success and simultaneously is sending messages to the spirit to help you with your work.

How to become a psychic or medium:

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    Wikipedia’s entry about mediumship is highly critical and I feel has been compromised by materialistic rationalists, PsycCop and the rest. What do you think is the primary purpose of mediumship? What should a mediums do? Should they predict the future of confine themselves just to proof of life after death?

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